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Flamingo Neon Light Sign and More Fun Ways to Design Your Kid’s Bedroom

Bedrooms are a place for sleep, rest, and relaxation. They should be a personal haven where you can retreat from the pressures of the outside world. For kids, bedrooms can also be a place to have fun and express themselves. 

Designing a dreamy kids’ bedroom can be tough, but it’s not impossible! With a little imagination, you can create a stylish and entertaining space that your child will adore. 

If you're looking for creative ideas to design your child’s bedroom, consider using eye-catching neon lights. Keep reading to learn more ways of creating a sleek space for your little one. 

5 Fun Ways to Design a Kid’s Bedroom

The sky’s the limit when decorating your child’s bedroom. But if you're stuck on ideas or want something fun and unique, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these tips to add a touch of playfulness and fun to your kid’s bedroom.

Paints and Prints

Paints and wallpapers are a great way to add personality to the room. Try using brightly colored paints to make an accent wall or wallpapers with playful patterns for a fun and festive look

Alternatively, if you're looking for something more calming, you can opt for more subdued colors such as lilacs, pinks, and blues. These colors can contribute to a more relaxing atmosphere, perfect for bedtime.

Kids’ Artwork Gallery

Have no idea what wall art to install? Kids love to see their artwork on display, and their bedroom walls are the perfect canvas. They’ll feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments, aside from making their room look better. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to give their room a personal touch.

If you’re unsure how to get started, you can use washi tape or painter’s tape to create a grid on the wall. Then, let your kids choose which pieces they want to hang up. You can also frame their artwork or use clothespins to attach it to a string or ribbon. Make sure you rotate the pieces regularly so that they always have something new to look at.

Chalkboard Wall

Parents usually don’t allow their kids to draw on walls. But what if you use chalkboard paint to personalize their bedroom wall? This paint allows kids to draw and erase pictures, write messages, and express their creativity without getting in trouble! 

And if they get bored with a particular design, they can easily wipe it away and begin again. Chalkboard paint is a fun and easy way to give your child the freedom to express their inner artist.

Nighttime Reading Space

If you want a cozy, functional reading spot for your child’s bedroom, consider creating a bedtime reading space. A small table and a chair near the bed will provide a comfortable place to read before sleep. Then, add a soft rug or floor pillow for additional comfort.

You can stock the space with your kid’s favorite books and magazines to encourage reading. You might also want to include good night lighting and some soothing music to create a calm atmosphere. 

Fun Neon Signs

Neon lights are a popular way to add some personality to a room, and they can be especially fun in a kid’s bedroom. Neon lights come in all shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find one that fits your child’s personality. 

You can use neon signs to light up bedside tables or dressers, accentuate existing artwork on the wall, or create fun neon light quotes. 

Neon Sign Ideas for Kids’ Room

Most kids love brightly colored things; that’s why neon signs are perfect. Neon signs can add a splash of color to any room and personalize a space. 

Here are some neon signs your kids would love to see in their rooms.

Neonize flamingo neon light in a kid’s bedroom

Flamingo Neon Sign 

A pink flamingo neon light is a fun way to add some light and color to your child’s room. Pink flamingos symbolize fun and friendship, making them the perfect addition to any child’s room. Even when used as a night light, this neon LED sign adds flair to a room. 

When choosing a pink flamingo neon sign for a child’s room, you should consider the size of the room and your child’s age. For example, a smaller sign may be the best option for a small room or nursery. Meanwhile, a larger neon flamingo sign across the room may be more appropriate for an older kid’s room. 

Neonize Poke Ball neon light

Pokeball Pokemon LED Neon Sign

Bring a touch of the Pokemon universe to your kid's room with this neon sign! This stylish anime LED light is a perfect room decoration if your child is a fan, as it allows them to express their love for the franchise. 

The sign features the Poke Ball logo and is available in its iconic red and white colors. It also comes with a dimmer, so there is no need to worry about it being too bright at night.

Neonize rainbow neon light

Rainbow LED Neon Light Sign

Want to add some magic to your child's room? A rainbow LED neon light sign is the perfect way to do just that. The sign is bright, colorful, and playful—it's sure to make your kid's room feel more inviting.

You can install this sign just about anywhere. Whether your kid wants to add a touch of style to their dresser or their reading nook, a rainbow LED neon light sign can make their room truly their own.

Neonize clouds neon sign

Cloud Neon Sign

Some kids are afraid of the dark and have trouble falling asleep at night. If that sounds like your kid, the cloud neon sign is perfect for them. 

This neon sign will help your child drift off to dreamland in no time. Its simple design also looks great in any room. Your child will love falling asleep under its soft light.

Level Up Kids’ Fun with Neon Signs

Get started on decorating your child’s bedroom today! It can be as simple as painting the walls and ceilings or mounting a neon flamingo light on the wall. 

Don’t forget to ask your kids for their input on the design! Check out Neonize’s collection with them and together create a lively space. If you want to add more character to the room, a custom neon sign is a great piece of decoration. 

What are you waiting for? Get your neon sign today!

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