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XOXO Neon Sign

Channel your inner Gossip Girl with this xoxo neon sign. Feel like your besties with Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen with a gorgeous xoxo neon light that will surely make the sweetest addition to a lavish party or soiree. Shop our collection for more designs!

Are you missing the bustling cities and the nightlife parties outside? Look no more! You can bring the fun and excitement home with these neon bar lights. These bright and glowing lights allow you to transform a room or space into a vivid and colorful one!

If you’ve ever watched this teen drama of the century, then you know this famous post-credits monologue by Gossip Girl. It has been a subject of speculation throughout the series on who this Gossip girl is, and it was only in the final episode did we find out who she—he is. Of course, we’re not going to spoil you. You better watch the whole series on your own!

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You can always show your support for the controversial fictional blogger through this xoxo light-up sign. Its smart, simple yet bold style echoes the characteristics of Gossip Girl. She was bold for documenting every juicy detail of the rich and privileged in the Upper East Side of New York, simple for using just her writing skills to create captivating stories, and smart for keeping her identity a secret. May this xoxo LED sign echo your appreciation for the iconic show.     Level up your style with Blair Waldorf as your inspiration, complete with a Gossip Girl xoxo neon sign for the bedroom. Let your confidence shine through as you plan your daily outfit, montage-style, like in your favorite rom-coms.   You can even go as far as setting the theme of your birthday party Gossip Girl-style. Have your guests wear couture-like clothes or elite school uniforms reminiscent of Constance Billard School for Girls hallways. Spruce up the party with these aesthetic neon light signs.    Gossip Girl aside, these LED neon signs are also the perfect gifts for your wife or girlfriend. Give them an xoxo light-up sign when you’re about to tell her that you broke her prized plant. We may never know what she will do with your gift, but at least you have something that could pass off as a peace offering! But seriously, who doesn’t want to be showered with hugs and kisses every now and then?   You can also install some LED neon lights for your pets. Brighten up their space and give them all the love they need with these neon lights. Place one custom neon sign in your room too, so whenever you are feeling sad, you will remember that you are loved.    Check our collection today! Xoxo!

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