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7 Days of Love: One-Week of Valentine’s Day Neon Light Signs

Sometimes, one day isn't enough. Naturally, you want to go all out to express your love for someone and make it last. It's a lovely bond that makes life a little brighter and you a little stronger, so it's worth celebrating. If you're planning to use an entire week for Valentine's Day, you have a lot of strategizing to do!

An incredible idea we would like to introduce you to is the art of Valentine's Day neon light signs. At first glance, they're undoubtedly attractive. However, you might wonder what makes them special compared to other lighting types in the market, which you may find equally nice and worth purchasing.

This article tells you why and recommends neon light ideas you can use per day to complete your aesthetic Valentine Week!

Why Choose Neon Signs?

What makes Valentine’s Day neon lights a great choice? If our words above didn’t convince you enough, here are the reasons why we find these decorative pieces worth purchasing. 

  • You can use them 24/7, and they are more useful during the night. 
  • They require little maintenance. You have to do some thorough cleaning, but not often. 
  • They are safer than traditional lighting systems: mercury-free and made of durable and lightweight LED flex. 
  • Versatile. Choose from different sizes, colors, and designs and use them for personal or professional purposes.
  • They are energy-saving and environment-friendly, using only 12–24 volts.

We hope these reasons can convince you to try neon LED light signs for your Valentine's Day plans.

7 Valentine’s Day Neon Sign Ideas for 7 Days of Love

Spend a lovely little week for you and your favorite person with Happy Valentine's Day neon signs. Check out these seven awesome ideas for your neon decorative pieces. 

Day 1: Flower Power

Flowers offer a refreshing start to your Valentine Week. While we're living within the limitations of the pandemic, it would be great to keep the image of nature closer to us once in a while. If your special person especially likes flowers, then there’s more reason to do so! 

Rose is the most commonly associated flower for Valentine's, so consider lighting up a rose LED sign for Day 1. It can be one large rose or several roses forming a string of pretty lights in the room. 

Day 2: Spell It Out Like L-O-V-E

Sometimes, you don't need many words to convey your feelings. One can be enough, and that's none other than L-O-V-E! If you're into short and sweet confessions, this is a straightforward idea for you.

Find a design that incorporates a personal meaning for both of you. For example, you're into everything retro, so you should look for a L-O-V-E LED neon sign with a retro font. 

Day 3: The Heart Says It All

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the heart symbol doesn't miss. People consider the heart as a place to keep wonderful feelings for your beloved. This is why you find metaphors like "written in my heart" or "you're always in my heart" everywhere. 

Undoubtedly, a heart neon sign will look fantastic. In addition, you get to choose from various colors and keep the sign illuminated for the rest of the night. Your favorite person will feel happy just by looking at it. 

Day 4: Heart-Fluttering Quotes

Other words make one's heart flutter aside from just "Love" or "Happy Valentine's Day." It can be simpler words that are special in the context of your relationship. 

You'll find many of these quotes available in neon signs that say "You look good" or "Can't take my eyes off you."

Day 5: Struck by Cupid

Aside from the heart, Cupid is another symbol we associate with Valentine's Day. Cupid holds a bow and arrow which is believed to pierce through hearts, symbolizing love. 

Light these cute ideas up via neon lights to make the room look artistic and elegant

Day 6: Beyond What Exists‚—Custom Neon Lights

What if you've explored all possible options but still can't find anything up your alley? Don't sweat it. You can opt for customized neon LED light signs instead!

Let's say you have a specific message or image in mind. Simply draft your desired neon sign and have Neonize bring it to life. 

Day 7: The Official Greeting

Finally, you can use a "Happy Valentine's Day" neon light sign for the official day. It's the most straightforward message of them all, which perfectly fits the last day of the week. 

For a grander idea, use all of the signs from the previous days for Day 7—compile them and make the 14th the brightest of all your nights!

Light Up Your Valentine's Day With Neonize

Did we pique your interest in using neon signs for a beautiful Valentine's Week celebration? Your favorite person will love the surprise and you'll make smart purchases you can use even after your love fest is over, hitting two birds with one stone.
If you need high-quality neon signs for your one-week Valentine's Day plans, we'll help Neonize your choices to perfection. Our neon signs are UL-certified and easy to install, with a wide range of colors and designs to match your preferences. Explore our romantic collection today!

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