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Feast For Your Eyes: Food Neon Signs for Your Restaurant

Customers are more attracted to restaurants with good interiors. So if you are running a business or if you’re a food enthusiast, bright and pretty decorations can help increase the appetite. Food-related wall decorations such as food neon signs are great items to help liven up your place. After all, they say a meal is consumed not only by the mouth but also by the eyes.

From entrée, main course, dessert, drinks, and more, there are many food neon signs that you can check out in Neonize. Go see which ones catch your eye—or your stomach!

The Entrée

Depending on your location, the entrée could be served before the main course or is the main course itself. But let's say the entrée is the appetizer. Appetizers are usually served to entice the customers to eat the main dish. So, what kind of food do you usually eat before partaking in the main course?

It could be bread, salad, fruit, or soup. If you don't serve an entrée, why not serve it visually instead? Hang up the yummiest appetizer neon restaurant signs for your business.

Main Course

The main course is the star of the entire meal. It's what you're waiting to devour after a long day, and with a hearty main course, you don't even need an appetizer!

As the primary meal, it should contain a good balance of protein, carbs, and fiber so you can have room in your belly for seconds. Main dishes aren't hard to make since there are about 100+ and more recipes online. If you don't have the time to whip up a five-star meal, you can always choose neon light signs for restaurants that have your favorite main dish in mind.

What are your ideal main courses? Is it steak? Sushi? Taco? Find the LED main course among our many food neon wall lights!


Nothing is sweeter than desserts because they are meant to be sweet! They help you recover after eating different savory spices and flavors. They reset your palette and release hormones responsible for making you happy, which is called dopamine. Even with small bites, dessert can make you happy, maybe even without the main dishes.

If you're a sweet tooth and a fan of desserts, check out our different dessert neon signs! We have colorful LED desserts such as birthday cakes, cotton candy, pies, ice cream, and candies. Make your walls look cute and sweet!


Drinks are a must when you eat or when you go out with friends. Your favorite drinks can also be a little telling of what kind of mood you are in. 

If you want something a little zesty and healthy, like fruit juices, you might be health conscious. If you choose sweet drinks like bubble tea, you might be in a good mood. Like soft drinks, drinks that make a sizzling sound are the usual choice because they are already paired with the main meal. Lastly, if you choose drinks that make you drunk, like wine or beer, you might be in the mood to celebrate!

Which choice of beverages do you prefer? If your shop specializes in a particular drink, check our food category so you can find the neon sign that fits your store.

Food-Related Quotes

If you want to take the less obvious design and want to go for something punny, you might want to get some food-related quotes to make it s'more fun. You can get sophisticated quotes like “wine o'clock” and “freshly baked” or clear neon signs that say “eat” or “hungry.” We also have funny and relatable quotes like "I'm only here for the food" neon sign. 

Finally, if you want it to look a-peeling (pun intended), you can have your business name made along with a food light sign. You can always have quotes or names customized if you fail to see the "kiss the chef" sign you are looking for.


Customize Your Favorite Food Into a Neon Light

If the food signs are not in our catalog, don't worry. We can customize them for you! Customized neon light signs aren't hard to do— all we need is a picture of your desired design. This is a perfect option for food business owners who want to make their business name or logo pop. 

Whether it's for a cafe, restaurant, dessert bar, or taco place, we can make any design to fit the concept you are going for. You can send your business or restaurant logo along with a picture of your best-selling food so we can make them together. For example, if you sell breakfast food, we can add LED neon eggs beside the name of your restaurant. If you have questions regarding how to customize your own sign, don't be afraid to contact us.

Feast Your Eyes on Our Food Led Lights

A good restaurant interior is essential to make your business attractive, especially on social media. LED signs are Instagram-worthy decorations that can help your business's social media presence. The more people come in and take pictures near your signs, the more chances others will see it and come in for a bite.

Seeing food signs on an empty stomach can almost instantly make you hungry. So, entice your customers to eat the food you serve by putting up neon signs related to your menu. Or make your business name stand out by using our customized option.
Get the LED neon sign that's eye-catching and looks good enough to eat!

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