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Need Reasons to Drink Beer? Highlight Beer’s Goodness Using Neon Beer Signs

You have many options to consider when it comes to decorating your bar. But if you're looking for a way to add some personality while also educating your customers about beer’s benefits, then consider using facts about beer as design. 

You can create interesting displays or light up your bar with cool neon beer signs. Not only will they look great and make your bar stand out, but they can also attract customers and help keep them coming back for more. So if you're looking for new ideas to spruce up your bar, take a closer look at beer cans—you’d be surprised at what they can do!

The Goodness Beer Brings

Let us help you make witty and educational bar decorations by including some facts about the benefits of drinking beer. Just make sure to add a disclaimer while serving mugs and buckets to your customers: everything—including beer—is great in moderation. 

Champion for the heart

Tell your guests that drinking their favorite ice-cold beer is not only a symbolic delight to the heart, but it’s also good for the body. Why? Because of the drink’s antioxidant content. With moderate intake, beer serves as an elixir to fight different cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 

How does beer do that? It maintains the body’s high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol at a higher level than bad cholesterol, which is ideal. With that, you can confidently say that the veins of beer drinkers’ hearts are in a healthy state, effectively sending the blood and oxygen needed by the different parts of the body. 

Maintains a healthy brain

The difference between the effects of beer when consumed in moderation and in excess is night and day. The former can improve brain functions and lower the risk of memory loss and even Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, the latter gives beer drinkers a foggy memory. They might not even remember what happened during last night’s drinking session. 

Encourage patrons and newcomers to reap these benefits by sharing with them the fact above. Be a bit scientific and note that the cause of enhanced mind function is the xanthohumol in the beer’s hops. This chemical is the subject of many studies because of its potency in fighting cancer. 

Good for the bones and teeth

As a bar owner, you must see a different glow in your customers’ eyes when they enter your bar. Their happiness radiates, especially when they get their beer. Insert a trivia through neon LED beer signs that beer contributes to a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. All this is thanks to the relaxation every sip brings and the drink's dietary silicon/orthosilicic acid content.

Beer hops are rich in tannins, which slow down the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Your teeth will be free from biofilm-containing bacteria that cause gum diseases and tooth decay.

Lowers the risk of diabetes

The key ingredients of beer are barley and hops; your beer-loving customers probably know this. However, be a step ahead and tell them that barley is a great source of dietary fiber, which, when consumed in moderation, can help reduce the risk of diabetes. 

However, the story changes if your customer has diabetes because they need to be more careful. It is best to keep their beer intake occasional and only a glass or two. Excessive alcohol intake causes the lowering of blood sugar to a dangerous level. You do not want to contribute to your patron’s illness. 

Generally reduces any bodily inflammation

One of the main reasons the body suffers from illnesses is the inflammation of its different parts. The key to reducing this is through the help of antioxidants. Antioxidants’ main function is to keep cells healthy and protected from free radicals that damage them. 

Do your clients come to you venting about their ailments? Give them your best ale that will fill them with antioxidants to reduce their bodily inflammations. Just remind them to keep their beer intake in moderation to reap the best rewards.

The true life of the party

You have the power to choose which type of drink to serve to your patrons, especially when they ask for the house favorite. In this case, make sure to put the beers you serve on top of the list—they are the true life of the party

Your bar patrons will enjoy the drinks’ flavor and get the relaxation they’re looking for in the company of their friends. Above all, they are taking in content that is good for their heart, mind, bones, teeth, and blood sugar in every sip. Is there anything better than that? 

Beer-Inspired Bar Decoration Ideas

As the barrels of beer continuously flow, so do the creative ideas on how to make your bar delightful for visitors. Have you thought of any witty LED neon light decoration inspired by the beer goodness mentioned above? Let us help you get started. Here are some inspos!

Beer bottles, mugs, and beer buckets

Go classic and decorate your bar with something that will remind your customers just what to order. They can go solo with beer bottles and mugs or, of course, share the goodness with their friends through beer buckets. 

Featuring some of the best beer brands

You can also feature the logo of the best beer brands. Make sure your customers know the brands available in your store and mount neon LED beer signs. You can start with Heineken, Asahi, Budweiser, Carlton Draught, and Coopers beer logos.

A quote about beer drinking neon sign

You will not run out of great lines about beer, but let’s get you started with the best lines.

  • I like my water with barley and hops.
  • Life is too short to drink bad beer.
  • Drink beer. Save water.
  • Beer because you can’t drink bacon.

There are a whole lot more. Your creativity is the limit!

Add a one-liner beer trivia

Put the knowledge of beer benefits above to good use through customized neon signs. Pick a catchy one-liner like the ones below: 

  • Live long. Drink beer.
  • What’s a party without a beer?
  • Your body agrees to another round.

You must surely have more catchy lines in mind. Bring them to life through customized designs!

Get Neon Beer Signs by Neonize

Beer is great to drink and looks good as a decoration. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to decorate your bar with beer, we hope that the ideas we shared above help! Whether you’ll use a beer sign featuring the best beer brands or even come up with fun slogans about drinking beer, there are so many cool ways to bring this neon sign to your bar for your customers to enjoy. 

If you think that neon beer signs are a great idea, feel free to browse through our collection of neon beer signs for sale. They are ready-made, and mounting them into your bar takes quick work. Also, the acrylic backing is easy to attach and has a long electric cord for convenient plugging. 

We also customize! If you can’t find the perfect beer sign from our collection, we can create one for you. Just use the design tool on our website, and you'll have your neon sign in less than five minutes!

Light up your bar in neon LED colorful hues. Shop now!

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