The Neon Lights Comeback – Thanks to Instagram

With the ever ongoing battle of aesthetics on Instagram, everyone just seems to be opening a chest of all creative things from every era to get ahead on their #instaworthy feed game.

Neon Lights and neon signs used to be a staple for a century. It’s in every establishment. It made Las Vegas – duh – LAS VEGAS! It was what makes an arcade a gamer haven. It was EVERYWHERE.

“By the thirties, it sort of exploded,” says Jeff Friedman, with Let There Be Neon. “It’s everywhere.”

BUT! and unfortunately to that generation- a few years back, neon lights have faced a sad decline on demand – and a sad decline to ICONIC creativity in our book – as cheaper LED lights took over. And, that was also the day unicorns died. But we never lost hope that there will come a day that neon lights will shine again!

Thankfully! Those generations have lived long enough to witness its comeback! (Yas! Thank you social media and the never ending battle to be Instagram-worthy!) Neon is SOOOO back in the game that even big brands are banking on it’s aesthetic power to sell – best example would be the cosmetics and fashion industry!

“We’ve reached a point where the photo-based social network is dictating the experience of art itself”, Alyssa Bereznak recently noted on The Ringer,. Along with millennial pink walls and infinity mirror rooms, neon and LED installations have turned into convenient photo-ops for Instagrammers, and an easy way for gallery and festival curators to maximize their influence online. Not to mention in PHOTOGRAPHY TOO!

Check out our fave neon-wave inspired Instagrammers!

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