Taqueria Glow Up: Neon Taco Sign and Trivia For Your Mexican Street Food Restaurant

Are you looking for a way to spice up your taqueria and attract more customers? A neon taco sign is a perfect way to do just that! It will make your restaurant more visible at night, and it will also add an element of fun and excitement. 

Meanwhile, adding trivia is a great way to keep customers entertained, especially newcomers and tourists. So, while waiting for their food, why not include some trivia in your menu and decorations as conversation starters? With a taco LED sign and a little bit of creativity, you can turn your taqueria into a vibrant, lively street food destination. 

Neon Taco Sign for Your Taqueria

The taco brand giant, Taco Bell, uses a neon Taco Bell sign to ensure customers see them day and night. Many restaurants have also leveled up their decorations by using LED signs because of the vibrant and contemporary vibe they add to stores. 

Spruce up your food stall’s vibrance by adding taco neon lights to your interior design! To jumpstart your brainstorming, here are some of the ideas you can turn into neon signs:

  • Taco image sign
  • “Taqueria” text
  • “Taco” text with an image of a taco
  • An “Open” neon sign with a taco image
  • A “Drive-Thru” sign if you offer one
  • Catchy quotes about tacos
  • The name of your taqueria
  • Your restaurant’s tagline

You can light these signs day ‘till night. You won’t worry about clients not finding you in the evening as the sign glows, and it adds a dynamic of colors to your restaurant, too! During the day, they are a welcome decoration and accent to your interior design. 

If you want to have free marketing from customers, set up an Instagram wall featuring a catchy Taco LED sign with the name and tagline of your restaurant. You get free exposure on your clients’ social media followers whenever they post. 

neon taco bell sign

Spark Interest Through Taco Trivia

Catch your customer’s attention and get them to come into your store as soon as you light your Taco neon sign. To keep the positive vibes going, especially the newcomers and tourists, welcome them with taco trivia. You can include this trivia in your neon sign, menu, or conversation starters. 

The Role of Taquerias

If you are serving tacos and other Mexican food, that means your restaurant is a taqueria. “Taqueria” is a Mexican term that means a restaurant selling tacos as the main dish. Mexican immigrants, most miners and workers building trains, flocked to the US and gave birth to taquerias. 

Together with the miners and workers who ate tacos as snacks or main meals came the Mexican Chili Queens, the cooks, and street food sellers who began taquerias in the US.

The Origins of Taco

Discuss where the word “taco” originated, as it is still indefinite until today. Some say it came from how miners wrapped gunpowder filling on paper to create explosives the same way as tacos are wrapped. 

Others think that the word “taco” came from the indigenous Nahuatlan word “tiahco” (which means “half” or “middle”) because the tortilla is folded in half before filling with meat, vegetables, and other condiments. Your clients might have new theories and ideas about this.

Tacos’ Exciting Filling Variety

The best way to introduce the various exciting taco filling is to serve them and have your clients enjoy every flavor and bite while reading about them on your menu. You can serve tacos de adobada made with meat seasoned with adobo to tacos de cabeza which fillings come from cow head parts. 

Let clients enjoy seafood taco fillings through tacos de camanores/shrimp tacos and tacos de pescado/fish tacos. Choices for tortillas can also impact the gastronomic experience with steamed, fried, and grilled taco shells.

Mexican Tacos’ Evolution

Mexican taco flavors keep evolving. Make your menu stand out by serving Lebanese-infused tacos through the taco al pastor, a fusion of taco and shawarma. Texas also has its taco version through the barbacoa taco, which uses barbecued meat as filling. 

Meat, cheese, and tomatoes sound Italian, so Italy also has its taco entry—the piada. There are plenty more taco versions from different countries that you can create a menu about “taco flavors around the world.”

Flavorful Taco Condiments

Turn the trivia of the wide variety of taco condiments into reality by leveling up the taco condiments your taqueria offers and laying these choices to your taco bar:

  • Ground beef
  • Different flavored meat
  • Various beans
  • Lettuce
  • Different salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Pico de gallo
  • Tomatoes
  • Rice
  • Sour cream
  • Jackfruit
  • Chicken
  • Chorizo
  • Hot sauce
  • Different vegetables
  • Shrimp and fish
  • Various pickled toppings

You can decorate the bar with food neon signs to make the mixing and matching of flavors more exciting!

The Story of Taco Shells

While you serve the crispy, U-shaped tacos to your customers, share a trivia that these taco shells enabled the mass production of tacos. Before, when tacos were not famous yet, cooks used grilled, steamed, and fried tortillas. 

Yet, when the demand for tacos increased, restaurant owners looked for a way to serve tacos quickly and to as many customers as possible. These taco shells are the result of the search. Clients will surely wonder with every bite.

taco bell neon sign

Glow Up Your Taqueria Using Neonize Signs

If you are looking to add a bit of excitement and intrigue to your taqueria, consider using neon signs. Neonize has a wide variety of taco-themed signs, from a Taco Bell neon sign to custom neon signs that will help bring attention to your business and set it apart from the competition.To keep the excitement, don’t forget to share the trivia and even let your clients experience taco facts in reality as they munch all that Mexican goodness! Be sure to offer customers a variety of flavors and textures to keep them coming back for more. We hope you will enjoy some delicious Mexican tacos soon! Check out our taco neon sign collection, or send in designs of your own now!

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