Neon Lights Are The Newest HOME DÉCOR MUST-HAVE!

Once something comes up in Social Media, or becomes an Instagram trend, the next morning EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT OR HAS IT. We’re not always about trends, I mean we can live without the lip fillers and contour… but we’re seriously sooo excited to see our favorite childhood thing come alive again! NEON LIGHTS!

Thanks to its divine aesthetic appeal – no exaggeration – Neon Lights are so back and it’s now invading every house hold as a staple piece.

‘The neon light trend has been shining bright for a good few seasons now and is certainly set to continue for Spring 2018, ‘ says Claire Woodward,  Senior Buyer of Lighting at Debenhams. At Neonize, it’s set to continue for a way longer period of time.

Neon lights for the home takes form of the ever popular Flamingo, Unicorn, a deep millennial quote typography. Check out some of our faves on Instagram!

Neon Lights just adds so much flare and personality to a space and we just love how it’s becoming more appealing to (cool) home owners too and not just establishments. It comes in Desktop and Wall-installed.

Aaand, it’s really like an Instagram badge of coolness. You can’t argue with Instagram.

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