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Bottoms Up! Shot Glasses, Card Games, Cheers Neon Signs, and Other Gift Ideas for Drinking Enthusiasts

People enjoy drinking in various ways. Sometimes, you enjoy a few shots after work or on the weekends when you're more relaxed and have enough time for a slower session. Other times, you find yourself engaging in honest, silly, and heart-to-heart conversations with your booze-loving friends or a favourite drinking buddy.

You realize that your friend's birthday is coming up soon. So if you're planning to wrap a gift for a drinking enthusiast, this article is for you. From shot glasses to cheers neon signs, we'll discuss finding gifts for those people in your life that just can't seem to get enough of their favourite drink!

6 Gift Ideas You Can Give to a Drinking Enthusiast

There are various gift ideas you can give to someone who loves to drink. Whether you want to get them something for their collection of items, or if it's more of a gag gift—we have got you covered with six fantastic suggestions.

Gift #1: Drinking Glasses

One of the most popular items that a drinking enthusiast would love to receive as a gift is another drinking glass for their collection. Shot glasses, wine glasses, and even mugs can all be great additions to somebody's drinkware set.

A fancy drinking glass makes the best drinking mood. If you're looking for something a little more unique, you might want to consider getting a novelty wine glass or something similar.

Gift #2: Wine Bouquet

Flower bouquet? It's pretty. Wine bouquet? Much better! This will be a great gift for wine enthusiasts because it caters specifically to their tastes—bonus points if it’s their favorite wine bottle! They’ll certainly enjoy and appreciate this unique presentation.

These bouquets also come in different styles: some have the classic shape, others are like ice cream cones, gift boxes, or fancy vases and buckets. You can add some flowers, but ensure that the drink is the highlight.

Gift #3: Drinking Card Games

Have a little party after the gift-giving? How would you like to spice up your celebration with exciting drinking card games! Card games are gifts that you can use immediately. There are plenty of card games available in the market—pick something you think the recipient will have the most fun playing. From Kings Cup to Let's Get Drunk, you'll surely have hours of entertainment ahead.

It's also a fun way to get to know each other more. Most of the time, drinking encourages honesty on the table. Research says that alcohol may stifle your reasoning skills, leading to more truth-telling. Let's just hope that this truth serum brings only good memories for you and the recipient!

Gift #4: Drinking Shirts

Clothing is one of the best and most fun ways of self-expression. For drinking enthusiasts, they’re no exception! So if you're looking for a gift that they'll enjoy wearing at a party or any casual day, then consider getting them fun drinking t-shirts or sweatshirts.

Moreover, shirts are highly customizable, so you can request their names or other preferred words embroidered on the fabric. Drinking shirts have various designs, from elegant symbols to funny quotes. Some designs even incorporate a popular TV character or personality on them—if you know what the recipient will like, take advantage of these options.

Gift #5: Wine Gift Set

Wine lovers will appreciate a fancy wine accessory set that they can use for a long time. Common gift sets contain tools you will need to open and pour a bottle of your favourite wine.

Usually, you'll find wine glasses, wine racks, and corkscrews in this set. It’s also a great way to choose and experiment with packaging: you can have it in the shape of a bottle or make it look like a vintage case.

Gift #6: Wall Decor Signs

How would you like a gift that you can hang or mount on the wall as a decorative piece? Wall decor signs are some of the unique gifts you can give to a booze lover. You can go with any of these two incredible options:

Vintage Wood Wall Sign

A vintage wood wall sign is a classic favourite. Anything retro puts an elegant and nostalgic look into your space. Moreover, it gives off a rusty country bar vibe which perfectly matches the concept of vintage drinking. If the recipient is a fan of Western films or retro fashion, you won't find any other appropriate gift than this.

An LED Neon Sign

How about a modern-day trend such as a Cheers! neon light to create the perfect drinking mood in your recipient's home? A Cheers neon wall sign can suit almost any occasion; drinking is significantly involved in most celebrations, so they will come in handy. Plus, it's aesthetically pleasing and safe to use.

You might not consider wall signs as useful as other gift ideas; however, they do so much more than you think! For example, a wine-themed space can immediately set you in the right mood for a pleasant drink.

Bottoms Up! Build a Cozy Drinking Atmosphere With a Bright Cheers Neon Sign from Neonize

Are you seeking the perfect gift for an alcohol lover? Are you having trouble getting some ideas because you're not a drinker yourself? Set aside your worries! There are more than six gift ideas you can give to people who love to drink, but we’ve compiled the most convenient and the ones of the highest quality for your friends to appreciate. We hope this post helps you find the right item on your next trip to the store.

Did we spark your interest in the idea of mounting neon signs? Look no further than Neonize's collection, which includes the cheers neon light, mountable LED lights inspired by popular beer, and other drinking signs! A cheers neon LED sign is constructed ergonomically and is suitable for long-term use. Moreover, you can light it up 24/7 without pushing your electricity bills to the limit.

Want more? With Neonize, you can even avail of our custom neon sign service! We have a wide variety of designs in our collection, but we can customize any design you wish if you don't find anything you fancy. Go to our website and upload or edit an image or text you have in mind. Then, we'll take care of the rest and bring it to life.

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