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4 Cozy Home Bar Essentials: Liquor, Bedding, Tunes, and an Alcohol Neon Sign

Do you take regular trips to the bar for your glass of fine whiskey or beer? The pandemic must have been gloomy for you because the sound of clinking glasses and the jazz tunes suddenly seemed so far away.

How would you like the idea of a home bar? With this setup, not even the pandemic can stop you from indulging in your little joys! The best thing about it is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on this. You can use existing furniture to build a home bar. 

If you are out of ideas, here are four suggestions to help you create a cozy bar atmosphere. We have everything you need to get started, from liquors behind glass doors to installing an alcohol neon sign!

Drink the Lonely Nights Away with These 4 Cozy Home Bar Essentials

Today, even the most trivial things can make a huge difference in this time of uncertainty. Bringing your favorite outdoor hangout at home is an incredible idea to combat the gloom. 

Below are the four essentials in creating your home bar.

Organize Liquor Bottles 

Storage is a vital aspect of a home bar, so ensure your liquor bottles are organized on shelves or behind elegant glass doors. Make them look Instagrammable and easily accessible to guests. Also, classify them according to type: one shelf for bourbon, another for vodka, and another for whiskey. 

Play Soothing Background Tunes

Background music helps in creating the desired home bar mood. When it comes to bar music, jazz is always a good option! Play some Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, or Chet Baker tracks to set a chill and nostalgic vibe, making way for some meaningful conversations with your guests.

Add Bedding for Extra Warmth and Comfort

Your home bar is a place for relaxing rather than heavy partying. Thus, reclining equipment is essential. Make your family feel warm and comfortable with some nice throw blankets and soft pillows around the room. Nothing beats the relief of soft cushions, delicious snacks and drinks, and wholesome conversation. 

Hang Up Aesthetic Liquor Neon Lights

Stay updated on the latest interior design trends with bright neon lights! Don’t hesitate to invest in these materials because they are perfect for enhancing the home bar atmosphere. 

Additionally, they're ergonomically designed, so you don’t have to worry about product safety factors. So hang up a beer neon sign to give your bar a stylish look!

Get Your Neon Sign with Liquor Designs from Neonize

If you're looking for neon liquor signs for sale or a custom neon sign, we at Neonize can help you find the perfect item! Our LED signs are durable, safe, and easy to install so that you can use them right away!

  • Safe — Neonize signs are UL-certified (in other words, they meet safety standards) and resistant to overheating. That they’re free from mercury, glass, and argon content is also an advantage.
  • Energy-saving  If you're worried about electrical charges when using them 24/7, rest assured that these won't cause you additional expenses. These signs use only 12–24 volts!
  • Visually appealing — Neon signs are absolute eye candies! They will establish an aesthetic atmosphere for your home bar. 
  • Versatile — Neon lights are flexible for both business and personal use. If you're thinking of making a bar business in the future, you can use your alcohol sign as a decorative piece.
  • Customized designs — We make what the customer wants to see on their walls. If you have an image or quote in mind that means a lot to you, let us know! We'll be more than happy to Neonize It for you.
  • Quick installation — You might think that you need to pay someone just to install these lights on your wall, but it's different with Neonize! Our products offer easy installation to help you save valuable time and money. 

Whether it's an icon of a wine glass or a line such as “You look like you could use a drink,” Neonize has all options for you to choose from. So don't forget to include a neon light sign on your home bar essentials checklist!

Building a home bar is the perfect solution for the drinking enthusiast's stay-at-home blues. Bring that cozy atmosphere and delicious drinks at home, and invite your family or housemates to join in. 

You can enhance the home bar atmosphere in more than four ways. However, if you're a little lost with the basics, the items we've outlined above are great ways to start. 

Organize a nice-looking liquor shelf, add some soft bedding here and there, play chill tunes, and hang up alcohol neon signs. Turn your lonely nights into heartwarming moments with elegant glasses on hand! 

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