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8 Ways How LED Neon Signs Can Help You Show Off Your Personality

Are you redecorating your bedroom? Or did you just move into your new dwelling? Whichever the situation is, your new space will feel more like home when you put your personal touch to it. Say, how about hanging your favourite works of art and memorable photos on the wall? 

If such wall decor feels too dull for you and you would like to try something new, how about installing LED neon signs? They are bright, colourful, and completely customizable. You can put up neon signs all over your home, serving as a conversation piece for your guests!

Read the rest of the article below and discover how neon lights can help you show off your unique personality!

How Can LED and Neon Signs Bring Out My Personality?

If you think neon signs are a thing of the past, we’re here to persuade you otherwise! Neon signs today no longer contain hazardous neon gas. Instead, they are now made with light-emitting diodes or LEDs, making them cheaper to produce and safer, making customized neon signs easier to procure.

Here are eight ways that stylish neon lights can spice up your interiors:

Being Grateful Never Goes Out Of Style

Are you someone who appreciates even the smallest things in life? Do you wake up feeling blessed and thanking God for the morning you’re having? Do you feel gratitude for the birds chirping overhead against the wide blue sky? If you do, this #BLESSED neon sign might be just right for you! 

You can hang this on the wall against your bed to always remind yourself how blessed you are. A visible and glowing reminder to be grateful for what you have wouldn’t hurt, would it? In fact, it may help you become a more grateful and happier person than you already are!

Shrug Your Problems Away

Can you recall the greatest challenge you ever had to overcome? Or how about the most recent inconvenience you had to deal with? Did you make a big fuss, or did you simply shrug it off? If you did the latter, you must be a happy-go-lucky and level-headed person.

A cool person like you may appreciate this equally cool #WHATEVER LED sign! The next time you have to face life’s difficulties, no matter how big or small, let #WHATEVER be your mantra. 

Let People Know You’re A Potterhead

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? You may have the entire book collection on your shelves at home. Or maybe you haven’t read the books yet but watched each installment of its movie adaptation? Whether you have watched the movies or read the books, you are a true Potterhead!

So why not let your guests at home know how big of a Potterhead you are? This 9 ¾ LED sign will surely impress your fellow Potterheads and pique the interest of your “muggle” guests.

Keep Up The Hustle

Do you have big dreams and will do whatever it takes to reach them? Do you have to work numerous jobs to save up for the house of your dreams? If so, you will surely attain everything you have on our vision board if you work hard for them.

That’s enough reason for you to keep the hustle going! Motivate yourself to keep grinding with this HUSTLE neon light. When the going gets tough, the neon glow from this neon sign will put you right back on track!

There’s No Place Like Home

Nothing ever comes close to feeling relief when you set in your own home after a long day at work. Your home is the safest space where you can be yourself without the judgment of others. The home is where you can take refuge from all the turmoil and stress of the day.

If you are a homebody, you may love this “It’s So Good To Be Home” neon sign! This sign expresses the absolute joy found in the simplicity of being at home.

For The Love Of Music

Which musical instruments do you play? Do you play the guitar? Or a piano, perhaps? Maybe you excel at harnessing the musical power of the most natural musical instrument there is your own voice! Whatever musical instrument you play, no one can deny your love for music.

Let your guests know how you cannot possibly live without music with this elegant yet simple G-clef neon light! The G-clef is recognizable to most people, especially for musicians like you who can read sheet music and bring them to life!

Always Keep That Smile

Has anyone complimented your infectious smile? Never take the power of a smile for granted. When you flash a grin at others, they can’t help but smile back. Even by a little bit, you may have brightened up their day. It takes only a little effort to spread some positivity in your little corner of the world.

This Smiley neon light will surely brighten up your day as well. It can serve as your daily reminder to start your day with a smile, especially when everything seems so grim and dreary. 

Keep Yourself In The Present

Do you often feel anxious or held back by your own insecurities? Do you have a tendency to conjure up an image of the worst-case scenario every time you have to make a decision? A round-the-clock reminder is a great decorative piece to help you focus on the present moment.

Rather than replaying imagined scenarios in your mind repeatedly, be inspired by this All We Have Is Now LED neon sign! This neon word sign will always keep you grounded in the present, reminding you that life is too short to waste any second of it.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Neon Lights

You may already be familiar with the glass neon tubes of the past but you may still have some reservations about LED lights. Aren’t they more expensive to produce and, therefore, cost more? Are they safe to install inside your home? And where in the world could you purchase excellent quality customized neon signs?

Let us help you ease your qualms about LED lights by reading the following section below!

Aren’t Quality LED Neon Signs Expensive?

The old glass neon tubes we’re used to seeing in old photos were costly to make. Not only do they cost more money to manufacture, but they are also fragile as they are made of glass. Breaking these delicate neon gas-filled tubes means incurring additional expenses for a replacement.

However, the contemporary LED lights are made of acrylic and PVC materials, both of which are less expensive yet durable. Aside from the cheaper manufacturing cost, LED lights consume much less electricity which will save you money in the long run.

Are LED Lights Safe?

Neon gas is a harmful substance that makes neon lights magical. Fortunately, thanks to LED lights, you can enjoy the same magic minus the hazards of keeping glass neon tubes in your home. They only run at low voltages as well, making it even safer to Neonize your home than ever before.

Where Can I Buy LED Neon Light Signs?

If you fancy any of the stylish neon lights showcased above or want to have custom neon signs made, you can bet on Neonize to fulfill your neon dreams.Check out our collections and, who knows, you might end up with the perfect neon sign for your unique personality!

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