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Bottoms Up: Bar Neon Sign & 3 Other Decorations For Your Home Bar

Things are slowly picking back up after the brunt of the pandemic. However, you can’t deny that some are still wary of letting loose in a jam-packed bar after getting used to social distancing in the past years. It’s not surprising that most people would rather get plastered at home. 

But where’s the fun in that? 

Instead of drinking your heart out alone, why don’t you invite your friends over for a night to remember in your very own home bar

If you’re wondering how to set up a mini-cocktail lounge at home, we’ve got the answers for you. We’ll teach you how to decorate your home bar with an ambient bar neon sign, stylish wine racks, and more.

The Beauty of Home Bars

As you might have already guessed, home or wet bars are reserved spots at home where you can entertain and bond with your friends, family, and other guests over a few drinks. 

Contrary to what many believe, home bars aren’t limited to specific spaces in your home. While most would put their wet bars in the kitchen or the basement, you can place them in your living room or even build a standalone home bar outside. 

Besides getting endless cocktails and margaritas and technically being open 24/7, having your personal wet bar can benefit you in several other ways.

Comfort & Privacy

Even the most extroverted person in the world needs a bit of privacy every once in a while. With a home bar, you get all the solitude and secrecy you and your friends will need. You won’t have to worry about being too loud or looking too messy in the judging eyes of outsiders.

With wet bars, you can relax and let your wildest side out in the comfort of your own home. There won’t be anyone to tell you off for taking a quick smoke because it is your house.

In addition, you and your friends won’t have to assign a DD (designated driver) or concern yourselves over driving under the influence. Home bars undoubtedly encourage responsible drinking.

Exploring Your Options

Besides privacy and comfort, with a private wet bar, you can mix and match your drinks however you like. Home bars are perfect for experimenting with spirits and liquors, trying out various cocktail mixes, and discovering new tastes.

The home bar is the ideal playground for wine and cocktail enthusiasts who wish to explore and learn which drinks mash well with each other and which don’t—wondering how beer, tequila, vodka, and soda would taste as a single drink? Feed your curiosity and impress your friends or new date with a home bar.

All The Control

Having a home bar allows you to control how your entire evening goes, from the background songs you’ll play to the drinks you’ll serve your guests. You can also prevent any unwanted visitors from ruining your night. As a home bar owner, you decide who will be on your VIP guest list. 

More importantly, you also can choose how your home bar will look like. Whether you want a more rustic vibe or a more stylish and sleeker design, you can pick your preferred decor and set up the wet bar to your exact taste. 

The Ultimate Home Bar Checklist

Before pressing the signal and building your home bar, you must consider several factors and home features. 

  • Map out the space - Before thinking about decorations and furniture, you need to know where you’ll place your home bar. Consider setting it up in an area where you can quickly accommodate your guests, like the kitchen or living room.
  • Think about storage - Part of planning the layout of your home bar is allocating a space where you’ll store your liquor. Ensure you have enough space for the wines and spirits you wish to have in your home bar.
  • Consider your equipment and glassware - Because you will do all the mixing, you must have the necessary devices, like a cocktail shaker. Also, make sure you have enough glassware for your guests.
  • Stock up on your beverages - The liquor is the star of the home bar. There would be no reason to gather if it wasn’t for the booze. Choose your and your friends’ favorite wines, spirits, and liquor.
shot of a home bar with neon blue and yellow lighting

Home Makeovers: How To Decorate Your Home Bar

All that talk about designing and decorating will logically lead you to question what decorations, accessories, and pieces of furniture should be in your personal wet bar. From neon signs to fashionable racks, we’re here to show you how to effectively and stylishly set up your home bar.

Storage: Odd Shelves & Wine Racks

As mentioned, planning out your home bar storage is a must. Some simply place their wines, beers, and liquor on plain wooden shelves. However, making sure you have enough space for all your drinks shouldn’t compromise the overall look of your private bar. 

Look for uniquely shaped shelves and bottle racks to add style and elegance to your home bar design. You can use a diagonal-oriented wine rack or a floating bottle storage and holder to make your wet bar look chic and modern.

Wall Decor: Blackboard Wall

Another clever way to show your creativity while maintaining the homey look of a wet bar is to place a blackboard on your wall. You don’t have to be an experienced chalk artist and put elaborate sketches on the board. 

The contrast between the board’s darkness and the chalk’s color alone is enough to make your wall look aesthetically pleasing. Besides decorating the board with simple chalk art, you can also write short messages or daily reminders on your wall. 

Furniture: Bar Stools

Where your guests will sit should also match your home bar’s overall aesthetic. Besides how they would blend with the bar’s theme, you must also consider your guests’ comfort. Plain chairs wouldn’t exactly fit the mood and vibe of a modern-looking home bar.

Choose bar stools that are sleek, stylish, and comfortable to sit on. Putting tall bar stools may bring discomfort and difficulty to some visitors, so keep the stools’ heights in mind while shopping.

Lighting: Neon Bar Signs

Any area in your house needs lighting, and that, of course, includes your personal bar. How else can you illuminate your space while keeping your home bar’s overall mood if not for bar neon signs

You can hang beer-shaped neon lights and custom neon bar signs on the walls to create a hazy and chill atmosphere for your home bar. Placing neon tube lights around the perimeter of your bar can also make your space look more modern.

shot of friends bringing their beer glasses together for a cheers

Mystify Your Home Bar Guests with a Neon Light Sign

A home bar is perfect for wine and cocktail enthusiasts and people who simply wish to keep the party to themselves and let loose in the comfort of their homes. You can transform any room into a striking home bar with the correct decor.

Looking for other neon signs that can enhance and brighten your man caves? Neonize is your best bet!

With Neonize’s wide and boundless range of neon light designs, you can light up any space while matching any theme. We create our signs with highly durable materials like LED neon flex, PVC, and acrylic.

You can also customize your sign by sending your design to us. Browse through our selection and start decorating your home bar!

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