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Spice up Your Next Office Party With Custom Logo Neon Signs

Throwing a company office party is an exciting way to celebrate successes, boost morale, and show appreciation for your team. Do you worry that your party will be dull? Bring life to your company's special day with custom logo neon signs

From showing off your company logo in a bright neon sign to adding other awesome neon lights, your party will surely be the talk of the building. Get ready to discover more creative ways to add sparkle to your gathering using neon lights in this blog. 

Fun Ways to Use Custom Neon Signs on Your Office Party

The atmosphere and decorations always go hand in hand, no matter the party type. So spice up the occasion with vibrant decor pieces like neon signs! Neon lights make any space and event stand out, offering a fun and energetic pop against any background. 

Here are our favorite ways to use custom LED signs for an awesome office party:

  1. Hang Custom Logo Neon Signs at the Entrance Venue

As with any event, don't forget to bring your brand identity. But since it's a party, plain fabric or paper with your logo won’t suit the occasion. Instead, make it colorful with a custom LED sign of your logo. 

Switch out the boring plain fabric logo with a custom neon sign available in different colors. Install the custom light at your venue's entrance to guide your guests inside. 

  1. Use a Neon Sign Logo for Awards Night

A staff awards ceremony is the perfect way to show appreciation for all the hard work everyone in the office does. Plus, it's also an excellent opportunity to add a bit of fun. Customize unique awards for silly office quirks such as "The Meme Guy Award," "Dust Buster," or "Best Dressed Workspace."

While listing the names of your business office's awardees, list the trophies, sashes, and decorations. Bring that light-hearted atmosphere to the awards night with a neon light logo!

  1. Brighten the Party with Disco Throwback

Getting together with your business colleagues doesn't have to mean another boring corporate event. This time, why not embrace nostalgia and bring your business office back to the '80s or '90s? 

Invite everyone in your office to dress in the trends of those eras. Put vintage arcade machines, play the 80s and 90s music, and install good quality neon signs in the venue. If you're willing to go a step further, you can even prepare popular food and drinks from the 1980s to 1990s. 

  1. Illuminate the Stage

An office talent show is a great way to break the monotony of work and bring business colleagues closer together. It makes a great conversation starter during parties. Plus, you can encourage employees to show off their hidden talents. 

Do you want to add a special touch to the event? Install neon signs around the stage! A custom LED sign can create an inviting environment that can make anyone in the office feel like a star. 

an example of custom logo neon signs
  1. Light up the Plants For Office Garden Party

Does your staff consist primarily of introverts? Throw them a classy garden party with wine and cheese and other food while enjoying the music from a live classical band. This inviting atmosphere will leave your employees in awe and relaxed.

Find a beautiful natural place, like an open garden, to hold the event. Plus, make them enjoy the party until night. Then, light up the plants in the garden with neon light decorations.  

  1. Create Summer Vibes With a Pool Party

If it's already summer, you know what the party's theme will be. Get ready to throw the ultimate poolside bash! There's no better way to kick off summer than with an overnight pool party.

Spruce up the area around the pool with bright custom signs and other summer-themed LED neon signs to set off that perfect summer vibe. Your guests will be delighted if the place exudes a summery feel. Get creative with food and drinks, and give your employees an unforgettable pool party.

  1. Use a Custom Neon Sign For the Photo Booths

In this digital era, people love taking good photos, especially if the place is Instagrammable. Some corporate events have professional photo booths, but they can be costly. 

Consider adding a do-it-yourself photo booth with neon signs as the backdrop. LED neon signs are great for decorating man cave or bars and events like parties or weddings. 

Get ready to see your staff snap fun and funky photos at your next office party.

Tips For a Lively Office Party

You now know how to use custom LED neon signs for your party. Aside from that, there are a few other things you must plan to guarantee the party goes smoothly.

Here are tips for creating a fun party atmosphere that your employees can enjoy:  

  1. Check With Your Staff Before Choosing a Theme 

When organizing an office party, it's important to get everyone involved. If you're desperate about putting up a dance party, but no one wants to dance, your staff wouldn't have fun. 

Remember that a successful office party gives your staff something to look forward to, forges connections, and builds relationships. Make sure everyone wants the theme of your office party.  

  1. Find the Perfect Venue

Don't settle for cheap pubs or restaurants just to hold a party. Instead, think about how many employee guests you’re expecting and look for a place that suits your needs. 

Remember, whether you are organizing a wedding party or a professional one, choosing the right venue is important. Guests will remember their experience, so take some time to find the perfect spot. 

If you have found a good place, make it even more relaxing and welcoming by installing custom LED neon signs and setting up lively music.

  1. Organize Decor and Lights

Decorations in events matter. Don't settle for bland decor but liven up the place with bright colors. If you can't think of other decorations to add to your venue, you'll never go wrong with adding neon signs.

You can use cool LED neon signs as table decorations or wall art for the venue. LED neon signs give off an upbeat and cheerful vibe. They add something special to your decor and spark conversation among guests.  

  1. Don't Forget the Drinks

Starting with a lovely welcome drink is the perfect way to get everyone in the mood for socializing, livening up the party, and introducing people to each other. But since it's a corporate event, remember that there should be moderation in drinking. 

Aside from preparing food and drinks, grace the bar with colorful custom LED neon signs.  

Bring Life to Your Office Party With Custom Neon Signs

There's nothing like getting together with your employees and celebrating milestones in your business. So, make your next office party exciting with neon signs! You can customize these lights to match the theme of your party.

At Neonize, we offer different neon sign collections. But you can also get creative with your own design. Send us logos, words, or your artwork, and we'll turn them into custom LED neon signs. 
Get your custom neon sign today and celebrate parties with one-of-a-kind decor pieces!

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