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Send Luck Your Way With Neonize’s Neon Zodiac Signs

The exact origin of the horoscope remains shrouded until today. But history suggests that the 12 horoscopes were based on Chinese astrology. During the Han Dynasty, the Chinese used the position of the stars to number days, months, and years. Today, every person has a designated zodiac sign based on their birthdate, and many use their signs to predict and attract luck in their future. 

Although there's no conclusive proof that the year predictions of your horoscopes are 100% true, many people still follow the reading of stars in their daily life. You've got nothing to lose. So, believe them or not, there's no harm in trying to bring luck a little closer to you this year. 

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the different 2022 horoscopes, what brings you luck, what you should avoid, and everything in between. 

Let Your Stars Align With These 2022 Horoscope Readings 

Now that we celebrate the Lunar New Year, predictions for every zodiac sign have sprung up left and right. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to believe them all. Sometimes, it is fun to partake in these things, and when it all works out in the end, you'll be grateful it happened. So here are the 12 horoscope readings of this year. May luck be with us all! 


The readings suggest that you will be thirsty for knowledge and adventure this year. So, if you want to go back to your studies or pursue that higher degree, maybe now's the year to do so. Your stars' position also suggests that your energy will continue to be aggressive until May. So, go for an adventure and do whatever you feel is right; it will do you good. 

It will be a lucky year for the Aries zodiac. Maybe a star neon light sign in your living space will remind you that good things will finally come your way this year. 


This year will be very challenging for a Taurus, whether it's career, love, or relationship. Your stubbornness and determination will be the key to your success. Many things will change this year, and it can be overwhelming. It would be best to stick to your familiar routines and plans, so the rapid changes in your life don't make you unstable. 

When life gets too hard, slow down. Never abandon your plans. The plans you made for yourself are the path to your success. 


If you're a Gemini, the relationship around you will be affected by the things you say. As a Gemini, you often hold back on how you express your feelings. This can cause arguments and misconceptions, so be careful of words and ponder them before saying them aloud. But, you are also an exceptionally good talker. You can use your speaking skills to get out of tight situations. 


Most people see you as the type of person who lets their emotions run over them. Crab signs are indeed emotional, and more often than not, you make decisions from the heart rather than from the mind. This year, you can prove that you are not easily overwhelmed by your feelings that you can balance and make choices using your heart and mind. And you must be very sure before you finalize things because some of them may involve important life matters. 


For a Leo, it doesn't matter where you are. The spotlight will surely find you every time. This year, you will do great things—things you may have never done before. The year will show you what you are truly capable of doing, and you should celebrate it. Whether it’s a big or small achievement, it's important to remind yourself that you can do it. 

Have a customized LED neon star sign in your bedroom, so when you wake up in the morning, you are always motivated to tackle all obstacles at your best. 


This year will be very unpredictable for you, but you'll surely get big wins if you are willing to take a big risk. You can take risks in any aspect of your life this year; career, love, investments. Don't be afraid to take them. You easily adapt to things, and your quick thinking will be your way to success. And it’s crucial that you move out of your comfort zone for personal growth. 


People often overlook Libras because of their kind nature, and they are forced to do things because of people's expectations. This year is the time to show others that you can do better, even surpass your expectations. You must remember that you are smart and innovative, and it is not wrong to break free from what people tell you to do. But, this time, you get to choose the things in your best interest. 


As a Scorpio, you don’t do very well with changes. Because of your past mistakes, you are afraid to try new things thinking you will mess it up again. This year will allow you to transform for the better. First, you have to acknowledge what you did in the past and make up for it. Then, you will discover your talent and passion. Do more things spontaneously this year, and luck will come to you. 


You look at life like it's a big adventure. You always find opportunities wherever you go. The year 2022 will give you more opportunities to explore and expand your knowledge. It's good for you to take these opportunities, but it is okay to slow down and reflect on the things you've done as the year progresses. You have to think of your long-term goals and ponder on the things that you want to do. 


This year, you have great ambitions, and some might think that they’ll be too much for you. But that won't stop you from fighting your way through and reaching them. The things you want may pose challenges, but your out-of-the-box thinking and different techniques will allow you to overcome any challenges.  


You will spend your energy in the starting months of this year trying to stand out among the rest of the crowd. And you're a natural charmer and achiever, so you'll manage it easily. Also, this year, a previous opportunity will open up again for you. It's alright to feel doubtful, but facing your fears will set a motion for your happiness and success. 


You will experience multiple ups and downs this year and some major events that will force you to face the reality you've been avoiding. In the past year, you've been focusing so much on daydreams and illusions. It's alright to dream once in a while, but dwelling on them will cause you real-life problems. One way or another, you have to face life's harsh reality, and when you succeed, you'll finally be able to make your dreams come true.

Light Up Your Year With the Neon Zodiac Signs

Your horoscopes do not tell your whole personality. Some of it may be true, while others may not mirror your life at all. These are merely predictions for your single future. Depending on your actions, your future may have different outcomes, and you can use these readings to help you navigate your way for a better year. 

Each sign also holds positive traits that you can embody to achieve your success. Remind yourself that you possess them with an astrology neon sign over your head. We’re sure these vibrant LED neon signs will bring you luck for all the years to come!

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