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The Celebrity Combo: Marketing Your Brand Mascot With Neon LED Signs

Do you aspire to have your own Rich Uncle Pennybags or Chester Cheetah? Being on the list of the most popular brand mascots of all time can do wonders for marketing. It puts your brand on top of consumers' minds and makes you the industry leader other businesses aspire to be.

But how can you make sure that your brand reaches that celeb-like level of popularity? A brand mascot is one thing, but making it recognizable is another.

The competition is difficult because everyone else does the same thing. If your competitors also have their brand mascot, how will you set yours apart? First, you need an effective way of marketing your mascot. There are many options but have you ever thought of neon LED signs? If not, let's talk about why it's worth trying!

Reasons to Have a Brand Mascot for Your Business

Branding is a crucial aspect of any business. You want customers to be able to identify your business instantly, and a brand mascot can significantly help with that. But knowing whether you need a brand mascot depends on the following factors:

  • It's usually effective for food, tech, health, finance, or online marketing businesses.
  • It's an excellent tool if you want to raise brand awareness.
  • It's perfect if you have complex products or services that require more personal communication with the customers.
  • It might not be the best for products marketed by in-person demonstrations (e.g., cosmetics).
  • If you want to avoid production costs, this might not be a good idea.
  • Invest in a mascot for a personalized customer experience.

Ultimately, it's up to you whether or not you'll create a brand character for your business. But, with exceptional marketing, you may still shine regardless of product complexity or type of industry!

LED Neon Sign: Your #1 Mascot Marketing Tool

As mentioned, making a brand mascot popular is a different story. You're not the only business with a feel-good character, so you need something more to stand out. If you're looking for effective marketing on a budget, why not try neon LED signs? Here's why.

Market on a Budget

The production costs of having a brand mascot can be high. Thus, you want to reduce your other expenses as much as possible. Luckily, you don't have to break the bank with LED neon signs. Compared to traditional neon lights, they're not as expensive and fragile.

Make a Long-Term Investment

Investing in LED neon signs has long-term benefits. For one, leaving them on all the time keeps them from wearing out quickly (without risking your electricity bills). They're also easy to install, weatherproof, and low maintenance. All these qualities will bring benefits to your business in the long run.

Use Neon Signs Anywhere

Custom LED neon signs are extremely versatile. You can incorporate them in any commercial or personal establishment, both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, they offer various designs that you can use as decorative displays with messages to convey. The sky's the only limit with LED neon signs!

5 Ways to Market Your Brand Mascot With Custom Neon Signs

Now that we've discussed the reasons to get a brand mascot and the advantages of using LED neon lights, it's time to discuss how to combine both marketing tools to increase brand recognition! Here are five effective ways to use them.

#1: Use Your Brand Mascot and Neon Signs for Events

If you run a local store, community events are something you shouldn't miss! Organizing or joining one is a surefire way to raise brand recognition. It allows you to engage directly with your target market and promote simultaneously.

Bring a mascot costume to the event and add neon signs to decorate the booth. They will help catch attention, especially if you're not the center of the event. You can hold or participate in local fundraisers, grand openings, limited sales, and educational workshops. Virtual events also work!

#2: Create Your Brand Mascot's Story Involving Neon Signs

People always love a good story. They will undoubtedly get curious about how it came to be, which is good for raising brand awareness. So if you can come up with an interesting backstory for your brand mascot, then you're on the right track!

Of course, it won't be easy. And what's that got to do with neon signs, anyway? Well, you can always involve a neon sign in the story itself! Here are two examples:

  • You can say the character was made to light up the way for its target audience.
  • You can add a magical element to the mascot's story, such as it being visible in the dark or only appearing at night.

To spread the word, you can post your brand mascot's origins on your store, website, or social media channels. A clear and eye-catching story alone can make your brand easily recognized like a celebrity!

#3: Bring the Vibrant Colors to Social Media

You can't skip social media when it comes to marketing. It can significantly make your brand mascot go viral! However, there's a catch: your posts can't get lost in a sea of other content because other businesses are doing the same thing.

That's where brand mascots and neon signs come in handy. This unusual combination helps you create colorful and attention-grabbing posts! If you are organizing or joining a local event, upload photos on your social channels. Make your booth stand out with neon wall art of your brand character and excite your audience!

#4: Include Neon Signs as Part of the Logo Design

How about incorporating both neon signs and the mascot into the logo design? This makes an unusual and eye-catching combination; neon lights highlight the logo, which people look at a brand the most.

This way, you can use it on various marketing materials like business cards, flyers, and merchandise. There are different ways to incorporate a neon sign in your logo, including a

neon word sign on slogans or neon color schemes to reflect a vibrant tone.

#5: Decorate Your Store With Both

What if you're not organizing any special events? How can your store capture the attention of passersby on regular days? The key is to use eye-catching decorations! In that case, a neon sign and brand mascot can single-handedly make your store stand out.

Your physical store needs to be appealing so that passersby will be interested in exploring it. So decorate it with captivating LED lights in neon and add a life- or wall-sized brand mascot near the entrance. They will make a lively first impression when customers enter your store.

Find Long-Lasting Fame and Fortune With a Mascot and LED Neon Lights

Do you still dream of having your own Rich Uncle Pennybags or Chester Cheetah? Now, there's no need to! With an original feel-good character, you can bring your brand to the front line and make it shine even brighter with proper marketing.

And you know what else you can add to make it shine further? A LED neon light! It adds a bright touch to your already attractive brand mascot. Not only that, but you can also include it in the mascot's backstory or design!
Neon signs from Neonize are lasting, versatile, timeless, affordable, and low-maintenance investments. We also offer custom neon LED signs to bring your design ideas to life. Explore our incredible collection today!

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