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Neon Sports Signs

Multiple large TV screens, an excellent selection of craft beers, mouthwatering chicken wings, and comfortable seats are all the things you need to offer the perfect sports bar experience. As a final touch, set up eye-catching neon sports signs on your walls and corners to pump up the atmosphere. With this kind of ambiance, you will never fail to attract sports enthusiasts and die-hard fans. 

Step up your game if you want to beat the competition. Will you only play local games featuring the favorite hometown team or cater to all audiences and be the go-to place for all things sports? Whatever you choose to do, advertise it in your bar! If you want to focus on the local basketball team, show your support by installing a Basketball neon sign and a customized neon light of the team's logo right behind the bar where all your patrons can see. If you want to draw crowds of football fans and show games season by season, put up Football neon signs in each corner to liven things up during live games!

Neonize doesn't only offer sports LED neon lights. We also have a bar neon sign perfect for pubs, bars, clubs, and restaurants. These neon lights are designed for establishments like yours so people can drink, have fun, and bathe in the glow of neon lights.

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The designs above can also be a neon sign for rooms, specifically in a game room, pool house, mini-bar, garage, or man cave. Host a sports game night with your family and friends and watch the game live in the comfort of your own home! Don't forget the snacks and drinks to keep your audience hooked on the game. Cheer for your team, and have fun surrounded by the people you love the most.   We have neon LED signs for bedrooms for hardcore sports fans. Showcase your favorite team's logo by hanging  NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB neon lights on your wall. Are you a student and currently living in a dorm? Show your support by installing a college or university team logo in a corner of your dorm room. Neonize accepts orders of custom neon signs for any sports team, or anything you can think of.   All you need to do is visit the Customize Your Neon page on this website. The next step is to upload your logo’s image or text. After you upload it, let our talented pool of artists bring your preferred LED neon signs to life!

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