11 Ways to Repurpose Your Neon Wedding Sign & Other Wedding Items

If you're like other brides, you're probably still figuring out what to do with all the leftover wedding items. From turning your seating chart into a work of art to using your wedding dress as home decor, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your wedding items post-wedding. 

And if you haven't started brainstorming ways to repurpose your wedding decor yet, don't worry. We rounded up a few ways you can repurpose your neon wedding sign and other popular wedding items. 

So if you want to get the best value for your money, keep reading!

Repurpose Your Wedding Neon Sign Into a Work of Art

If you used a neon sign for your wedding, chances are you won't want to keep it lit up forever. But don’t let that stop you from finding a use for it! 

Hang the LED neon sign on your wall or in your home office for a fun and unique decoration. You can even add some fairy lights around it for a bit of extra flair. And if you ever decide you want to get rid of the neon signage, you can always sell it–after all, it's a one-of-a-kind piece!

Use Your Seating Chart as Home Decor

Your seating chart is likely one of the first things your guests will see at your wedding reception. So why not turn it into a conversation starter in your home? 

Frame your seating chart and hang it in your entryway or living room. Not only will it be a great way to spruce up your space, but it'll also be fun to remember your big day every time you look at it.

neon wedding sign - a woman wearing a wedding dress

Transform Your Wedding Dress Into a Christening Gown

If you're not planning to pass down your wedding dress to future generations or keep it in your wardrobe, you can still repurpose it! Cut and sew parts of your dress to create a beautiful christening gown for your future baby. 

Use Your Wedding Dress as Home Decor

Like your seating chart, you can repurpose your wedding dress into home decor. Hang it on a wall or drape it over a piece of furniture for a unique and stylish look. You could even turn it into a tablecloth or bedspread!

Repurpose Your Wedding Favors as Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a way to repurpose your leftover wedding favors? Look no further than the Christmas tree! Turn your favors into ornaments by attaching a ribbon or string. This is a creative and cost-free way to personalize your tree without spending extra money.

Make a Headband Out of Your Veil

If you're not planning on wearing your veil again or passing it down to your daughter, you can easily repurpose it into a headband. This is a great way to add extra flair to your outfit without spending any money. And who knows? You might even get more use out of it than you would've if you'd just kept it in your closet!

neon wedding sign - potpourri

Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers Into Home Decor

Your wedding flowers are another item that you can repurpose into home decor. Dry out your bouquet and arrange the flowers in a vase or frame them for a pretty way to display them in your home. You could even use the petals to make a scented sachet or potpourri.

How to Make Potpourri with Your Wedding Flowers

  1. Collect your flowers and trim off any excess leaves or stems.
  2. Spread the flowers on a baking sheet and let them dry for a few days.
  3. Once the flowers are dry, place them in a container with dried lavender, cinnamon sticks, and cloves.
  4. Finally, enjoy the lovely scent of your homemade potpourri!

Use Your Wedding Decor as Party Decor

If you're somebody who loves to entertain guests, put your wedding decor to good use by using it as party decor! Whether you have an LED neon sign, invitations, or even just some extra flowers, using your wedding items as party decorations is a great way to get double-duty out of them. Plus, it'll add a personal touch to your party that your guests are sure to love.

Donate Your Wedding Items to Charity

If you're not interested in repurposing your wedding items, consider bestowing them to a local charity. Many organizations in your community would likely love to have your unwanted items. This is a great way to simultaneously declutter after your wedding and help those in need.

Sell Your Wedding Items Online

Consider selling them online if you're not interested in keeping or repurposing your wedding items. There are tons of groups and websites that buy and sell used wedding items. This is a great way to pay back the money on items you no longer want or need.

Give Your Wedding Items as Gifts

If you have friends or family members getting married, consider giving them your wedding items as gifts for their wedding decor. This is a fun way to declutter after your wedding and help out a loved one. Plus, they'll be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gesture.

Craft Your Custom Neon Sign Wedding Decor with Neonize!

There are a lot of ways to repurpose your wedding items after your special celebration. With a little imagination, you can repurpose your wedding items into something you'll use and enjoy. 

From turning your neon light sign into a work of art to using your veil as a headband, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your wedding item after the celebration. 

Whatever you do, enjoy your wedding day and find creative ways to keep the memories alive afterward! Don't have a neon light sign yet? Design your custom wedding neon sign and upload your ideas on our Customize Your Own page. 

And if you need some help with ideas, head on over to our wedding neon sign collection to browse through our pre-made neon wedding signs.

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