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Sunset Splendor: Using Outdoor Neon Signs to Illuminate Your Space at Night

Do you want to keep the light shining in your outdoor space even after the sun has set? Maybe you work the graveyard shift and want to brighten the terrace view from your window. Perhaps you want gleaming decorations for an upcoming garden party.

While coming up with similar scenarios, did the thought of neon signs cross your mind?

Would they make amazing decorations in an outdoor space, but you’re unsure if it's possible (and feasible)? After all, you often see neon lights being used indoors.

Will they work and last in an exterior environment? Are they any different from indoor signs regarding appearance and usage? How do you care for them properly?

Let's answer all of your questions with this article. Know everything about outdoor neon signs, from production and purpose to proper maintenance!

Are Outdoor Neon Lights Different from Indoor Signs?

First, let's quickly discuss what makes custom outdoor neon signs different from standard neon lights. Most outdoor signs have a distinguishable part, which is the sealant.

Standard LED neon lights are often, if not always, attached or carved on an acrylic base. Outdoor signs, however, have extra layers or sealed materials made of silicone, glue, or other materials. These protect the electrical components from environmental hazards.

Meanwhile, some companies use a specific material to deal with various environmental conditions. A neon sign made of LED Flex from Neonize is a good example (more on this later).

5 Most Common Uses of Neon Signs for Outdoor Use

Now that you know outdoor neon signage exists let's determine its purposes. Here are five common ways to incorporate outdoor signs into your exterior space.

1) Labeling Your Area

Labeling is one of the best uses of neon signs. Their vibrant and colorful designs stand out, capturing everyone's attention quickly. You can use them to put a welcome sign or ownership label on your exterior. 

Do you have a favorite phrase that fits the theme of your space? There's a neon sign for that as well!

Another important aspect of outdoor labels is readability. It's easy to get caught up with the fun lettering and colors of neon lights but think about the purpose. Your sign is trying to convey a message; hence, it must be readable. Of course, you can go all out with a fancy design, but make sure it's still easy on the eyes.

2) Leading the Way

If you plan to hold a surprise birthday event, you might need directional signs to lead the celebrant to the main location. Make the signs more visible and exciting with neon LED lights! They are beautiful to look at during the night, something that would make a good social media post.

Like outdoor labels, readability is an important factor here. People respond to directional signs, so you want your sign to convey the message as accurately as possible. Thus, it must be simple to understand. Avoid going overboard with your design and keep it simple.

3) Highlighting Plants

While neon signs are commonly seen hanging on walls, doors, or windows, they aren't the only places to use them. You may also use them to accent your outdoor plants at night! 

Luckily, neon signs are made in all shapes and sizes. You'll certainly find one that fits among your flower beds or bushes perfectly. It will draw attention and highlight the beautiful plants you worked so hard to care for.

4) Illuminating Pools

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Sweet! Consider inviting some friends to join you for a relaxing night swim. But it wouldn't be fun if the area was too dark. Moreover, it can be dangerous! Get some lights near your pool area to illuminate it. Use neon signs to create an aesthetic night scene in your pool!

You can use summer neon signs to illuminate other water features in your yard, such as a garden fountain or beverage station. They'll surely look incredible at night as if the water is neon-colored itself! But, of course, they're still useful during the day. They do not necessarily illuminate the space as they do at night, but they will still complement your other decorative pieces.

5) Making Neon Art

You may be an artistic homeowner who enjoys displaying unique decorative pieces in your yard. With custom neon signs, you can highlight your art all night long! Combine symbols and words, create a pattern on the fence, or bring your own creations to life on neon lights. The versatility of neon lights is as limitless as your imagination!

Enhance your masterpieces by labeling them or surrounding them with neon lights. These lights will help attract more attention to your artwork. You can even go as far as holding a mini neon exhibit in your exterior space! 

Incredible Neon Sign Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Suppose you've already decided on a purpose for your outdoor sign but are stuck for design ideas. If you're looking for inspiration, here's a quick list of incredible neon sign ideas to get you started!


