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Make Children’s Birthday Cheerful, Throw An LED Neon Sign Party!

Throw a birthday party that your kids will never forget with this fun, easy-to-plan LED Neon Sign party! Your little ones can create a special message to display at the front of the event. The sign will surely add an extra flare and sparkle to the celebration—making it one for the books! 

With minimal effort, you’ll have a great day for everyone to enjoy and have fun in a kid-friendly environment. Plus, all parents love a good opportunity for some fabulous photos (which you’ll be able to take away with you after the event!). 

Read on as we explain how to throw this unique, cheerful, and unforgettable celebratory experience filled with lights & laughter!

Throw A LED Neon Light Signs Party: The Tips

The party you are about to give for your child is like no other, as it is an uncommon theme. But the uniqueness will set it apart and make it the best among the best—just what you want for the most special little person in your life. 

Check out these tips to perfect LED neon signs for a children’s party.

Light Up The Stage

Make the center of attention worthy of its spot by focusing your design on the stage. Colorful and various sizes of balloons, eye-catchy garlands, fun life-size theme characters, cute stuffed toys, and interactive toys are excellent designs. 

But you can always level up the decoration by adding a glowing neon sign featuring the birthday girl or boy’s name or even their age! Pick the light that matches the theme, so it blends smoothly but stands out at the same time. 

Welcome Visitors

Meanwhile, you don’t need to wait for the visitors to enter the event's vicinity before they get an idea of the light theme.

Greet them with a “Welcome” neon sign. You do not need to find an LED neon “OPEN” sign factory to get these, as many stores online offer these beautiful welcome signs. You can even go for a custom LED neon sign, so the welcome sign says, “Welcome to (name of the celebrant)’s birthday!” From then on, your visitors will be graced by glowing signs that add to the birthday cheer.

Make Food More Enticing

What’s a party without sumptuous food that pleases the belly and makes people happy? Decorate your food bar with different kinds of neon signs. You can go for images of burgers, hotdogs, ice cream, pizza, doughnuts, or simple and elegant text versions of these party favorites. 

Before visitors fill their tummies with good food, their eyes will be pleased first with the beautiful design and theme they will see. Instagrammable food is always trending—you’ll have this too for your little one’s party.

Light Up a Photobooth

There are party photo booths that come with party packages, but they do not always have a neon LED sign all the time. Hence, it is better to be prepared with one or some. Hang the sign on the prepared background so all shots will feature the LED light theme of the party. 

Creating a DIY photo wall is also made easy. You can decorate a wall using balloons and a neon sign, and the simple design will already shine.

Gifts Corner

And, before we forget, children are always excited about their gifts on birthdays. Let them see beautifully wrapped boxes and birthday paper bags stocked up in the corner gift pile. Their faces will surely light up with excitement.

Meanwhile, make it easy for your visitors to see the space where they’ll put their gifts. You can choose a gift neon sign, a balloon LED light, or a text that says “Gifts here!” for a cute corner decoration. It also matches the theme well!

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Neon Signs And More Ways To Have a Cheerful Party

Now that you know how to use neon signs and where to put them to light up your child’s party,  let us now make sure that the pretty design won’t go to waste by ensuring all the details of the celebration are well-planned. Keep reading for more ways to have a festive party.

Pick A Theme:

The theme of a birthday party keeps everything consistent and visually pleasing, so early on, determine what it will be. It is best to consult the celebrant if they can already decide. But if they are too young, you can go for pastel hues, cute characters, and child-friendly themes

Incorporate the theme in your neon lights and every item for the birthday, like invitations, cakes, banners, and giveaways. As you go for generic themes, do not forget to personalize to make the theme, especially for your kid.

Plan Your Guests

Next, list all the people you’ll invite to the party. If your child can decide, ask them who they want to invite. You can create an online reservation list of your guests where they can sign up, confirm their attendance, and inform you if they have additional guests with them. 

In this way, you can better understand the exact headcount of partygoers. The number of guests is always a consideration in many party decisions.

Pick the Date, Time, and Place

The best day to hold a children’s party is on the weekends because they have no school and their guardians are on a day off. 

When it comes to time, consider the age of the partygoers, and hold the party past nap time if the celebrant and visitors are toddlers, but for older kids, party time can be more flexible. Consider the number of invited people to the place, so you are sure they won’t feel cramped in a small space or empty if it is too big.

Ready the Food

To make sure that all the food served on your child’s birthday is delicious:

  1. Have a taste test before the day. If you can prepare dairy-free food, vegetarian options, and other specially prepared dishes, do so to cater to all types of diet preferences.
  2. Above all, prepare food kids love, like pasta, chicken, doughnuts, and many other cute treats.
  3. Of course, do not forget the cake!

To match the light-filled theme, you can avoid regular candles and try the available specialized birthday candles.

Games and Activities

Let’s go to the fun part—the party games and activities. Although you are holding a children’s birthday party, know that music matters still. The music they are familiar with will get them jivin’ and energetic. Prepare a program and brief the hosts on what you want to happen.

Most importantly, prepare games and activities. Here are some of what you can include:

  • Face painting
  • Magic shows
  • Balloon twisting
  • Bubble shows
  • Different parlor games

To entice the children, let them know that if they win, a prize awaits!

Don’t Forget The Giveaways

Make these trinkets of gratitude for attending the birthday simple yet unique by adding an element of light to what you will give too. Make the birthday giveaways consistent with the light-filled theme birthday by picking items that emanate light. 

You can go for headbands, necklaces, rings, lamps, bullpens, and many other child-friendly toys with light. You can also personalize the wrapping for aesthetics by adding a thank you note featuring the character used in the theme or your little one’s picture.

Your Birthday Gift

Finally, let’s save the best for last—your birthday gift. Although the party you threw is already a huge treat itself, you surely won’t allow not having a gift for your baby. As a parent or guardian, you know what your child likes best, so grab that toy, ticket, clothing, book, or gadget now! 

Their birthday is the best time to give them the things they dream of the most. Their birthday is already special because of the unique LED theme, their visitors, the delicious food, and more, but it will be their most memorable because you showed them how much you know and care for them.

led neon open sign factory

LED Neon Lights By Neonize

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to plan an unforgettable party for your child with eye-catching LED neon lights. A LED Neon light sign party is a great way to make your child’s birthday cheerful. 

With tips on how to Light Up The Stage, Welcome Visitors, Make Food More Enticing, and Light Up A Photobooth, you can make sure that your guests will enjoy themselves! 

And if you want the very best LEDs, be sure to check out Neonize. We offer a wide range of handcrafted signs that will brighten up any birthday bash. Plus, we have a team of experts who can help you pick the perfect custom neon signs for your event. Discover many of our designs, check out what you like, and we'll send it out for delivery. So don’t wait—contact us today and let us help you make your child’s birthday one they’ll always remember!

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