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Orange Neon Sign and Other Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Do you sometimes find yourself running empty? On some days, you have to down multiple cups of coffee just to make it through the day. 

Here’s the thing: you’re not alone. We all experience fatigue and low energy levels. But take heart. With just a few simple changes to your daily routine, you can reduce the feeling of being worn out. Also, switching things up in your space by, for example, mounting a vibrant orange neon sign on your wall can go a long way in enhancing your energy levels. 

Check out these tips to increase your energy levels naturally.

5 Ways to Get More Energy

A lack of energy often comes with achy muscles and a tired feeling. It’s a terrible combination, but all it takes is to make healthy lifestyle choices and watch them significantly impact your mood and energy. 

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Many people sleep less than the recommended eight hours. Even we are guilty of this. While we all have valid reasons for doing it, such as meeting a deadline at work or studying for a test, lack of sleep can be the culprit in draining energy levels. 

If you are sleep-deprived, try building good sleeping habits. For example, you can slowly add hours of sleep on successive nights. Limiting the use of electronic devices such as your phone, laptop, or television before bedtime can also help you get a good night of rest. 

Get Moving

Did you know that regular exercise releases more dopamine, the hormone responsible for elevating your mood? But don’t feel pressured to do a high-intensity workout; you can start with a small amount of exercise. In fact, you can get the energy boost you need by going on a 15-minute walk or jog. 

Avoid Skipping Meals

You might have heard countless times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you shouldn't skip it. We're here to tell you the same thing. Breakfast sets the tone of your day, so if you're skipping it, you are passing up being in a great mood and having high energy. Skipping the other meals also won't do you any good; you will only feel more fatigued and lethargic at the end of the day. 

Stay Hydrated

You might be wondering how staying hydrated boosts your energy. Drinking enough water helps restore electrolytes lost through sweating from physical activities. Remember: even slight dehydration can leave you tired and weak, so drink more water throughout the day!

Relieve Stress

Stress is a normal part of life, but it’s one of the biggest energy killers. It can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health if left unmanaged. 

Fortunately, you can lessen it in a few ways. One is to incorporate more relaxing activities into your daily routine to counter the things that drain your energy. Some of these include listening to music, reading a book, or talking with a loved one. Whichever activity you do, it will help reduce tension and eventually restore your energy

How Space Affects Your Mood and Energy

You have an idea of the healthy lifestyle choices you can make to increase your energy. Now, let’s talk about how your environment can have a powerful influence over it. Here are some elements you need to consider.


Clutter triggers the brain to process everything that the eyes see, resulting in feelings of overwhelm. If the things on your desk are piling up, consider which ones you should display and which ones to put back in your cabinet. This way, you can focus your energy on what matters. 


Strategic use of space and placement of things significantly affect mood and productivity. For example, a crowded room with uneven furniture placement can easily make you feel burdened. Meanwhile, a spacious room with minimal clutter can help facilitate better flow and a sense of ease. 


Different intensities of light have different effects on your mood and energy. Dim lighting is perfect for relaxation, while warm lights inspire creativity. If you want to be productive, cool lights are best to help you concentrate. 


Colors are powerful because they communicate certain moods, affecting our energy. Think about your favorite color, for instance. It likely reflects your personality, so seeing it in your personal space will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Add an Orange LED Neon Sign to Your Space

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color orange? Most probably, you'll think of fruits like oranges and tangerines or the color of sunsets or sunshine, all things that reflect energy and warmth.

Orange may not be everyone's favorite, but this bold and energetic color can give you passionate energy and lift your spirit. It brings about feelings of enthusiasm, joy, and excitement, the perfect mood booster if you feel drained and down.

An orange neon aesthetic sign is a trendy form of lighting that can give a fresh and modern look to any space. Mounting LED orange neon wall signs is a great way to add creative lighting to your kitchen walls, living room, man cave, or bedroom. 

If you’re concerned with safety, orange LED neon light signs don't use toxic gas compared to traditional gas neon signs, which makes them safe to install in any space. 

Aside from serving as a hip light for your home, an orange neon light can help you fight fatigue. With the high energy and positive vibes that LED orange neon lights give, it's much easier to go back to your animated self.

Hanging an orange neon light sign on the wall of your home is not its only use. Orange LED neon signs attract people’s attention quickly; that’s why businesses commonly use them in branding and advertising. They are also a common sight in bar events and restaurants to create a warm, inviting, and joyful ambiance. Just imagine those orange neon lights around Las Vegas and New York!

This color of LED neon sign is also great indoor or outdoor decor for events like birthdays, engagement parties, or weddings.

Energize Your Space with Neonize

Want neon signs that bring more life and energy to your space? Light up your room with the creativity and positive energy of Neonize’s neon sign collections. We have motivational quotes, symbols, and images that can help electrify your space, enhancing your energy! 

You can also get the best out of neon signs by customizing them! Express yourself and send us the design you want, and we’ll personalize your neon sign

Beat the lack of energy and soak in good vibes only by getting your own orange neon light today!

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