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From Space Fillers To Eye-Catching Neon Letter Lights: How To Use Letters As A Decorative Strategy

Sometimes, one letter is enough to convey a message. Often, a few words can tell a decade-long story. There are different ways we communicate effectively, but words are the core of it all. They're easier to understand and have a beautiful way of expression when made into art. 

Suppose you're looking for appealing and purposeful wall decoration. How would you like the idea of using letters? It's unique, straightforward, and gives you a lot of freedom for creativity and customization. 

Still can't think of ideas on how to use them? Don't worry. We have everything you need below, whether it's just one letter or a couple of neon letter lights that you want to form into words. 

4 Ways to Use Letters for Wall Decoration

Letters are more versatile in the interior and exterior design department than you might think. They can act as simple decorative pieces and, at the same time, help communicate important messages to people coming across them. 

Here are four ways on how to use letters as an incredible decorative strategy.

Spell Out the Room's Atmosphere

Building the atmosphere of the room is important so that it matches its purpose. Let's say you have a guest room for gatherings or a study room or workstation for your professional activities. If you think of a good decoration, you can start with the simplicity of letters.

Think of letters with minimalistic design or professional colors like black, white, grey, and blue. Meanwhile, if it's a more heartwarming atmosphere like guest rooms, you can spell out words like "Love," "Positivity," or "Good Vibes."

Use It for an Enjoyable Learning Experience

With the pandemic forcing us to stay at home, personal and learning/working spaces have become one. Suppose you have a little student at home who's just starting to learn the alphabet. It will be fun to use letters on the wall to help stimulate a learning experience.

Letters have different colors and designs, so pick the cutest ones to catch the little one's attention. Then, hang them up on the wall and watch the room turn into a lovely educational space (and probably a magical garden of letters in your child's point of view). 

Incorporate House Labels With a Twist

Let's go back to a more basic function. For example, you have a pretty large space or a confusing house design. You figured that proper labeling could help the guests locate a certain area. Usually, you would print labels that indicate where the bathroom or dining room is located. 

However, hanging up letters on walls gives it a more creative and homely twist. Moreover, they can be bigger and more visible than words printed on paper. For example, neon LED letters can indicate where your home bar is. They fit the bar concept well and are easily seen in the dark.

Customize Your Space

If you need one or a couple more items to complete the overall style of your favorite space, letters can come in handy. For instance, you can use two letters to indicate your initials or spell out one word you like the most. 

It can also fill spaces that you find lacking. Letters are versatile to the point that they can look like shapes forming an image when combined. For example, the letter O also looks like a circle. You can build something from there other than just words. Get creative to your heart's content!

Spell Out a Shiny A to Z In Your Home With Neonize

Letters are a wise decorating choice because they serve different purposes and allow ample room for creativity. In addition, they enhance the overall look of your space and communicate important messages. 

Have you decided which of the four ways we've outlined works for your decorating plans? In that case, let's move on to the type of decorative letters we recommend you to use: neon signs.

Why Choose Neon Light Letters?

When searching for letter decor, you'll find products made of wood, faux metal, chalk slates, corkboard, yarn, huge scrabble, and so on. They all have their charms, and most choices often depend on preference.

However, you might be wondering why we choose to recommend letters made of neon light. Here are the reasons. 

  • They're versatile eye candies. Neon letters are undoubtedly attractive and can be used for personal and professional purposes. 
  • They're available 24/7. One of a LED neon sign's strongest points is that you can use it 24/7. It works best during the night because of the light, something you won't find in other materials. 
  • They're safe to use. Neon LED letter lights are mercury-free and UL-certified, so they're safe, lightweight, and durable than traditional lights.
  • They don't break easily. Neon lights are less likely to wear out first than other materials like cork board, wood, or yarn. 
  • Save your electric bills. If you're worried about electricity, remember that LED neon letters use only 12–24 volts, so they're energy-saving items. 

You may also opt for our customized neon signs service if you have a specific design in mind. Simply upload an image or customize a text on our website, and we'll bring it to life for you. We look forward to bright and purposeful neon letters on your walls soon!

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