  • Welcome to (name)'s yard
  • (name)'s Garden, EST. (year of establishment)
  • Welcome to my garden and the sunny side
  • Signs of the thymes
  • Give weeds an inch, and they will take a yard
  • (Name)'s Garden, always open for picking
  • Life is a garden. Dig it!
  • Your feet are killing me (literally)
  • I just fought with the lawn, and the lawn won!
  • I love gardening from head tomatoes
  • I don't remember planting this. Do you?
  • The seedy side of town
  • Trespassers will be composted
  • Gardening is dirt therapy!
  • Thyme after thyme
  • Hello, sunshine!
  • So many seeds, very little thyme
  • Do you, dear gardener, intend to weed this garden from this day forth?
  • This must be the best place
  • Welcome to our Jungle
  • Breathe in, breathe out
  • #plantlife

Symbols and Icons

  • Leaves and flowers
  • Sun, clouds, or moon
  • Palm trees
  • Mountains
  • Food or drinks
  • Stars and planets
  • Rainbows
  • Gardening tools
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • A person gardening or sitting on a yard bench
  • Pool or water symbol

Maintenance Guide for Outdoor Neon Lights

Now that you've learned to make the most of exterior signs, let's talk about maintenance. Generally, LED neon signs are low-maintenance and built to last. However, it only makes sense that an outdoor neon sign will need more care due to its environmental exposure. 

Hence, you need to learn how to care for them properly, and we will teach you how. Check out some quick maintenance tips for exterior neon signs below!

Weather Maintenance

Weather is one of the primary concerns when maintaining neon signs. The wrong temperature can cause a neon sign to malfunction or be completely useless in the following weeks. But here's what you need to know about maintaining exterior neon signs in different temperatures. 

First, it depends on the type of neon sign. You'll have fewer issues with a LED neon sign than with traditional glass. This is because LED lights run on electricity instead of gas, making them more likely to withstand cold temperatures. 

Meanwhile, LED neon lights are less likely to get affected by the heart unless they're not manufactured properly.

That being said, you must regularly check the sign's components. Ensure that the tubes and covers are intact to prevent damage.

Dirt and Stains

External particles are another major concern for exterior neon signs. Placing them outside makes them susceptible to environmental dirt and stains. Unfortunately, there isn't much to do about it, but regular cleaning can help prevent damage.

When cleaning an LED neon sign, use a dry cloth, small brushes, or feather dusters to remove dirt or stains. If you still can't remove them, use warm water and non-toxic detergents (no ammonia, for example) and dry the neon sign with a towel.

Important: Before you begin cleaning, make sure to turn off and unplug the neon lights!

Neonize: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space With LED Neon Signs

Do you dream of having a magnificent terrace, garden, or other outdoor space that doesn't stop shining at night? You may have a lovely exterior area, but the moon is not enough to illuminate it. Perhaps you plan to throw a night party and want to have more lights in your yard.

If you want something that lights up the scenery aesthetically, invest in outdoor LED custom neon signs! They're timeless, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. However, they still require proper care and maintenance for protection against harmful elements of the environment.

Neonize offers an extensive collection of outdoor neon bar signs and other designs that suit your exterior space perfectly. Here's a sneak peek at what our LED neon lights are made of and their benefits. 

  • Our LED lights are made of PVC and acrylic and cased in FLEX rubber tubes. These make them energy-efficient, flame-retardant, safe, lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Our LED Flex technology is high-quality, durable, and customizable for various color schemes and light effects than traditional glass neon signs.
  • You can use our standard neon lights outdoors, as long as they don't get wet. But skip the risk and choose our FLEX-It Neon lights instead! They can withstand outdoor settings, especially when exposed to wet weather.
  • Can't find the design you want? Try our outdoor neon signs custom service! Send us your personalized design, and our team will take care of the rest.

Get your exterior neon signs today and keep the light up at night!

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