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Neon Lights Custom for Businesses: Fleeting Fads or Timely Trends?

Staying ahead of the trends and hopping on particular bandwagons are what businesses shouldn’t miss when competing. Getting left behind in the ever-evolving market can be easy, so keeping tabs on what’s popular can give any company a distinct advantage.

One incredibly fun and bold way to create noise is with custom neon signs. They breathe life into spaces and create vibrancy, giving any area that extra splash of kindle. But here’s the question: Are these LED neon lights a fleeting fad? Or have they become a mainstay in the world of decoration and advertising?  

That’s what some people might be wondering, especially if they’ve seen them popping up all over the place lately. So to help answer this burning question and find out if custom neon signs are in it for the long haul, let’s take a closer look at this hot topic!

The Advancement of Custom Neon Lights Over the Years

Custom neon lights has become a real show-stopper over the years. From the traditional neon tube look, personalized LED neon flex colors, and lone design, these LED neon signs can create an environment unlike ever before. What was once a simple light source with one purpose is now elevated to new heights of artistry and individuality. 

But that’s not all: the adaptability of custom neon has enabled designers to include eye-catching combinations of color, space, and texture in their sculptures. Technology has made it possible for these glowing works of art to be available more widely. Now, a unique piece can appear on someone’s doorstep, ready to be installed just as they imagined.

With increasing ways to customize a neon sign, anyone can ensure that their store or venue will be a head-turner because of how it captures your brand. Now all you need to do is let creativity take the wheel!

Why Do Businesses Think They Don’t Need LED Neon Signs?

A blue and red neon sign reading Cocktails

Custom LED neon signs can add a Je ne sais quoi to your startup, impressing customers and energizing a positive aura. But despite the dazzling lights they emit and the energy efficiency they provide, some aren’t exactly hopping at the chance to purchase LED neon signs. 

What are the reasons behind it?

1. They Think It’s Pricey

Others assume that an LED neon sign is too expensive for their budget. They believe it comes with some added maintenance costs to keep them active and functioning.

The cost of purchasing and installing an LED neon sign is higher than conventional signage styles. But the deck doesn’t have to be stacked against them. Shopping around with manufacturers, installers, and suppliers can help negate much of that assumed burden businesses have towards an LED neon sign’s price tag.

Solution: Check out Neonize’s available designs that are currently on sale! Take your pick from pre-designed lights or customize your own with our affordable prices. 

2. They Lack Information

It’s understandable why some businesses are hesitant to invest in custom neon lights without having all the facts. Perhaps they are unaware of the particular benefits it can offer, such as energy consumption or creative ambiance that pulls in customers. Instead, they only think it’s a showpiece that anyone can hang on the wall.

They may also be uninformed about how easy these signs are to install and use. All they need is to illuminate the space with sophistication, light up timeless memories, or bring a twist to the products.

Solution: Neonize can offer comprehensive information regarding all aspects of incorporating custom neon lighting. From various applications to installation processes, even novice installers will find them easy to use.

3. They Believe They Have a Shorter Lifespan

We get it—investing in eye-catching custom neon signs can be a little scary. After all, their long-term lifespan is unpredictable. 

But here's the thing: your worries about custom neon sign longevity are unfounded! These beautiful works of art are designed to last thousands of hours with proper maintenance and care. 

Solution: Our custom neon lights here at Neonize are crafted with quality materials, so your display will look incredible and last for years without any signs of wear or tear. 

4. They Are Frightened by the Heat Produced on the Sign

Neon signs are an excellent alternative for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs and support a greener cause. But surprisingly, not all businesses have caught on to the trend yet, and this is because of heat emissions.

As it happens, neon signs can get hot if ventilation or cooling is not taken into account during installation. They may push the risk of overheating rooms and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. It can also cause a fire hazard if the heat-generating LED illuminated signage sources are not managed carefully.

Solution: Our LED neon signs offer considerably less heat emission than traditional neon lights, allowing more businesses to join the green revolution without fear. 

5. They Worry About Theft 

For enterprises planning to get a custom LED neon as their business logo, there are dilemmas about whether they could be stolen. 

In some cases, when a store prominently showcases an expensive light fixture like this, one may attract thieves trying to make quick cash. With that, few companies want to risk having their desirable sign stolen. Hence, they often choose to pass up on the benefits of it.

Solution: You can safely add robust and secure mountings for our neon signs. Not only do these mounts protect the sign from being stolen, but it also makes the fixture much more durable than expected.

6. They Need Permits

Businesses often shy away from incorporating LED neon signs into their business shop, as they can come with a whole set of complex paperwork. 

Unfortunately, these bright and bold displays must comply with certain jurisdictions' stringent safety regulations. And it’s no surprise that many LEDs don’t meet all of these requirements, causing businesses to reach for other signage options as an alternative! Thus, they don’t even attempt to fulfill these requirements because the process is considered too much hassle. 

Solution: Neonize provides an extensive selection of styles and designs for businesses to choose from that are guaranteed to meet all safety standards.

7. They Are a Temporary Gimmick

LED neon signs have come back into fashion recently, but businesses are still reluctant to adopt them in their stores. The reason is simple: they consider them a fleeting fad that will not likely become indispensable to their overall marketing and advertising efforts. 

In an ever-evolving industry, companies don't want to invest precious resources and money in a product that may be forgotten tomorrow. To them, sustainable success is found in lasting investments that can bring consistent benefits to their business. As such, companies must consider the pros and cons of using LED neon signs before making any big decisions.

Solution: With Neonize’s unique selection of designs, customizable options, and use of excellent materials, brands can achieve stunning results that truly stand the test of time.

Custom Neon Lights: Getting Stronger Over Time!

happy man pointing to red neon open sign at a bar restaurant

Given the gloomy outlook of some people over custom neon lights, do you think they will disappear anytime? The answer is: NO! 

Traditionalists may shake their heads and grumble about the modern age. Still, neon lighting stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. Far from being phased out by trendy alternatives, these glowing signs create a remarkable atmosphere that no other lighting can replicate. Once you've got your customers' eyes on your sign, chances are they're not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Evidence of this trend is everywhere, and it isn't likely to subside fairly soon. So don't let the skeptics weigh you down. The allure of striking neon lights is still going strong.

Get the Business Glow with Neonize It!

Take your business from plain-old boring to bright and bold with Neonize It! With our customization service, we can turn your ideas into something that will connect with your customers and enhance your brand presence in the marketplace. From stylish neon lights custom for the room to captivating window displays, our neon signs will ensure your business gets noticed! 

We offer the following:

  • Free Shipping: Keep your chin up! Our delivery service is on us.
  • Shop Now, Pay Later: Want to give it as a gift while on a budget? No worries! We can take care of it later.
  • Hassle-free Installation: Achieve pre-drilled holes with our screw provided in each box.

These stylish and artistic illuminations will brighten the world as strongly as ever. So let those doubts go and start joining the neon revolution today!

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