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Lively Lights for Gloomy Nights: 5 Fantastic Neon Decorations for Glow Parties

Are you a night owl in dire need of a lively home party? Maybe you're busy with work during the day, or there's no nearby bar where you can unwind. Perhaps, you're on a tight budget and believe home is the best place for everything, including parties. If this sounds like you, we have a suggestion: how about throwing a glow party

A glow-in-the-dark party uses neon lights to brighten up a dark, enclosed space. People dress in neon colors, use neon items, and even eat neon food! It's a concept that will certainly light up your dark, gloomy nights. If you're ready to throw a spectacular one, here's a quick guide to the must-have neon decorations to get you started!

7 Must-Have Neon Decorations for a Fantastic Glow Party

Ready, set, neon! Are you looking forward to brightening up a sleepy night with neon lights? We are as well! There are numerous home décor ideas you can try to personalize your party, but here are seven must-have glow party supplies to get you started.

#1: Neon Signs

Let's start with an extremely versatile and lasting investment: a neon sign! There is a wide range of designs (and custom options), so you will surely find neon wall decorations that will fit your party's theme. Furthermore, they are inexpensive, energy-efficient, simple to install, and can be left on 24/7! Getting a neon sign will provide you with more benefits than expected.

#2: Glow Sticks

You will probably never see a single glow party without glow sticks! Like neon signs, they're also affordable and versatile; you can wear them as accessories, hang them as a chandelier, or toss them into a pool for spectacular decoration. Furthermore, you can easily find them in most local or online stores.

#3: Black Lights

Let those neon props stand out a bit more with black lights! These lights come in the form of long tubes or LED lights designed to allow UV light through the bulb. This light isn't visible, but the bulb leaks a small amount of visible light. So apart from highlighting colors (especially white), black lights will help you and your guests safely navigate dark areas. 

#4: Neon Clothing

A spectacular neon party doesn't rely solely on the venue; guests can also make it better by dressing up! You want everyone to glow at the party, so encourage them to wear neon or glow-in-the-dark outfits and accessories. They can also bring neon materials to brighten the party space even more!

#5: Fluorescent Paint

How about adding some artistic decorations to your party venue? Encourage your friends to bring out their creativity using fluorescent paint. You can either decorate the walls, table tops, chairs, or other party decorations you may have. Want something more fun? Use neon paint, nail polish, or makeup to make more art! That would make for some incredible selfies.

#6: Neon Highlighters

Are you planning to send out party invitations? If so, why not give them a taste of the neon party from there? Decorate your cards with fluorescent highlighters! You can also provide these markers for use during the event. These give you and your guest more fun things to do. In some ways, their vibrant colors also serve as ideal venue decorations!

#7: Neon Food and Drinks

Naturally, we shouldn't skip the neon party's menu. However, if you really want to maximize the glow party concept, serve neon-colored food and drinks! There are so many neon food recipes to explore online; some popular examples are neon cupcakes, cookies, jellies, candies, apples, and even pasta! For drinks, try diet tonic water, which emits a blue color when exposed to UV light.

Choosing the Most Vibrant Color Scheme for Your Glow Party

Your shopping list for glow party supplies is now complete! Of course, adding more is fine, but it's also okay not to. The items discussed above are sufficient to make your dream party successful. Now, let's go over a quick list of the best neon colors you should use for your party.

  • Lime green
  • Fluorescent orange
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Bright blue
  • Neon purple
  • Red
  • White (for the black light)

Don't hesitate to experiment with additional colors; let us know if they worked for your setup! 

Complete Your Glow Party Setup With LED Neon Signs from Neonize 

Can't attend daylight parties or don't feel like blending in bar crowds? That's fine; to each his own! If you want to celebrate in the comforts of your home, consider throwing a glow-in-the-dark party. Light up your night and spend it with your favourite people in the most spectacular way possible.

All you need are all things neon to complete the setup! Use our seven neon decorations ideas as a starting point if you're stuck for ideas or feel overwhelmed by numerous options. And if you're ready to look for the perfect neon sign for your party, explore our wide collection from Neonize!

We offer various designs in party-themed symbols, icons, and popular quotes. Whether for a birthday party or an anniversary, we have you covered with our lighted signs!
Meanwhile, if the available designs in our neon collections aren't enough, we also make custom neon signs! Just send us your neon light ideas on the website, and we will do the rest of the job for you. So contact us today and throw a glow party like a pro!

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