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Little Miss Consumers: Advertise to Kids Using Cute Neon Signs

Nothing beats witnessing a child's face light up as they happily peek around your store after spotting something they like. 

As a business owner selling children's products, this could be your first sign of success.

That, of course, doesn't guarantee a point of sale. Their parents are the ones making the purchase decision. Still, it pays to catch their attention. After all, who can resist a child's cheerful expression? 

But you're also not the only business marketing to kids, so there has to be a way to stand out.

If you're searching for ways to appeal to your cute little customers, we have a suggestion. What do you think of cute neon signs for your store's decor or as a part of your offer? How about both?

Why Use Neon Signs to Market for Children?

There are many ways to market to a young audience, so why should I choose neon signs? That's a good question. Here are reasons that may give you a deeper insight into the benefits of neon signs for businesses.

The Appeal of Bright Colors to Children

Kids love colors, especially bright ones. This is because they're easy to absorb when their vision is still developing. Bright colors also stimulate their minds and add to the excitement. As adults, don't you feel that way sometimes, too?

Among its many benefits, neon signs are well-known for their catchy visuals. Neon shades are already bright, so what happens when you add light? They shine like no other! Incorporating them will help your business stand out in a child's field of vision.

It's Versatile and Long-Lasting

Neon signs do not exist for a sole purpose; you can use them for both personal and commercial purposes. Neon light signs can be decorative displays in your home. A custom neon sign with a symbol of something they like can be given as a gift. Neon light signs can spice up a night party. Their applications are limitless!

LED neon signs are also long-lasting. You can use them for years and with minimal upkeep. This is essential if you use them as decorative pieces and don't want to replace them frequently.

They're Suitable for Kids

A good reason to choose neon signs is they're kid-safe! When placed in a good spot, these signs will only bring harmless fun to the room. Those made from LED neon light tubes are especially safe for children to play with. Neon signs are also energy-efficient, so there's no need to fret if kids want to see them lit up all the time.

room neon signs - an adult’s hands lifting a baby to touch an orange neon sign

How to Advertise Your Store to Children Using Cute Neon Light Signs

Assuming you've already decided to use LED neon signs to market to children, here are some fantastic ideas to start with! 

Advertising Posters à la Neon Light

Consider using neon lights to aid or replace your advertising posters. If you insist on using printed ads, consider framing them with LED neon lights to attract more attention. If you want to replace a print with a neon sign, ask a neon sign maker to craft marketing words like SALE to it.

Bring a Neon Sign to Places Kids Go

Glow where the kids go! Only a few children think of visiting stores; most look for recreational places to play with their friends. So why not bring your advertising materials to these areas? Ask if you can mount or place an LED neon light on a stand in community parks, schools, bicycle shops, local theaters, bookstores, or playgrounds.

Know What the Kids Want

Your marketing neon light might still not work if kids don't like what you sell. Before anything else, understand what the kids in your target age group want and make products that satisfy them. If you're planning to include neon signs as part of your products, sell items like a LED neon night light, neon wall art of popular TV characters, or cute neon bedroom decorations.

Make Your Logo Recognizable With Neon Lights

Research states that children as early as age three are already brand-conscious. They can recognize and remember hundreds of brand logos and mascots! This is a great chance to market your brand by incorporating the logo in cute custom LED neon signs. Be sure your logo is simple so they can quickly identify it.

Add a Feel-Good Brand Mascot on a Neon Light

Kids love cartoon characters because they're vibrant and easy to understand. Using one to promote your business will help them easily engage with and remember your brand. If your business has a brand mascot, put it on a LED neon light or neon sign wall art to communicate your message. Watch children form bonds with it, and your business soars to success!

Bring Your Neon Sign to the Digital Screen

To some people, the Internet is the new television. It offers more entertainment options for children to discover. Nowadays, many kids spend a lot of time on online platforms like YouTube or other social media channels. So consider bringing your neon lights to digital screens to expand your marketing strategy.

Build a neon selfie booth in your store. Encourage kids to take photos with cute neon sign sayings or symbols. Then, ask permission to upload them on your social channels to increase brand awareness. You may also encourage the parents to upload the photos on their personal accounts with relevant hashtags. This is an excellent opportunity for brand recognition, especially for a new business.

Little Consumers Can Make a Huge Difference

Children today are more than just readers, viewers, and listeners. They’re also users. Marketing to them is more complicated than you might think. It entails strategic methods that help capture their attention and activate their "pester power," letting them convince their guardians to give your business a shot.

One of the most effective tools in advertising today is a neon light. Children are heavily reliant on visuals. Lighted signs instantly catch their attention, especially if they like and recognize the design. It will also help if the signs are found in locations they frequently visit.

Use a neon light as a poster frame, a sign on a stand, or a bright decoration in your store. They're also versatile, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and kid-safe, so you can add them to your product line if desired. Be the reason a small consumer smiles today!

Level Up Your Marketing Strategy With a Custom Neon Sign from Neonize

Check out our kid-friendly neon signs today and get your high-quality cute neon sign! If our existing collection doesn't meet your needs, we can create a custom neon sign for you instead.

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