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Heart Neon Signs: Finding the Perfect Lighting Color For Any Occasion

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a strange scenario where you’re feeling unusually happy or lonely. This might be the effect of the ambiance around you. Believe it or not, colors and emotions work hand in hand in the mood-setting power of businesses.

If you take a closer look at the palette used by fast-food chains, for example, they tend to use colors revolving around white, red, yellow, and orange. This pattern isn’t a coincidence. Warm colors, cool colors, and other specific combinations evoke different feelings and influence human behavior.

The way people act correlates with these colors whether they manifest themselves through wall paint, interior ornaments, furniture, or lighting. Should you be aiming for particular behavioral outcomes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about the psychological explanation behind your choice of color, how to apply your preferred color, and what Neonize has to offer.

Psychology Behind Color Selection

The most common visual effect people witness from colors is their influence on feelings. For colors in the context of lights, you not only take note of shades but also the brightness, tint, and tones of the color.

Each combination of these elements corresponds to a mood that works for your interests. Below are five (5) common patterns that you can use to create moods:

  1. Happy Colors: The main colors for this are warm, think red, orange, and yellow. This combination can be used for tropical themes, beach parties, or warning and hazard signs. Warm colors symbolize feelings of energy, optimism, happiness, and attention.
  1. Refreshing Colors: The main colors for this are cool, like green, blue, and purple. When going for this color palette, you might want to consider themes such as winter, starry nights, and refreshing atmospheres. The mood expressed by cool colors exhibits a calm, soothing, dark, and silent aura; this color can work with health, beauty, and lifestyle locations.
  1. Sad Colors: While warm colors symbolize happiness, darker and muted colors such as midnight blue, dark green, maroon, and neutral colors like beige, gray, and brown evoke sadness. The most common places and events to use these toned-down colors include nightclubs, bars, and evening parks.
  1. Calming Colors: The main colors for this are certain shades of blue and green including lilac and mint. Your goal for this chain of colors is to keep people relaxed, pampered, and free. A great choice of location for these types of colors include meditation spaces, libraries, and spas, and bedrooms.
  1. Energizing Colors: The main colors for this are bright shades like glowing red, space green, and lemon yellow; the more blinding and piercing it looks to your eye, the more it classifies as an energizing color. With this palette, individuals will more or less feel a sense of attentiveness and power. For reference, bright colors work best in sports centers, gyms, skate training grounds, and e-sport zones.

We’ve talked about color combinations and their psychological effects. Let’s switch our concentration to individual colors; what each represents and where they are suited for. Take a look at the table we’ve provided below for a summary of our findings:

How do individual colors generally make people feel?

RedPassionate, romantic, intense, emotional, powerfulAnniversaries, Valentine’s Day, promenades, parties
OrangeYouthful, enthusiastic, happy, balanced, mildly energeticPlaygrounds, spiritual centers
YellowHappy, spontaneous, hopeful, comedic, memorable, funKitchens, entertainment centers, outdoors, studios, workspaces
GreenRefreshing, healthy, wealthy, inspirational, progressionOffice spaces, buffets, gardens, beach resorts
BlueSpiritual, calm, secured, serene, trustworthy, safeBathrooms, rooftop bars, formal sites, worship places
PurpleCreative, royal, mysterious, influential, class, visualAnything to do with beauty and fashion, glamor, luxury, exclusive events
PinkPlayful, tender, feminine, charming, cute, sweetCandy and desserts, baby products, animal care 
BrownSupportive, down to earth, stable, practical, dependableLibrary and exhibits, lounges old-fashioned establishments
BlackSerious, professional, elegant, bold, sophisticatedCorporate buildings, vehicles, concerts
WhiteMinimalist, clean, fresh, innocent, pure, neutralReligious celebrations, reunions, ceremonies
GrayMature, responsible, serious, conservative, reservedParking lots, coffee shops, industrial buildings

Do It With Neonize: Choose Your Heart Neon Signs

You might be thinking about how you can kickstart your room makeover. We’re here to help you make the home improvement project plan happen through our exceptional team of designers. Here at Neonize, we only manufacture the best products for an interior transformation.

Where Can I Use My Neon Lights?

There are countless ways for people to use neon lights. You do not necessarily need a reason to have neon lights anywhere because they are not only great for events, but are amazing decorative pieces as well.

For those who are merely considering neon signs from our shop, we’ve gathered a few of the most common ways to use heart neon signs made by our store, however, don’t feel too limited by what we’ve listed below:

  • Valentine’s Day dinner
  • Cupid-themed bedrooms
  • Bake shops and cafes
  • Virtual meetings
  • Couple anniversaries
  • Intimate family gatherings
  • Modern home bars
  • As a Valentine’s Day gift idea
  • Social media and art
  • Public parties with friends

Choosing Your Heart Neon Signs

As you order LED neon light signs from us, you can make them distinct to your taste by specifying aspects such as your color and font of preference. Below is a table consisting of the colors and fonts you can choose from. We’ve also included a list of some of our existing designs for you to have an idea of what our heart neon signs can look like.

