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Once Upon a Dish: Tell Your Food Story Using Neon Sign Lights

Once upon a time, you established your food business in town. You're ecstatic to tell everyone about it, but the next day, someone else opened a resto around the corner. There's also a food store a few blocks away.

You begin to wonder if anyone will still stop by and see what you can offer.

Maybe yes, maybe no. It highly depends on how you'll market it. However, one thing's for sure: there must be something that will make heads turn. So, you thought of telling your food story using neon sign lights.

That's a clever idea! Neon signs are popular these days—which is both good and bad. It's effective, but everyone's using them. So the question is, how are you going to stand out? That's what this blog is all about!

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5 Clever Design Ideas to Tell Your Food Story With LED Neon Signs

A fancy restaurant with delicious food isn't enough to ensure success in the food industry. Nowadays, consumers also look for brand stories. How you tell your brand story affects their decisions; are you compelling enough to make them return for more?

When done right, food storytelling can significantly boost footfall into your store. How exactly are you going to do this? With neon signs on hand, how will you make the most of design and storytelling to highlight your story? Here are some ideas!

#1: Food is Calling Neon Signs

Did your business start with a life-changing phone call? That's an interesting start. Consider using a custom neon sign with this design: your signature food or drink is calling from a mobile phone. Mount that neon sign on a stand and display it outside your shop. It will surely catch the attention of passersby!

Aside from being visually attractive, this type of design is also interactive. It's as if you're encouraging the person to answer the "call of their stomach" and visit your restaurant.

#2: Cooking Adventures Neon Wall Art

Unleash your writing talent with adventurous storytelling! Let's say you're the hero of that story whose goal is to make the perfect dish or drink. Talk about the obstacles or villains you faced as you tried to fulfill this mission in your kitchen. Here's an example:

You're baking cakes. One of the hardest parts about it is making sure it rises and tastes good. But what if the cake was flat as a cookie and had an odd taste? Maybe something's wrong with the oven or a particular ingredient—that makes them the villains. Still, you were able to overcome it. What, then, was the solution?

Personify these elements into cute characters or symbols and craft them on handmade neon signs! Then, display them on your store's walls in chronological order. This way, the customers feel like they're following a story as they walk into your establishment.

#3: Food Wars on a Neon Light

What can make a food story more interesting? A recipe battle! You can showcase two of your special recipes in the form of a showdown. Have a custom neon signs company create your bestsellers and display them side by side on a wall.

Another idea is to use your ingredients as the characters of the story. Create a storyline wherein they enter a competition, and the best ingredients meet at the final round (aka final serving) and make the best food (your product). The idea is to make the recipes look like they're fighting each other, helping customers appreciate your products more.

#4: Food Backstories on LED Neon Lights

What's the story behind your restaurant or food product? Customers who are passionate about history will definitely want to know more about your brand. Use vibrant LED neon signs to highlight your backstory, whether it’s a family tradition or a quirky origin!

How did the preparation process, flavors, people, or store concept come to life? Just like the idea of cooking adventures, use neon signs that follow a timeline of your brand's creation. This can help customers easily learn about the eventful journey that shaped your food story.

#5: Diversified Storyteller on a Neon Sign

If you want customers to relate to your story, diversity is key. Naturally, there are many people involved in the creation of your products. Some farmers harvested the ingredients; delivery teams got your products to the store; chefs made them into delicious, edible works of art.

More people can relate to your food story if you focus on these diverse characters. Get creative with LED neon signs that showcase these unique personalities and emphasize their contribution to your journey! Hang them on the walls and watch customers talk about your story as they eat.

Neonize: Crave-Worthy Storyselling With LED Neon Lights

Looking for an excellent way to bring life to your recipes, the people behind your food production journey, or fascinating backstories? Assemble a team of neon signs to tell your food story and make it pop! Their vibrant and versatile nature makes food storytelling through design memorable.

Food neon signs give customers a multisensory experience that will make them crave more! Moreover, they help build a cohesive brand identity, so consider using them to decorate your commercial space. 

Neon signs also make great decor for both indoor and outdoor use. You can mount them on a stand outside the store or on your interior walls.

This creative way of food storytelling will certainly attract more foot traffic to your food business. Plus, you get to show off your creativity and writing skills! With the right technique, design, messaging, and marketing, you will see rapid (and positive) changes in your business.

And if you're looking for a trusted neon signs company, consider the Neonize team! We offer an extensive collection of LED light signs. Can't find what you want? We also have a custom neon signs service. Check out our collections today!

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