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Get Your Party on With The Cactus Jack Neon Sign

So you are throwing a party. You've got the music, the drinks, and the people. What else could be missing? The atmosphere needs something… extra. That is where a Cactus Jack neon sign comes in. The Cactus Jack is the deep symbol of unleashing your inner party demon. It is an awesome way to start a conversation and adds a touch of pop culture to any place.

But how will a Cactus Jack neon light add some sizzle to your parties? This blog will show you the effect of this wildly popular brand, the music, and its iconic symbol on your upcoming parties.

The Story Behind Cactus Jack

American record label Cactus Jack was founded by famous rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter Travis Scott, AKA Jacques Bermon Webster II. This brand is not only represented by Travis Scott but also by numerous talented people such as DJ Scott's, SoFaygo, Chase B. Luxury Tax, Don Toliver, and WondaGurl. 

Travis Scott envisioned Cactus Jack as an opportunity for young artists to strive in their music careers, as he did in the winter of 2017. Travis Scott and Quavo from Migos released their debut album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho, which got the number three spot on the Billboard 200 chart. 

Popular Cactus Jack Record Songs

Cactus Jack is a musical force to be reckoned with. They have been creating catchy rap, hip-hop, and R&B tunes that have always gotten people moving for over five years. But it is not just their subliminal music that Cactus Jack is known for. Their wild music videos are also a huge hit, featuring mostly cars, women, and smoke. 

No matter what Cactus Jack releases, their fans are always eager to consume it. Here are the most popular Cactus Jack songs from every album that you can definitely add to your party playlist.

  • Black and Chinese by Huncho Jack (Travis Scott and Quavo) from the Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho album
  • SICKO MODE by Travis Scott with Drake from the Astroworld album
  • Mo Mamba by Sheck Wes from the Mudboy album
  • No Idea by Don Toliver from the Heaven or Hell album
  • Way Bigger by Don Toliver from the Life of a Don album
  • GATTI by JackBoys (Travis Scott, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50, and Scott's DJ Chase B.) from the JACKBOYS album

There's simply no denying the talent and influence of Cactus Jack. They are a musical powerhouse that continues to dominate. So if you are not a fan of Cactus Jack, you need to jump on the bandwagon ASAP. Your party is about to start!

How to Throw a Kickass Party at Home

Cactus Jack is the insatiable record label that everyone is talking about. And for a good reason—the story, the songs, and the sign are all-electric. So let's complete the atmosphere for your wild occasion with our LED neon lights!

Cactus Jack Neon Sign

Light up your next rave with the Cactus Jack neon sign! This neon sign is bright, eye-catching, and sure to make a statement. If you are worried about your party turning into a breakout jail event, you don't have to worry about your neon sign. Our neon lights are shatter-resistant that will last party after party.

You can go for other cool custom neon signs if this neon light is not enough. For instance, you can spell out your name in capital letters with letter neon signs.

Or you can flat-out say what you want with a Fuuuck neon sign. It is your party, and you have all the neon lights you can hang around your home. 

Light Setup

Raves are all about lights, and no self-respecting raver would be caught dead without intense lighting at your home. Whether it is darkness or light that creates this vibe for ravers–we all know what makes our hearts soar when things get intense on stage with those bright colors flashing around us. 

On top of using the Cactus Jack neon and other LED neon lights, you can turn your living space into a frenzy of lights with:

  • Black Light Strips: You will need more than a few string lights if you are looking to deck out your place for an epic party. To get started, you will need a set of black lights. Black lights create an otherworldly atmosphere perfect for dancing the night away. And when paired with neon lights, they create a crazy and unforgettable atmosphere. Plus, black lights are great to add that mysterious and eerie feeling to your room. 
  • LED Light Strips: Why stop with black lights? LED lights come in all kinds of colors, and you can use them to add even more atmosphere to your party. For example, you could use cool-colored lights to create Jamaican beach feels or red lights to give the room a romantic vibe. 
  • Laser Strips and Mini Strobe Lights: Who doesn't love a good light show? Lasers add an extra element of fun to any party or gathering. And what's awesome is that they are sound-activated. That means the lights will react to the music you are playing. So whether you are bumping to Travis Scott's music or any R&B, the lights will change to match the mood. With four beams in one machine, you only need to get one of these bad boys to create the perfect vibe you are going for.  
  • Mood Lighting: If you want to set the mood for an unforgettable party, you need to invest in quality mood lighting. You can create a nightclub, a rapper's party, or anything with the right lights. Plus, they are a lot of fun to play with - who doesn't love changing the lights on a whim?

Get Your Cactus Jack Neon Sign for Sale at Neonize

Since the early 2000s, R&B music has been dominated by smooth-talking crooners and sexy music videos. But thanks to Travis Scott and his record label Cactus Jack, the message of freedom and youth has never been more imminent.

A Cactus Jack neon light is the perfect way to show your support for this groundbreaking label. That intense glow of the lights will create that wild atmosphere at any party, while the bold colors will show your guests that you are not afraid to take risks. 

So if you are looking for a way to add some edge to your next event, get your cactus jack neon light sign at Neonize today! We have a variety of party neon lights for you to choose from! If you are undecided about what to pick, you can always opt to customize your own design. Just send us your design, and we will be more than happy to work on it!

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