Color SelectionFontsSome Existing Desings
Lemon Yellow
Light Blue
Rose Pink
Light Pink

Double Lined
Custom Fonts
Finger Heart Neon Sign
Infinity Heart Neon Sign
Instagram Heart Neon Sign
Broken Heart Neon Sign
Heart Shaped Neon Sign
Angel and Devil Heart Neon Sign
Dripping Heart Neon Sign
Love Heart Neon Sign

To see our full list of neon signs related to hearts, you may visit our gallery. For customization purposes, you may hit the “Custom Your Neon” button or reach us via our contact information, and we will make your dream neon sign happen.

Quick and Easy Buying Process

Once you’ve decided on what type of heart neon sign you want from us, you can easily process this request by following our easy steps below:

For Pre-Made/Existing Neon Lights:

  1. Click on your desired product from our shop.
  2. Supply any additional information about your order.
  3. Provide your contact and address information.
  4. Complete your payment on the checkout page.
  5. Wait for your products to arrive at your doorstep.
  6. Unbox the package and enjoy!

For Personalized Neon Lights:

  1. Click on the “Custom Your Neon” button.
  2. Upload an image sample for your requested neon sign.
  3. Determine if you want an image-based or text-based light.
  4. Supply any additional information about your order.
  5. Provide your contact and address information.
  6. Complete your payment on the checkout page.
  7. Wait for your products to arrive at your doorstep.
  8. Unbox the package and enjoy!

How to Mount Neon Signs

This is the portion that intimidates most people who view our shop. If you have no background or experience related to basic construction techniques, we’ve got you covered. As mentioned earlier, all of our products are easy to mount on any kind of surface. What you need to do next is take a look at how you can install your neon sign with our step-by-step guide:

Step #1: View Our Size Guide

Observing our measurement per neon sign gives you an idea of the exact spot where your lights can be perfectly installed. For this step, you will need a measuring tape to check if our guide matches the vacant space on your wall.
Still don’t know the size of your received product? View the order’s packaging and look for anything that says small, medium, large or extra-large. Their lengths are as follow:
Small: 45 centimeters / 18 inchesMedium: 60 centimeters / 24 inchesLarge: 76 centimeters / 30 inchesExtra Large: 91 centimeters / 36 inches

Step #2: Take Out The Screw Kit Inclusion

Those who own a personal toolbox or hardware set are free to use this instead of the provided screw kit in the neon light package. Some of the items you can buy in the hardware that will suit the wall mounting process include:
Heavy-duty fishing wireRope for secure knottingSeveral removable hooks

Step #3: Test And Try Out Your Neon Sign

Each product you buy from us weighs between 6 to 11 pounds.
Try to fit your neon light on the desired wall space you want to mount your neon light on, then check if the screws and materials you bought in the hardware are compatible with the neon sign.

Step #4: Add Screws To Hang Your Lights 

All our neon signs have holes on the edges and your only job is to put a couple of screws across them to firmly hang your lovely neon sign on the wall. We highly recommend removable screws if you are the type of person who regularly performs room makeovers.
You may also try drilling a few holes on your wall or add a finishing nail where you can simply hang your neon lights through a rope.
Note: Remember that we are not responsible for any damages caused during your installation process. If any of these steps are still vague, you may reach out to us via our contact information.

Step #5: Plug Your Neon Sign To A Socket

Take out the receiver and power adapter. Connect your neon light transparent cable to the receiver, then link your receiver to the power adapter.
As you do this, keep in mind that the socket or power outlet should be within reach. If the socket is higher with respect to the ground area, you will need to make sure that the cables are mounted or adjusted to the wall as well.
If the socket area is far from your wall space, improvise with some extension cords and plug in your neon lights. When adjusting the brightness of our products, simply use the remote control.

Still find the entire process too confusing or difficult to perform alone? You may opt for a neon light sign that comes with an acrylic base, letting it act as a stand-up unit. For more information on the installation and building procedure, contact us.

Final Thoughts

Colors truly have an impact on the way we feel regardless of the occasion. If you have any special event that you would love to prepare for, there’s always another way to enhance your experience: through heart neon lights.

If you’re ready to make a difference through lighting color and aesthetics, Neonize is a good place to get started with your indoor makeover plans. Don’t take our word for it, trust all the reviews and experiences of our satisfied customers

Did you find this article helpful in any way? What color do you think works best for heart neon signs? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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