6 Punk Skull Neon Signs for Your Shop

Something about neon skeletons makes anything look cool.

However, of all the skeletal body parts, the skull is the king of symbolism. It's arguably the most widely used symbol for almost anything: death, life, vulnerability, spirituality, morality, and immortality. 

For a bunch of bone structures, it sure does carry lots of personalities. No wonder it's a popular design for tattoos, shirts, mugs, and even a brand logo. You bet neon wall lights with skulls are popular eye-catchers for business establishments as well. Neon lights skulls do more than invite its viewer; they leave a lasting impression too. 

However, it shouldn't just be any LED neon light with a skull design; it should be a statement piece as well! Check out these six punk skull neon signs that offer a narrative.

1. Skull with a Mustache

Let's debunk a medical myth first: no, your hair doesn't continually grow after death. Once we die, the body stops creating the necessary enzymes used for hair growth. But it's fun to imagine skeletons walking around with big afros and mustaches. What's cooler is this neon skull with a mustache!

This skull neon light sign is a good fit for haberdasheries or barbershops. Any business related to male hair can use this neon light to add to their shop's ambiance. Knowing that skulls are rocking a handlebar style of mustache even after death gives hope for some.

2. Skull Eating Taco

Food is life, even when you're not alive. So take a peep at this skull about to enjoy their tacos while wearing a sombrero. You know that skull won't taste the tacos since it's missing a tongue, but it looks like it's enjoying itself anyway. It's funny and maybe even relatable. Just a lifeless person needing a taco is probably every working person on a Tuesday. 

This light sign is the best fit for food businesses, restaurants, or food trucks. It's one way of promoting the taco on your menu. Put these LED lights on your outdoor wall and let them know that your food can revive their hungry and dying souls.

3. The Punisher

The Punisher logo has been circulating the Internet lately due to it being used as a symbol in politics. You will see this logo designed on top of the American flag and worn on t-shirts or uniforms. The Marvel Universe icon originally stands for vigilante justice. However, since different groups and parties use it, the Punisher logo now stands for different meanings. 

But some fans stand by the logo as purely a symbol for the popular 1980s comic The Punisher. The Punisher is a Marvel character known for using violence to avenge the death of his family. His pursuit to end the war on crime by himself might be the reason why the Punisher skull is used to campaign against criminals.

If you're a fan of The Punisher or what he stands for, you can put this as a statement piece in your business. Hang this inside your alternative apparel shop. The Punisher neon skull wall design is also a good fit for hobby stores, especially the ones that have several Marvel products, including Mr. Vigilante himself. This sign is probably the most punk on this list.

4. Skulls N’ Roses

Skulls and roses are some of the most common design pairings out there. The contrast of the red rose and the white head makes for a good tattoo. It evokes mystery as to what the artist's intentions are. Is it supposed to be romantic? Tragic? Scary? Maybe it represents the beauty of life and death. 

Well, in the end, it's still art. And art encourages multiple interpretations.

Get an enigmatic Skulls N’ Roses neon light sign for your tattoo shop. 

5. Smoking Skull

Imagine a skull using one of its skeletal fingers to puff smoke from a cigar, leaving a trail of smoke going upwards. Sounds cool, right? 

Now imagine it again but in neon lights! If you're in the tobacco business, this sign may be a cool addition to your shop atmosphere. Does it send a message that smoke kills? Maybe. But you already get that warning on cigarette boxes anyway. 

Vape shops, cigarette shops, and smoking lounges will look cool with the neon smoking skull sign. You will feel badass puffing near an undead doing the same.

6. Corona Skull

No, we're not talking about Miss Rona the plague. Instead, it's a sugar skull with the word “Corona” on top of his head. Corona means crown in Spanish, so placing it on top of a Dia De Los Muertos-themed skull makes sense. 

Did you know that sugar skulls are drawn with pretty flowers in Mexican culture to symbolize the beauty of death? The sugar skull itself represents the departure of a loved one. So to have this as a tattoo is a form of farewell too. Sugar skull tattoos signify the person with the tattoo has lost someone dear to them.

Aside from relating to Dia De Los Muertos, it can also stand for the alcoholic beverage Corona. So if you love both alcohol and sugar skulls, why not find a corona skull neon sign for sale for your bar?

Customize Your Neon Signs

Everyone finds the skull neon wall sign cool regardless of personal taste. The different designs tell different stories and messages. It can be fun, aesthetic, mysterious, and, most importantly, punk. It can capture customer interest and encourage them to check out your store. 

Check out neon light sign designs for your shop at Neonize. You can also find neon signs for room decoration in our catalog.

Do you still find yourself at a crossroads and don't know which neon skull design to put up for your store? Don't worry; personalized neon signs are available in Neonize. You can pick a color from the options we provide. In addition, you can submit a photo of your pegged neon skull light, so you don't have to worry if none of the skulls speak to you.

 Light up your walls with a LED neon sign you’ll love! Get your custom LED signs there!

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