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Buff Up & Make Your Gaming Station OP with a Gamer Neon Sign

It doesn’t matter if you play hardcore combat games like Red Dead Redemption, Overwatch, and Call of Duty or feel-good, relaxing games such as The Sims, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft; you must have a game room or at least a decent gaming setup. After all, even the slightest change in your environment can affect how you play a video game.

Let’s dive into how you can turn a plain, dull space into an awesome and fully functional gamer’s room with chairs, speakers, and gaming neon signs by first knowing the importance of having one. 

Why do you need a game room?

Sometimes, losing a round and being unable to get past the boss level isn’t entirely your fault. Your surroundings play a part in it too. 

Think about it: as much as possible, you want to read a book or study in a quiet, clean, and comfortable room. The same goes for gaming: a noisy, messy, and distracting environment can affect your gaming experience. Why is that? 

While it might not seem obvious at first glance, studying and gaming have one thing in common: concentration.

Psychological experts have long written dozens of studies detailing how one’s immediate environment affects their focus. According to these experts, room organization, background noise, room lighting, comfort, and even temperature are some factors that impact your concentration

If you get body pains while sitting on your chair, you will be too distracted trying to find a comfortable spot to finish a game with flying colors. Likewise, if the room feels like the devil’s oven or the peak of Mount Everest, you will be too bothered to continue your gaming journey. Therefore, your gaming room must not have any possible distractions. 

Having a designated space for gaming alone helps with one’s focus. You can’t concentrate on gaming if you do it on your bed. That’s because you associate beds with sleeping, relaxation, and rest. Having a certain area of your room for gaming purposes prepares and conditions the mind for playtime.

Besides focus and concentration, building a family game room can also:

  • Encourage socialization and interaction
  • Improve relationships and strengthens bonds
  • Promote entertainment and fun
  • Indirectly positively affect mood and productivity. 

Gaming Room Essentials

Knowing why the noobs and hardcore players of the gaming world need a designated space brings us to our next agenda: listing the essential furniture, accessories, and lighting for a decent gamer’s room setup.

Without further ado, here are some gaming room essentials your play space needs.

Equipment: Computer & Console Setup

Your space won’t be a gaming room without the proper equipment: gaming computers or consoles. You must choose the best gaming equipment with ideal quality and specs to ensure that you experience optimal gaming performance. 

For example, suppose you’re gaming with a PC. In that case, you must consider:

  • Your desktop monitor’s refresh rate
  • Your CPU’s frame rate, processor, and RAM
  • Your computer mouse’s grip style and sensor type
  • Your gaming keyboard’s durability and connectivity.

It’s important to note that choosing these specs will depend on your game.

On the other hand, if you’re gaming with a console, you must consider the following: 

  • Your TV screen’s picture quality
  • Your controller’s compatibility, connectivity, and battery life
  • A controller charger.

Comfort: Gaming Desks, Chairs, & Couches

Another thing to consider is how your equipment is arranged. A large computer desk is ideal for gamers, especially if they have a two- or three-monitor setup. Buying a spacious desk gives players enough room for their mouse and keyboard. Height-adjustable desks are also recommended. 

For console players, it’s imperative to have durable and sturdy TV stands or wall mounts for their setup. 

Regarding gaming chairs and couches, gamers are advised to choose seats with sufficient back support, armrests, and breathable and easy–to–clean upholstery for ideal comfort. The seat’s adjustability, durability, and weight capacity are also considered.

Organization: Shelves, Racks, Bins, & Holders

A decluttered space clears your mind and sharpens your focus. Place your game cartridges, CDs, and other accessories on shelves and racks. Gamers often keep cartridges and CDs in storage bins before placing them on shelves to maximize space and lessen dust.

Don’t leave your headphones and controllers just lying around in your room! Players should have headphone stands and controller holders to keep their desks and overall room setups organized and neat. 

Acoustics: Soundproofing & Speakers

Sometimes, we get too sucked into the gameplay that we don’t realize how much noise we’re making. Contain your noise and game sounds by soundproofing your game room. Before buying soundproofing materials, ensure you know your space's dimensions first.

Use sound-absorbing foam on your walls and place a carpet on your floor to lessen the noise leaking out of your room. Add sound curtains to your windows to block both sound and light. You can also soundproof your door by adding soundproof rubber or weatherstripping.

Lighting: Neon Signs & Neon Lights

As mentioned, a well-lit room can improve your gameplay experience. Regular lights are sufficient for game room lighting. But if you’re going for a more aesthetic, futuristic look for your room, neon signs and lights are your best bet. 

Purple and blue neon tube LED lights create fantastic mood and accent lighting for your gaming space. These shades of cool colors are often associated with relaxation and have calming effects on our eyes. 

If you aren’t sold on using plain neon lights, try hanging up PlayStation neon signs of some of your favorite gaming logos, such as Call of Duty, God of War, and Silent Hill. 

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