4 Ways to Achieve Your Dream Retro Diner with Vintage Neon Signs

Do you want your customers to feel relaxed and nostalgic every time they visit your restaurant? Then, why not consider upgrading your restaurant’s look with a vintage-style interior design? 

Dining involves more than just good food but also involves pleasant and unique experiences. With a vintage-themed restaurant, young guests will surely find your vintage-themed restaurant Instagram-worthy. In this article, discover how to incorporate retro style into your restaurant, as simple as installing appealing vintage neon lights. 

3 Restaurant Design Tips to Attract Customers 

Balancing the right ambiance and interior design will determine how much you can attract potential customers and keep existing ones. Don't know where to start? Here are a few tips that might help you before giving your restaurant a new look: 

Settle on the Theme First

Have you already decided on what you want your restaurant to be? Before implementing your design, settling on the final concept is the first step so that the chosen decorations will align with the theme you want. 

For instance, diners in New York City usually incorporate red into their color scheme and match it with colorful neon signs and vintage storefronts. If this is the kind of look that you're aiming for, customers will surely get their nostalgia fix at your resto!

Have an Eye-Catching Entrance

What better way to draw customers’ attention than having a welcoming entrance design? No matter how pleasing your interiors are, people will not be curious about going inside if your restaurant’s entrance doors do not look interesting enough.

Perhaps it’s time to make upgrades to your original sign. Make an eye-turner entrance by using neon signage for your restaurant's name. If your goal is to entice your customers, you can also use glass windows to give them a sneak peek of your restaurant's interior. 

Powerful Lighting

You might think that design is more important than lighting to attract customers, but it plays a role in setting the overall vibe of your restaurant. Combining the power of natural light with light bulbs can help you create a homely dining experience for your guests. 

You can maximize natural light by having large open windows or glass windows. Also, ensure your light fixtures produce enough light for customers to see their food. Take note also that they love to take photos of their meals, so having good lighting is a plus for your restaurant design. 

4 Ways to Achieve Your Dream Retro Diner 

Now that you know the factors that can guide you before implementing a certain concept or style for your diner, what's next? If you have already pinned down vintage-style, that's great! It makes a great theme for restaurants

Let's help you incorporate this concept in the following ways: 

Color Scheme

Have you been to retro diners in New York or bars in Las Vegas? If not, try to visit one and draw inspiration from their vibrant and fun tones. You’ll also be able to spot some vintage neon bar signs in these cities. They also use attention-grabbing colors such as pastel pink, mauve, and sage green as their color scheme.  

If you're not into using bright colors, you can use pastels or other lighter shades of colors. Make sure that the colors you choose create a good combination and align with your desired retro style. 

Patterned Floors

Among the things that are unique to this vintage-themed resto is its flooring design. Perhaps one of its most famous attributes is its patterned floor tiles. Don't limit yourself to boring and simple flooring. Align your flooring with your retro theme by using abstract patterns, printed floor tiles, or those with a bright color palette. 

Wall Design

Make your walls lively by putting up some pieces of retro wall decor such as brilliant neon art, classic vintage posters or antique signs. If you want to keep it classic with a touch of sophistication, you can put up neon clocks and experiment with neon paint to add more characters to your walls. 

Your visitors will love to take photos of your wall or even use them as a cool background for their Instagram photos. 

Vintage Neon Light

Don’t forget to set the mood for your guests with good lighting. Transform the ambiance of your space by utilizing retro neon signs. Not only does it help provide colorful and funky lighting, but it can also help promote your business.

Vintage neon has been around since the 1920’s. For instance, many vintage neon lights were being used as open signs. Old neon signs can also feature messages, symbols, logos, and words. Vintage neon beer signs are popular in bars and restaurants that are retro-style. 

Reimagine Your Space with Neonize

Are you curious about where to find vintage neon signs for sale or at least retro-inspired neon signs? Look no further. Neonize has a huge collection of neon lights for every mood, space, and occasion. 
You’re one step closer to bringing your retro-style diner inspiration to life. Want to personalize your space but not sure how you can achieve it? Send us your design, and we’ll help customize a neon sign for you.

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