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Home-Brewed Coffee and Pastries: Make Your Snack Bar Official with a Cafe Neon Sign

Wouldn’t it be nice if you need not go out when your tummy yearns for some pesto bread and a nice cup of brewed coffee? It would even be nicer if you could get all these cravings from a snack bar at home.

Whether the treats are for yourself or for family and friends, home is the best place to enjoy coffee and pastries. So flex your chef skills, channel your inner barista, and show thoughtful gestures by opening a snack bar at home. Who knows, it might even grow into a small coffee shop business. 

Tips on Creating Space for a Home Snack Bar

Stick to your favorites first.

Do what you love, they say, because you are more likely to prosper that way. In this case, cook what you love to be more motivated to perfect your favorite dishes. 

Do you love muffins, croissants, and sandwiches? Google their ingredients and recipes. Does the scent of freshly brewed coffee smell like heaven to you? Having a coffee cone, a filter, and your favorite coffee beans on hand will help a lot. You may not brew perfectly the first time, but the next tries will be better. Practice makes perfect!

Find a cafe inspiration.

After perfecting the menu, you are now ready to cook for yourself and anyone who craves something to munch on. So it’s time to focus on the visuals and ambiance through your cafe interior design!

Check out the different cafes you’ve seen on TV shows like Central Perk on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or MacLaren’s Pub on How I Met Your Mother. Whether you want to mimic them or add a personal touch, the best way to brainstorm is to find inspiration. You can also conceptualize with your family and friends as you sip the coffee you just made. 

Make things happen.

Menu? Check! Bar decor? Check! Now, the action begins. Get ready to go shopping! 

Begin with aesthetically pleasing pots, pans, plates, saucers, spoons, and forks. Go bigger with the tables, chairs, or benches. How many family and friends usually visit your home? Make sure they all have space to chill and relax. 

If you are setting up a separate snack bar inside your house or outside in your garden, get interior designers' advice. They can help you organize your ideas and connect you to builders to ensure your ideas come to life. 

Make Your Snack Bar Official with a Cafe Neon Sign

Your home cafe unfolded just because you were craving some comfort food. But now, it’s a full-bloom zen corner at home! Make the space official using a cafe neon light. Cafes sometimes tend to look the same, but LED neon signs will make yours stand out!

Bar neon sign

This one's a classic, but it never gets old. Set up a coffee neon sign right at the bar, and get your family and friends excited about a warm and refreshing drink. Light it up before you show your skills in coffee pressing and latte art. 

A sign right by the tables

An intimate catch-up time with your best friend or an energetic family reunion is best remembered with a group photo. Don’t sweat on finding a delightful background, especially if you’ve placed your LED neon sign right at the side of a table. Just strike a pose and smile. That photo will surely get many likes!

A garden LED sign

Do you often find yourself sitting by the garden sipping some drinks and enjoying a slice of cake?. 

Create a zen ambiance through the red, yellow, blue, purple, or pink rays of a neon sign. Aside from cafe signs, you can go for customized LED neon signs of characters and quotes that inspire inner peace. 

Welcome neon light sign

Share your secret garden or nook with more coffee and pastry lovers by opening your doors to more visitors. When your neighbors catch the scent of all the dishes and drinks you prepare, they’ll be excited to give your creations a try! Let them know you are accepting visitors through a Cafe Open neon sign or a coffee LED sign.

Get Neon Signs by Neonize It!

Every sumptuous meal is better with a delightful dining ambiance. After creating your cafe, add a nice personal touch using Neonize It’s cafe neon sign collection. You can even get a custom neon sign!

The process is easy: you only need to send your designs, and you’ll get a custom sign. It comes with mounting holes, acrylic backing, remote control dimmer, power adapter, LED lights, and a receiver. Then, put it up and plug it in! 

So, what are you waiting for? Open your dream snack bar and brighten it up with LED neon signs today!

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