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Set the Mood in Your Bedroom With an Xoxo Neon Sign

Why "xoxo"? Nobody can trace what year this iconic abbreviation was made and where it came from, but we know for sure that it's still here. The letters "x" and "o" consecutively mean "kiss" and "hug." However, it has since been used with different meanings. For example, it's been used as a closing salutation in a letter (e.g., xoxo, Maria) or a closing message in a text message (e.g., I'll be back! xoxo). In addition, it's since been a popular design for almost anything, ranging from wholesome intent to raunchy purposes.  Regardless of the reason, an xoxo neon sign is a must-have!  

Themes That Fit the Xoxo Neon Sign

Valentine's Day

Flowers and chocolates are too common. So how else do you let someone know it's Valentine's Day? Send them a LED neon sign! It's cute and so worth it. You could also use the lights to decorate a love-themed party with your favorite people on the 14th of February.

Pink Room

Choose the color pink for your xoxo LED lights to complete your Pink Fantasy room! But, of course, this decor can work with every color available, honestly. If you have a calm neutral style with monochromatic yellows, you can also put the xoxo sign to add a chic element to your room.

Gossip Girl-Inspired Party

If you're a fan of the drama series Gossip Girl, then you're familiar with the line "You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl." The series' fans know that the narrator says this before an episode ends. It's iconic. So why not put it on your wall? 

Girl's or Boy's Day

Strong friendships are something worth celebrating. Celebrate with style by ordering good food, having fun activities, and setting the mood with an aesthetic neon light sign (or two!) Have a girl's or boy's day in a perfect setting and with perfect selfies.

Makeup Launch

The beauty industry is fast-growing, making new branches launch products left and right. If you're one of those makeup brands that want to launch their product but don't know what accents to add, this is the sign for you. Use the LED lights to your advantage through photoshoots with your product. An example would be launching your new line of lipsticks. Your xoxo neon sign would suit your new lippies!

Cyberpunk-Inspired Room

Futuristic room styles are popular today. Make it edgy using a purple or red XOXO sign. Add a neon sign for the bedroom alongside other cyberpunk-inspired things such as metallic wardrobe and more LED signs!

Different XOXO Styles

Cursive writing

Cursive neon writing is a common style for the reason that it is stylish. It's fun to look at, and depending on the strokes, it can evoke different vibes. Cursive usually brings out nostalgia or sentimental feelings. It might be the most stylish font style out there. Pick a cursive style and custom order your xoxo neon light sign.


Handwriting is the most personalized style. You can use your handwriting or someone else you think can do a better "xoxo" than you. It's easier, too, since you don't have to look for a font that speaks to you. Instead, you can write it the way you want to express it.

XOXO with a kiss

Nothing says flirty than a xoxo and a kiss mark. It reminds you of that cliche move where a flirty female character leaves her phone number on a table napkin, signing it with xoxo and leaving a red kiss mark next to it. 

With a frame

If you feel like those four letters feel a little naked without a frame, you need to remind yourself to think outside the box (or, in this case, inside?). Personalize your xoxo light-up sign by including custom geometric frames. Another option is to leave the Acrylic backing uncut so that you can have a less opaque structure.

Alternating colors

Let that fruity person shine by using alternating colors to your letter x's and o's. Try a dual-chrome combination, or go for the RGB colors for each letter.

Shaped o’s

Your O's don't have to be the perfect circle all the time. Instead, use irregular shapes that resemble an "o." Try using hearts, eyes, cartoon characters, doodle shapes, and many more. 

Tilting letters

It might not be a big physical change, but asking to make your neon sign in a tilted manner might make a big difference. Alternatively, you can order the xoxo LED sign as it is but attach it sloping to the wall.

A combination of the styles above

Mix and match with font styles and color combinations. For example, try alternating colors written in a cursive style and attaching it slightly slanted. Alternatively, you can use a xoxo written in cursive enclosed in a square. Then, pick a vibe and tell Neonize what you're trying to do with your custom neon lights.

Ideas on Where and When to Put the Sign

Adjacent to mirrors

Get a fire photo every time by putting a neon sign adjacent to a mirror. You can also put it on the wall parallel to the mirror to serve as a background for your selfies.

Above your headboard

Set the mood in your bedroom by installing the xoxo sign above your headboard. Create a sexy atmosphere for yourself or you and your partners. Make your room look extra expensive with just a change of night light.

Gaming Room

Nothing screams "Gaming Room" than a bunch of LED lights. It automatically creates a cool and creative atmosphere. With dimmer lights, you can focus more on your games. Hang an xoxo neon LED sign when you stream for your viewers to enjoy too!

Bathroom Wall

As dangerous as it sounds, it is not as uncommon as you think. First, however, you need a space to access an electric socket and a good distance from any water source.


Add a little extra ingredient to your kitchen decor as long as it's away from fire hazards. Another option is to put the LED neon light above your pantry or home bar. Then, create a home bar with vibrant lights near your drinks!

Accent Point in the living room

It could be a reading nook, above the couch, above the dressing drawer, or any accent point in the living room that you want your guest to pay extra attention to. Accent walls in the living room are usually the ones with a different style from your other walls. If you don't have an accent wall, you can use the sign to start one!

Available Colors

There are several color options for your neon LED lights. Be sure to check out here so you can see what they look like. Are you having a hard time choosing a color? Maybe you can decide by the meaning each color is associated with according to Color Psychology:

ColorWhat they mean
RedRed is a primary color which is no surprise why it's commonly used. Reds are associated with passion, strength, energy, and love.
YellowYellow is the primary color associated with light or brightness. As such, it's used to reflect a pleasant or happy mood. But, conversely, when paired with any dark hue, yellow immediately stands out.
OrangeOrange is the combination of the two colors above. Therefore, it is associated with the combined meaning of yellow and red. It can express determination, stimulation, encouragement, and happiness.
Lemon YellowLemon yellow is a more subdued version of yellow. It can still be associated with happiness but in a less energetic sense.
GreenAnother primary color, green, represents nature and what it stands for growth, vitality, harmony, and productivity.
BlueBlue is easily the most used color for offices because it creates a serene but enthusiastic vibe. In addition, it promotes communication and compassion.
Light Blue
If you want to have a productive vibe but less vibrant, light blue might be for you.

Purple is a combination of blue and red which are two sometimes contrasting colors. Purple represents royalty, luxury, and power.
Rose PinkRose Pink can both be used for feminine and masculine settings. It is associated with romance and femininity.
Light PinkThe lighter pink represents innocence and calm.
Warm WhiteWarm white is associated with the start of a new day. It can mean a new beginning or being hopeful.
Cool White
In contrast, cool white can be associated with the end of the day. It can mean relaxation.

Colors sometimes transcend the meaning they are originally associated with. You don't have to choose one based on what they mean. Choose the best color for your custom neon sign!

How to Install the Sign

Installation is relatively easy. There are mounting holes for your screw, but you can also hang them with a strong line. Keep in mind that you need to turn it above or near an electrical socket. The standard order usually comes with a transparent cable and a receiver. You have the option to cover the power adapter. Don't worry, though; you can turn it off and on using a remote control. But make sure any furniture doesn't cover the receiver. 

Are you unsure what neon light sign you want to get? Check out the array of options at Neonize. Hopefully, you found this helpful, xoxo.

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