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Interior Design Ideas: Bar Neon Signs That Make an Impact

There is no better feeling than ending a day’s work knowing you’ve given your 101%. No matter what activity you do, at work or home, you deserve a moment to relax after working with such diligence. Giving in to bar neon signs and chilling with your favorite refreshments in hand is a simple way to treat yourself—a small reward that’s well deserved. So think no further and visit your favorite lounge or bistro or chill in your home bar after work.

If you own a bar or you’ve created one in the comforts of your home, you must’ve invested some time and effort in designing this space. Thinking of a level-up interior design for bars may seem unimportant at first; come to think of it, most people would spend only a few hours sober. However, because you want your customers, and/or you, yourself, to really enjoy and bask in happy and refreshing vibes, you might as well make the best out of your post-work hangout. 

Let us help you brainstorm some interior design ideas focusing on neon bar lights as the main motif. They may be plain and simple, but they surely have an exceptional decorative impact. 

Bar Interior Design Ideas

Before we jump into the designs, let’s begin by knowing what to consider when designing a bar. 

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Like in any business, you must get to know your target audience to create a space they will appreciate and keep coming back to. Be both objective and empathetic in your market research—this is key to understanding your demographic. Here are some details you should know about:

  • What’s the age range of your target customers?
  • Are they university students or professionals who need breaks from their routine now and then?
  • What are the relevant symbols in their lives you can incorporate into your design?

The question is, would you consider having a general design that appeals to all ages? According to interior design experts, a targeted interior design works better. This moment is where LED bar signs come in handy. 

You do not need to decorate your bar as a whole, and you can still retain your chosen theme. Let our neon light signs do the work!

These are the areas we recommend bar neon signs should be. 

  • Home bar / mini bar
  • Eating and drinking areas
  • Patio
  • Outdoors for businesses with al fresco dining

Storytelling is the key!

If your bar is situated in nightlife central, it’s probably one of a million bars in that street or district. That said, expect your competitors to be giving their best in their interior designs. Make yours stand out through storytelling with the help of a light-up bar sign. You can even have themed neon signs for a unique concept bar.

Here at Neonize It, we offer not only a single custom neon sign but as many as what your imagination and creativity can offer. These unique signs can create a lasting appeal to your customers—turning first-time visitors into loyal patrons. Some ideas you can consider are the following:

Bestsellers Bar Signs

Do you have specialty drinks being offered in your bar? Perhaps wines, cocktails, imported beer brands, or signature blends? Get your bestsellers known and turn them into a business symbol by posting a customized LED light sign of it in your bar. You can go for a mug of ale, a glass of wine, a bucket of beer, or a personalized, custom-made design of your special offers. 

Encouraging Messages About Life

Whether your establishment is meant for clubbing, unwinding, or enjoying a warm or iced cold coffee or tea, it’s always a great idea to put up some meaningful signs that send good vibes. Now, if you choose to have your bar at home for you, your family, and friends to chill on, storytelling is still a must-have for the best bar design.

Messages That Will Lift Your Spirits Up

You may consider your bar a sacred place in your home where you always retreat when you need some self-time. As you rejuvenate your physical energy, why not post a neon LED sign featuring a message that empowers your soul.

Create and Bring Back Great Memories

Let moments you spend with your family and friends in your home bar be the perfect opportunity to make new memories. Remember all the good times you’ve shared through symbols and messages that are significant to each of you. 

Match Any Interior Design With Bar Neon Signs

If you already have a current theme in your bar but find our LED signs appealing, you do not need to redo the whole design. All you need to do is plaster the additional decoration on your wall. 

Minimalist And Classic Design With Cheerful Feels

Minimalist and classic designs usually include neutral brown, black, or gray colors from wood, leather, synthetic materials, steel, or bricks used for the interiors. This bar interior design creates a warm feeling for visitors in your store or at home, especially when matched with lights from incandescent bulbs. 

Yet, if you want to create a corner with a contemporary vibe to appeal to clients who want a balance of classic and modern, our bar LED signs are a convenient fix. 

Spark a cheerful vibe by adding vibrant shades of orange, yellow, red, pink, purple, and other bright, beautiful colors to your bar ornamentation.

Check out the simulation available on our product pages to see which color fits best to a plain-colored wall. It may be hard to imagine adding a colorful light to a classic or minimalist bar, but true to the adage ”Opposite attracts,” you can still find beauty in unique interior combinations. 

Aside from the festive lights, your design choice also adds to the decoration goal you want to achieve. Pick emblem inspirations or quotes that encapsulate your interests and can spark meaningful conversations at any given time.

Bringing On The Party Vibe

While there are individuals who seek relief in bars that have a chill vibe, others gain energy by letting loose, jiving to the music, and enjoying as many drinks as possible to get a full party vibe. This liberated energy matches all the bar signs we have, and we can create more through customization. 

You can play with the colors we offer to light the dance floor and the bar this time. All the hues we have bring a lively ambiance to any space.

 Famous Music Festivity Icons

While people sway, jump, and jive to Swedish House Mafia’s electronic dance music or Rihanna and Maroon 5’s pop songs, let them recognize these music icons by plastering artistic neon signs inspired by the artists. 

“Party Hard!” Texts

Reinforce the oozing energy and lively vibe your club visitors feel through texts featuring these messages:

  • Party Hard
  • Let’s Party 40
  • Let’s Party
  • Halloween Party
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Party

Whether it is a regular party day or a holiday celebration, we have designs that fit your needs. 

Plenty Of Reasons To Get These LED Signs

On top of the attractive designs featured in the photos above, here are more reasons why getting LED signs for your bar is the way to go!

Highly Customizable Designs

With all the design ideas you need to consider, we may not have covered your needs with our current offers, which is why we have custom sign services. All you need to do is upload a photo or text of the sign you want to have, and we’ll bring them to life in your favorite color for you. 

Complementary Designs For Any Bar Interior

Use the simulation available here on our website to see how a lit LED neon sign looks on a wall or picture the output in your mind. No matter what motif your business bar has, you'll find that our neon bar signs will always fit in and complement your interior theme. 

Welcome Home Bar Decoration

Add an extra spark to a corner in your home where you spend your time relaxing and zoning out from the fast-paced world. It is even better to choose a quote that will inspire you to value your wellness and perform best in anything you do.

Low Maintenance, Appealing Aesthetics

Achieving your bar design goals need not be too expensive. With the neon signs we have, all you need is an appealing design, and once you plug in and turn on the lights—you’ll get an instant charm. 

Get Yours Here At Neonize It!

Ready to bring your bar design to the next level? Check out all the available designs we have here. We have tons of themes you’ll surely love from bars, cafes, brands, cute, good vibes, music, and more neon signs! Also, check our collection for easier browsing. 

With the variety, just a heads-up, you’ll find it difficult to pick just one, and we don't encourage you from doing so. Instead, choose more, more, more neon signs to get the bar ambiance that you want.

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