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Stun the Surprise Birthday Party Celebrant with a Happy Birthday Neon Sign

Your friend’s birthday is slowly approaching. You originally planned to give them a nice, sweet birthday present, but you don’t think a gift is enough to express how thankful you are for their friendship adequately. 

That’s when it hits you: why not throw them a birthday party that will stick with them for a long while? Not just any birthday party; you want it to be a massive surprise birthday blowout filled with close friends and family.

Suppose you have no prior experience arranging surprise birthday parties. No worries! 

This brief guide has everything you need to set up a successful surprise birthday get-together. From the planning and the decorations, you’ll need down to the eye-catching happy birthday neon sign.

Why Make the Party a Surprise

There is nothing quite like experiencing an unexpected but good event in your life, like acing a test despite barely studying or receiving a love note from a mysterious secret admirer. Who wouldn’t want a pleasant surprise every once in a while?

However, the surprise is lost during birthdays because they happen yearly. Maybe that’s why some people feel their birthday excitement wanes every following year because it’s expected. 

While birthdays can be memorable, you can quickly get used to them. This anticipation kills any sense of fun associated with regularly celebrating your birthday. Arranging a surprise birthday party for your friend with all their close friends and family can bring back that excitement and fun!

Keeping your friend in the dark about how you will spend their day opens their mind to a thousand possibilities and reintroduces the suspense of the event. You can even take the suspense a step further by inviting a friend or relative your friend hasn’t seen in a long time.

Besides bringing back excitement and fun, throwing a surprise get-together for your friend will touch their heart. You (and their other friends and family) took your time of the day to plan and arrange an event solely to celebrate their birth. Isn’t that a heartwarming and tear-jerking thought?

Being the guest of honor for a surprise birthday party is like receiving a wonderful gift, except that overwhelming warmth one feels in their heart after opening the present is increased tenfold. Besides the presents they’ll receive, your friend will have the gift of loving company.

Of course, these surprise party pros will only come to life if your friend is comfortable with being the star of a surprise event. Before planning and contacting your other friends about the event, you must know if your friend will enjoy being surprised. 

Else, this whole shebang will only catch your friend off-guard (in a bad way, might we add) and turn into a disaster in a matter of minutes. In that case, you can simply inform them that a party will happen, but refrain from spilling any more details.

shot of a friend group celebrating a surprise birthday party for their girl friend

Sorry For Party Prepping: Everything You Need for a Surprise Party

Once you’re 100% sure your friend is alright with surprises, begin planning how the day will turn out. Let’s get into the details of arranging a successful surprise birthday party, from conception to the actual event execution

Finalize the Theme.

The theme will be your guide as you plan the rest of the party details, from the venue and decor of the event to the refreshments and outfits your guests will wear. The party theme unifies all of these elements and allows the celebrant to understand the event.

If your friend is a hardcore anime enthusiast, it might be an excellent idea to throw an anime-themed birthday party where your guests are cosplaying as beloved anime characters. A K-Pop fan will highly appreciate a K-Pop-themed party with K-Pop dance-off games.

Below is a list of sample themes you can use for your friend’s party to give you an idea.

  • The 80s/Retro theme if your friend is a Stranger Things superfan 
  • Futuristic space theme if they’re more into shows like Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Horror theme for horror lovers and enthusiasts
  • A black and gold color scheme for a sophisticated get-together
  • Murder-mystery/Whodunnit party for Agatha Christie enjoyers.

Think About Party Refreshments.

As mentioned, the theme will dictate what kind of party refreshments will be provided during the party. Ensure that the food and drinks you serve match the party’s theme, like serving Japanese delicacies for the anime-themed party or having Korean BBQ for the K-Pop-themed one.

Having a unifying theme will make planning the party menu easier. You can choose to cook and prepare the meals and beverages yourself, but you can hire a catering service to do the job for you. 

However, party snacks and drinks shouldn’t be the only things on your mind when planning party refreshments. Don’t forget the guest of honor’s birthday cake!

Inform Your Guests.

After finalizing your theme, venue, and party refreshments, it’s time to start contacting your guests and telling them about the surprise. This step is crucial and quite tedious because you must ensure most (if not all) of your guests are available during the set date.

Besides informing your guests about the event's details, you could also use this time to ask for help setting up the surprise party in the venue. And, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to remind your guests to keep mum about the surprise.

Top It Off With Happy Birthday Neon Signs.

What’s a successful party without decorations? While most party decor will follow the central theme, it doesn’t hurt to decorate the venue with typical party decorations, such as balloons, party streamers, confetti, and party hats.

If you genuinely want to stun the birthday celebrant, a neon happy birthday sign is your best bet. Because of their distinct look and feel, you might go for the traditional glass neon lights. Besides lighting up the room brightly, a neon light can perfectly set the atmosphere and vibe of the party.

You can hang up a simple Happy Birthday LED neon sign in the center of the wall or choose a related neon design that will match the party theme. 

Have a Fantastic Birthday Blowout with Neonize’s Neon Lights

Birthdays are only celebrated once a year. Planning and arranging a surprise party for your friend will ensure that this particular occasion becomes memorable and enjoyable for them. Hopefully, the tips we gave above will help you set up a successful birthday blowout for your pal.

Wondering where you can get the perfect birthday party decor? Try Neonize!

From anime neon art to relatable quotes, Neonize has an extensive collection of neon sign designs that will suit any occasion and illuminate any space. Our neon lights and signs are made with high-quality materials that ensure their durability and safety.

Can’t find the neon sign that will match your party’s theme? Upload your personal design, and we’ll Neonize the sign for you.

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