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Everything’s Flashy? Narrow Down Your Neon Signs For Room Choices With These 6 Tips

Neon light signs for rooms are all the rage right now. They instantly add a fun and creative touch to any space. They also come in all sorts of colors and styles, making it easy to find something that fits your personality! And the best part? Cool neon signs for rooms also make a difference in your mood.

But with so many options available, it’s hard to choose the right LED neon sign for you. There are tons of factors to consider, like the room interior design and more! But don’t worry, we got you! Check these tips to get started in picking the best neon sign in a sea of flashy designs.

1. Consider your existing room design.

It is easy to get lost in a sea of visually pleasing neon signs. Yet, your existing room design, the colors in your room, the space, and existing ornaments can help trim down your choices. 

Space also comes into play. So it’s important to consider the areas where you’ll put the signs and how they’ll blend in with the other decorations you have in your room.

If your bedroom follows a minimalist touch, you can pick LED signs such as white or blue light, which emanates the same minimal aura. To add spark and excitement to your room, pick the vibrant colors of pink, purple, yellow, or green.

2. A room revamp

Embrace the freedom to choose the neon signs you want during a complete makeover. We recommend you keep a vision board or design blueprint in mind. It will make it easier for you to decide where to position the neon signs and which colors to pick.

  • Headboard: Place an LED neon light above or behind your headboard. It will be a breath of fresh air and a nice break from regular unlit headboards. 
  • Vanity space: Add a unique pink, purple, blue, or red illumination to your vanity space with cool LED lights. 
  • Walk-in closet: With various light fixtures, a walk-in closet looks deluxe, but a neon light makes it even more fun!

3. Something that touches your heart

Your room is a unique space in your home. You can make game-changing moments in your safe place more inspiring by picking neon signs with a message that touches your heart and awakens your soul.

List the things that motivate and inspire you to keep going. Bring these thoughts to life, so in case you come home drained or wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the neon light will give you a nudge to always see the silver lining of life. 

4. Decorate according to the season

If room revamps excite you, do it more often by putting up new neon signs for different seasons, holidays, and celebrations. There’s Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and more! With neon lights, you can transcend the festivities into your room.

You can also display designs of your advocacies like women empowerment, gender equality, or Black Lives Matter, so even in your room, your decorations are relevant to what you believe in. And for these lights, you can keep them mounted all year round. 

5. From the movie and books

To some, a room isn’t just a resting place but a haven where their prized books are stored. To bookworms, a room wouldn’t be complete without shelves. Meanwhile, for self-proclaimed cinephiles, a room definitely needs a huge viewing screen and surround sound. 

If either of the two personalities sounds like you level up your book or movie cave through these neon light concepts:

  • A title of the movie or book that fascinates you
  • Catchy and unforgettable lines and quotes
  • A silhouette of your favorite book or movie character
  • A sign that says “Silence Please” like in libraries
  • Movie theater signs like “Now Showing”

6. Set your ideas free through a custom sign

The greatest design for a neon sign may have to be created yet because you hold the design in your mind. So, grab a pencil and paper and sketch the designs into reality. Not to worry, customized neon signs are a thing, so you can watch your craziest ideas shine in real life.

Just remember to think of the empty walls as canvases waiting to be decorated. Add a modern spark to your walls by putting lit texts and images side-by-side with paintings mounted on the walls.

Neon Signs for Room By Neonize

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re looking for a neon sign. However, if you consider your existing room design, what kind of mood you want to create, and what time of year it is, the process will be much easier. So get inspired and let your ideas run wild! 

Once you have a few designs in mind, bring them to life with one of our beautiful neon signs. We have plenty of choices for neon signs here at Neonize–from aesthetics, inspiration, letters, characters, and even quotes! Customized neon signs are also within our offers. Plus, we have neon lights for different occasions and locations available. So feel free to explore our collections to see which sign fits your room design ideas best!

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