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Keeping Your Customers Thrilled: Neon Sports Signs And 5 Tips To Keep Your Bar Lit

Tired of struggling to keep your customers entertained? Is the TV not enough? Do they miss their home teams and want a way to watch them in your establishment? If so, we have the perfect solution for you: neon signs and a solid bar interior to keep the vibe and surroundings lit! 

This blog post will give you five tips to level up your bar interior design. A little bit of nostalgia can go a long way in keeping your customers excited about coming back again and again.  

  1. Pick a relevant bar theme.

As a business owner, know what your clients want by getting a customer survey on their most favored sports. If you've opened your bar in the area where you grew up, you'll probably have an idea of what sports your neighborhood plays. 

Soccer and football have the most fans worldwide, especially in Europe, Asia, and America. Cricket is famous in Asia, Australia, and the UK. At the same time, basketball is a favorite in the US, Canada, and the Philippines. If your patrons come from these populations, you'll get an idea of what they like. Other sports you can consider for your theme are field hockey, tennis, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and golf. 

  1. Consider sports mementos as decoration. 

After picking a theme, you can consider adding sports mementos as decoration. Put into spotlight legitimate jerseys, balls, gloves, or caps signed by famous sports players. Having them in your bar creates an impression that the bar (and its owner) is dedicated to sports and is spreading the love for it to others. 

Some sports bars even do wall paintings of the most famous sports players to add an artistic touch to their bar. Add a neon light sign and rainbow hues for a contemporary feel in your bar. 

  1. Invest in state-of-the-art audiovisual entertainment.

After ensuring that you have a relevant theme and that the interior design of your bar is inviting, it's time to get invested in technology. Make sure to have the best LED TV and sound system. You'd want to have the technology that can simulate the real-life thrill and excitement on an actual field inside your bar because of state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. 

Lighting is also part of the visuals. You can consider custom neon lights like a bar neon sign, football neon signs, or a basketball neon sign to light heavy-traffic areas of your bar. 

  1. Have tailored bar fixtures for comfortable watching.

Check the slightest details in your bar that affect your visitors' comfort and experience. For example, check your bar chairs and booths and see if they have ergonomic design and if clients can comfortably sit in them for hours to finish a whole game.

As your bar visitors watch, they'll need some food and refreshments, so make sure to be on top of your bar menu too. You can serve finger foods to match the mug beers you'll probably get plenty of orders on. Train each staff member for impeccable customer service. 

  1. Stay true to being a “sports” bar.

In the world of sports, some months are dormant as the games come to an end and players rest. While courts and fields close and turn quiet, your bar need not be in the same energy. You can still play replays of the best sports games, and your clients can relive the excitement. If watching replays is not your customers' game, put up ping pong tables, table football, pool table, and other indoor sports. These are productive ways to have a good time. 

Keep Your Bar Lit With Neon Sports Signs

To create a memorable experience for your sports bar visitors, you need to provide them impeccable service. You can do this by providing a bar with a thrilling atmosphere through interior design and audiovisual entertainment to keep them enthralled throughout the game. Your food, refreshments, and other activities inside your bar also contribute to an unforgettable experience. 

We got your back when it comes to interior design. We have a wide array of bar neon sports signs here at Neonize It. If you want to use the sports neon signs as home decor, we also have a neon sign for room and neon LED signs for bedroom compilation you can check. With Neonize It, keeping your sports bar lit and visitors thrilled is just a click away. Contact us and get your neon signs now!

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