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How to Hang a Neon Sign & Lights Safely in 5 Easy Steps

Have you already pre-ordered a neon light or sent in a preferred design for a custom neon sign from a professional neon sign maker? Can’t wait to get your hands on it and place it in your room? But before you get all worked up, do you know how to hang a neon sign on a wall?

It may seem easy, but incorrectly hanging neon signs may lead to more trouble than necessary. From wedding neon lights to advertising bar neon signage, let’s discover how one can properly and safely hang, mount, and attach neon signs and lights to their walls.

Neon Installation: A Guide for Mounting an LED Neon Sign

Besides design and overall quality, any neon sign buyer must consider product installation. After all, how can you appreciate the beauty of your chosen neon lights if they aren’t on display?

To soothe your worries, we have listed five simple steps to guide you through hanging, mounting, and installing neon signs and lights.

Consider the factors.

First and foremost, you must assess the situation. You can’t devise a strategic plan without first learning the risk factors. So before getting your tools and equipment ready, consider the following:

  • What kind of neon sign you will install;
  • The material your neon sign is made of;
  • The duration of the installation; and,
  • The location.

Most of these factors will dictate the process of your installation.

Depending on your preferences and goals, you may purchase a wall-mounted neon sign, an overhead hanging sign, or a standing neon light.

Overhead hanging signs are typically hung from the ceiling, while wall-mounted signs are (obviously) attached to a wall. Standing neon signs can afford to stand alone and be displayed without the help of screws.

The ease of installation will also depend on what your neon sign is made of. For example, LED neon signs with acrylic backing are typically easier to install than traditional glass neon tube lights.

How long you want your signs or lights displayed will also matter. Will you need them installed only for a few hours during an event, or will you permanently mount them on your walls?

For instance, the instructions on how to hang a neon sign at a wedding, a joyous yet temporary occasion, will broadly differ from those on how to hang a neon bar sign, where the sign will need to be up until the store closes down.

Find the right location.

The sign’s location is arguably the most crucial factor to remember during installation. Besides its primary features, you must consider where to place your neon sign or light in your space.

Neon signage professionals recommend hanging overhead signs at least four feet above the ground. After all, the primary purpose of a neon sign is to catch people’s attention with its bright and dazzling glow. Installing a low-hanging overhead sign cancels out this exact objective.

On the other hand, for wall-mounted and standing neon lights, the neon sign owner can choose virtually any location since these signs will fit almost any spot in your space. Just remember to pick a place near a socket.

While choosing the perfect location depends on aesthetics, you must also consider what surrounds your chosen spot. For instance, plenty of hazards come with installing your neon sign in a bathroom or the kitchen.

If you plan to do so, ensure that your neon sign won’t come into contact with the water to avoid high-voltage accidents and mishaps.

Gather the necessary tools and equipment.

Once you’ve got these factors figured out, the next step is to prepare the proper equipment and tools necessary for installation. Again, your tools will depend on the neon sign you bought. 

You will need the equipment listed below:

  • High-powered drill
  • Wall-mount screws or ceiling mounts
  • Drywall anchors
  • Marker, pencil, or pen
  • Measuring tape

Neon signs and lights typically come with installation kits when bought. These kits will have most of the tools you need to mount and install your neon signage.

For overhead hanging neon lights, you will need a solid wire to hold your sign up. Professionals recommend hanging your overhead signs with fishing lines, S-hook chains, or plastic wires.

Measure and mark your neon sign’s position.

After ensuring you have all the necessary tools and equipment, it’s time to get dirty with the installation process. A helping hand to assist you is a must. No matter how large or small your neon signs are, you’ll need an extra hand or two to help install them safely.

For overhead hanging signs, measure the distance between the pre-drilled holes in your neon sign. Mark out the measured distance on your ceiling with a pencil, marker, or pen. Each endpoint represents where you will drill and place your screws or mounts.

Similarly, you can place your wall-mounted neon sign against the wall and use a pencil or pen to mark where to drill your holes and wall-mount screws or drywall anchors.

shot of a bald man drilling a hole in a white wall with a driller

Drill designated pilot holes.

With your marks in place, it’s time to put your high-powered drill to good use and place pilot holes in their designated areas. To those unfamiliar with the term, pilot holes are where you’ll secure and place your mounting screws.

We recommend placing your wire of choice in the ceiling mounts before drilling and screwing them on the ceiling for suspending neon sign installation. You can thread the wire through the ceiling mounts after drilling them into the ceiling, but doing so is trickier.

Place the other wire end through the pre-drilled holes of your neon sign. You can tie a tight knot or place the wire through an aluminum crimp and clamp it to secure the sign.

For wall-mounted signs, ensure that your screws, mounts, or anchors snugly fit in your pilot holes. You can use drywall anchors with your wall-mount screws to further secure and support your signs.

Screw your wall mounts and anchors in your pilot holes with the cylindrical knobs or spacers in your installation kits. Once tightly placed, you can simply attach your neon sign to your wall by screwing your wall-mount screws into the spacers.

Once your suspended or wall-mounted neon signs are secured, the only thing left to do is plug them in and switch them on.

Searching for Easy-to-Install LED Neon Signs?

Neon sign installation can be a pain, but it can be a breeze with the right instructions and proper guidance. Can’t find bright, high-quality, durable neon signs with easy installation? Try Neonize!

With Neonize’s varied collection of designs, you can celebrate any occasion or decorate your space with the iconic neon glow. Our installation kits make it easy so you can say goodbye to countless hours of mounting your neon signs.Choose a neon sign with an acrylic backboard from our collection or send your preferred design to us and have it customized!

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