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Neon Bar Signs and Amusing Bar Events: The Perfect Mix to Build Patrons

As a bar owner, you know it's essential to keep your customers engaged and entertained. They are the lifeblood of your business, and only when they patronize you can you scale your venture. 

One way to build patrons is by hosting fun bar events and using bar neon light signs to create an inviting atmosphere. They’re the perfect mix that will keep your establishment packed with happy patrons. 

Let’s check out how you can use them to keep the bar visitors coming. 

How to Build Patrons

There are tried and tested ways to build customer loyalty. For bars, it’s a matter of balancing the quality of your products, customer service, and ambiance. Let’s dive into the details so that you can apply them to your business. 

Superb customer service

Bars may have similar food and drinks on the menu, but what can set your place apart from others is the customer service. 

Customer service is a huge consideration when a customer decides where to spend their time. Customers will remember how your staff makes them feel when they are in your bar, so make sure to train bartenders and service crews in excellent customer service. They should be warm, welcoming, and always professional in facing customers. 

Irresistible offers

Strike a balance between profitability and a competitive pricing strategy. The best way to do this is to do market research and competitor analysis

Market research gives you an idea of your audience’s profile. Meanwhile, competitor analysis shows what your competitors are doing so that you can do the same strategies or make better ones. You can create marketing strategies that fit your target customers and stand out among the competition through the information and data you get. 

A good name

Make your business known to your target audience in different ways and channels. When you have good customer service and an impeccable menu, your business can quickly spread through word of mouth. 

Build an online presence by creating social media accounts where you can interact with customers and update them about your latest offers. Encourage customer feedback too. Their testimonials will serve as social proof of what a great bar you have, so highlight these. Meanwhile, learn how to handle customer complaints in case you get any. 

Bar atmosphere

Make your clients feel comfortable in your bar through a well-planned interior design. Consider adding bar signs in neon colors if you want to evoke good, fresh, and youthful vibes in your bar. 

Rustic bar designs are also popular because of the warmth and relaxation they bring, especially to customers looking for a reprieve from a tiring day. Even in this setup, neon lights add balance and modern touch to the design. 

Amusing Bar Events You Can Try

Let the excitement and beauty of your bar transform into real fun by holding different bar events. Your neon signs will light the way to the fun your customers are about to experience. Here are the various bar activities to include in your bucket list. 

A good show

A bar isn’t complete without a good show, but there is more to it than flashing sports games and hit TV series on the screen. Make the experience more interactive by holding competition-infused shows like guessing the tune and dancing to the music. Your customers can answer verbally or through dancing, which adds to the fun. 

You can also hold live band music and song competitions where the audience will judge through a vote. Showcase the talent of your staff through a bartending show, or share a good laugh with each other through a standup comedy. 

Get a little artsy

Add beauty to your bar through the interior design. Paint on canvas and even on walls; you can even set a painting night where visitors, artists or not, can paint while in your bar. 

Advocate artistic self-expression by opening the mic for anyone who wants to share a piece of their mind through spoken poetry. You can also invite local musicians to share their compositions on your stage. Or you can make your customers more than just spectators by asking them to join in a themed dress-up night. To make it fun, give a token to the best painter, singer, composer, and best-dressed customer. 

Friendship and lovers

Some of your customers are lovers, so make the bar special for them by holding a couples’ night. Offer incentives like free cocktails, beer, shots, or food to couples who will bring more couples into your bar. 

Hold singles’ night, too, where you can play as Cupid by hosting a speed dating event. Make sure to prepare getting-to-know questions so that customers looking for a date can know one another. You can hold friendly dates too to encourage your customers to make friends with each other. 

Giving back to the community

Add meaning to your business through charity. You can do this by allotting a portion of every sale to help a specific organization. You can also build relationships with the community by participating in community markets. Open your doors to newcomers through a free taste event. 

Bring specific groups and community members together in your bar by dedicating nights for them. You can have special nights for dog owners, bikers, plant growers, and other groups you can think of. Your bar can now be their go-to place because it is where they met. 

Brain and muscle workout

A trivia night to work your customers’ brain cells out is a good idea. You can formulate questions based on current events and trends or even go technical by asking history or scientific questions. Trivia nights are a quick way to break the ice and get your visitors happy and excited. Make sure to reward customers with correct answers to entice others to join.

You can also just let your visitors chill while they work their muscles out by playing pool, table football, ping pong, darts, and board games in your bar. With the advent of technology, do not forget video games in your events. 

Get involved

The suggestions above are already out of the box. But you know what is even more unique? You and your staff joining the events and competitions! 

Make special appearances at various events so that your customers can get to know you and your team. They’ll be more comfortable coming back when they know you and see you having fun too.

You can also set up events like customers versus staff where anyone who beats your team gets free signature cocktails, different alcoholic beverages, wine, or meals. It is essential to keep a professional relationship with your customers, but do not forget to have fun!

Invite Clients Using Neon Bar Signs

As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to bring in more customers and keep the ones you have coming back. One great way to do this is by creating an inviting atmosphere that makes people want to go to your bar and stay awhile. 

What better way to welcome guests than with eye-catching neon bar signs? Not only do they help get your name out there, but they also set the tone for the type of bar you are—fun, trendy, and exciting. 

If you are looking for neon bar signs for sale, look no further than here at Neonize! We have plenty of fun designs, and you can have custom neon signs too. 

But it's not just about having bright lights flashing outside; you also need to provide a good show inside. Events are a great way to draw in new patrons and keep regulars interested in coming back. 

We hope the suggestions above have helped. We are excited for you and your bar visitors!

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