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10 Relatable Quotes and Designs for Neon Bar Lights for Every Drinker

It's not uncommon for a bar owner to use neon lights for space decor. Many use them because of their aesthetic appeal, effortlessly setting a chill yet exciting atmosphere in a dull space. So if you intend to use neon bar lights, you have to think creatively to stand out.

Why not go the extra mile and use neon signs to welcome all types of drinkers? Aside from leveling up your bar interior, they will also make your guests feel a sense of belonging and may even teach them a life lesson! 

Does this idea appeal to you? If so, check out these ten drunken drinking quotes and design templates for your bar!

If an LED Neon Bar Sign Can Speak: 10 Drinking Quotes and Templates for Neon Lights for a Bar

If neon signs can speak for your home bar, what do you want them to say? They usually stand out because of their bright nature, so the wording should be fun or meaningful. That way, your guests can get a good laugh or life lesson on their way out. Let’s look at five quote ideas you might fancy.

#1: Drinking O’Clock

We always make time for things we like, and drinking is no different! Passionate drinkers love to set a schedule for their favorite pastimes. And what better way to remind a busy person about drinking than a glimmering neon light quote?

Hang up a LED neon sign with the following short, funny, and sweet quotes:

  • Oh look, It's wine o'clock!
  • Time for a rendezbooze!
  • It's an awesome water hour!
  • Alcohol? Seems like a terrible idea. What time?
  • According to my watch, it's Vodka time.
  • Let's get ready to stumble!

#2: Emotional Drinking

Some people look for a glass of wine or beer when they feel down. For example, a customer may need a drink after a long, hard day at work or someone's departure. Perhaps, they've been reminiscing about a bitter past and want a sweet distraction.

If drinks aren't enough to soothe their aching soul, here are neon sign quotes that can keep them going (or laughing, even for a little bit).

  • Drinking may not solve your problems, but neither does water.
  • Te Amo? No. Tequila? Hell Yes!
  • I have mixed drinks about feelings.
  • I make pour decisions.
  • Looks like you have something on your mind. Want to drink about it with me?

#3: Proud Drinker

Some people just love to drink so much that they become a walking, talking neon sign of their passion. They rave about how great it is and often become bar regulars. Take their excitement to the next level with these quotes!

  • Hydrate or die-drate!
  • I just followed my heart and it led me to this bar.
  • Too much is bad. But too much alcohol? Perfect. 
  • Great minds drink alike.
  • I am a proud, gindependent woman/man.

#4: The Drinking Romantic

Couples that drink together stay together! If you love to get a drink with your partner or miss someone special, it'll be nice to hang out in a bar with neon signs that speak for your romantic feelings.

Here are neon sign quotes that set a romantic mood in your bar or nightclub.

  • Partners in wine
  • Drinking for two
  • Drunk in love
  • Drinking about you!
  • All you need is love and tequila.
  • Wish you were beer

#5: Holiday Drinks

The holidays are the best times to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, especially with drinks and neon colors! Consider hanging these LED sign quotes to set a festive atmosphere in your bar or nightclub.

  • Wine is my Valentine.
  • I'm not drunk. I'm full of holiday spirit!
  • Pour me some mistletoe, please.
  • Good cheer, cold beer, the best time of the year!
  • I am dreaming of a wine Christmas.
  • Irish today, hungover tomorrow.

#6: The Introverted Drinkers

Not everyone is social when they drink. Some people choose to keep to themselves, and you should respect that. Check out these creative LED neon light quotes for the quiet drinkers.

  • I like wine and maybe three people.
  • I don't give a sip.
  • My cat is my favorite drinking buddy.
  • Less whine, more wine!
  • It's not drinking alone with social distancing.

4 Templates for Your Bar Neon Lights

Meanwhile, do you prefer an eye-catching design over text? In that case, we also have four design ideas for your bar neon signs! How do you envision your neon sign looking like?

#7: Dictionary Style

The dictionary-style wall decor art is a popular concept used today. It looks like an excerpt from a dictionary placed on a wall. But here's the twist: you can make your own definition! Below are some examples:

  • Wine - (noun) A magic water for fun people.
  • Cenosillicaphobia - (noun) Fear of an empty glass of beer.
  • Irish Handcuffs - (noun) When someone holds an alcoholic drink in both hands.

#8: Warning Sign

Excessive drinking is harmful to your health. With a catchy warning LED light in neon, you can make people think twice about their drinking habits. It can encourage them to enjoy it without crossing the lines. 

#9: Retro Neon Sign

A little bit of nostalgia won't hurt. So give your bar a touch of vintage and take your guests back in time with retro neon signs! Of course, neon signs already have a retro feel since they have been used for decades. But if you want to add more details, find a neon sign that uses retro fonts and symbols.

#10: Symbols and Icons

Words are fun, but you can take them to the next level with symbols and icons! Sometimes, one symbol is enough to communicate a message. For instance, neon beer bar lights on the entrance door indicate the type of place. In addition, some neon signs combine words and symbols for a more creative and eye-catching visual.

Neonize is as Limitless as Your Alcohol Tolerance

Looking for that “wow!” factor to liven up the atmosphere in your home or commercial bar? There's no better way to do that than hanging iconic drinking signs on your walls! This blog gave you ten ideas for your neon bar lights that will surely make your guests feel welcome. Hope you're able to find something you fancy!

We at Neonize never limit ourselves to creating the highest quality neon signs for our clients. We are always up for a challenge! Check out our wide collection of party neon signs and LED neon lights for your selection.

Moreover, we set the bar high with our neon bar lights custom service. Do you have a different design in mind? Then, you can make a custom request!

Browse our online shop’s custom page to upload a text or image. We're here to help turn your dream designs into bright realities.

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