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Cloud Neon Sign: The Perfect Nightlight for Your Baby

If you're a parent, you've probably had your share of sleepless nights putting your baby to sleep. It can be tough when they wake up crying in the middle of the night, and you don't know what to do. Some parents install night lights in their baby rooms to keep their babies company. 

But you don't need to install expensive dimmer lights or buy unappealing night lights for this. You can set your baby's sleepy mood with a neon sign without dulling the kids' room. A neon sign cloud can help by providing a soft, calming light that can help your baby drift back to sleep.

This article will show you why neon lights are the perfect nightlight for your little one.

What Types of Nightlights Are Safe for Your Baby?

Is having lights when sleeping needed? It depends. Pediatricians recommend turning off lights when your baby sleeps as their body secretes more melatonin with darkness. But it doesn't mean letting them wallow in the dark when they are afraid, giving them nightmares and trauma. 

Nightlights have gone a long way, from your typical gas lamps back in the day as they are now electrical fixtures. This table shows the nightlights commonly used with their similarities and differences. 

Light Source Halogen BulbIncandescent Bulb Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) 
Wattage 60W60W13 to 18 W10W
Lifespan per unit (hours)3,6001,000 to 2,0006,000 to 8,000 15,000 to 30,000
Estimated average price per unit $1 to $3<$2<$2$3 to $6
HeatIt is the hottest and most dangerous light and can cause burns on your skin and damage your carpet, causing fire. This type of nightlight can cause skin burns when you come into contact. The heat of CFLs is comparable to incandescent bulbs.  It is still hot but bearable and won't burn your skin compared to the rest. 

Our LED neon signs are the safest and long-lasting option in the group. While LED neon signs are more expensive, they are far more efficient than the three types of lights combined. More importantly, it has less burn risk, so it is fireproof for your home.

Is A Cloud Neon Light Sign Safe For Your Little One?

Yes. LED neon signs from Neonize are cool to the touch. There is nothing to worry about your baby's eyesight, as LED neon signs have soft illumination and low voltage that will not harm or irritate your child's eyes. If the light is still too bright, neon LED lights have a dimmer remote so you can adjust the light to an even lower setting. 

Don't neon tubes contain mercury which can be fatal to children? That's for traditional neon lights. Our cloud neon signs are free from mercury and other harmful gasses. Plus, these LED signs have durable shatter-resistant glass, making it difficult for your children to get a hold of any electrical components of the LED neon sign. 

How Can a Cloud Neon Sign Help Your Little One To Sleep?

There's no denying its benefits not just for your young one but also for your family. Check them out below:

Reduced Disturbed Sleep

Bright overhead lights prevent your baby from falling asleep, but low-light LED neon signs create a soothing visual stimulus. Choose warm lights such as warm white to emanate peace and tranquility to your baby's sleeping area.

Focus and Visualize Better

Sometimes, your baby will wake up earlier than you do, and that's perfectly normal. With that in mind, LED neon signs can help them see in the dark and distract them for a while as you head to their room. 

You don't have to turn on the bright lights when you need to check on your child at night. You don't need to guess which way to reach your baby's bed as your LED neon nightlight will guide you through the cluttered room of toys and baby items. 

Relieves Stress

Some babies develop separation anxiety from having to be away from their parents. Nightlights will alleviate that anxiety and help them fall asleep. For toddlers and older children afraid of the dark, a cloud neon sign will be their source of light, distracting them from the eerie darkness within their room. 

Pay Less

LED neon lights are known to have a longer lifespan with low-energy consumption. So you can stop worrying about your electricity bills when leaving your neon lights all night. Additionally, LED neon lights are reasonably priced, and installation costs are cheap. You can DIY your cloud neon signs in minutes. 

Add Personal Style to Functionality

Most nightlights look modern and boring—not a perfect combo for a kid's room. But imagine a warm white cloud neon sign floating on your baby's bedroom wall. You can also animate your neon cloud with a smiley face or add a moon or stars to create a dreamy night sky in your little one's room. 

Neon Signs Nightlight Safety Tips

Neon signs are still plug-in fixtures that could be dangerous to your baby. To minimize risk for your little one, neon nightlight owners should: 

  • Make sure to babyproof the electrical outlet with electrical outlet covers so your adventurous baby won't get electrocuted. 
  • Despite installing it properly, you must keep it a safe distance from your baby's bed. 
Cloud Neon Sign

Choosing Your Nightlight Cloud Neon Lights 

Now that we have covered the overflowing benefits and safety concerns, let's check out the important features to look out for when choosing your cloud neon sign. 


Choose neon signs with the latest Neon Flex Technology, making your neon lights far stronger and lighter than traditional neon glass.


Neon signs are made of glass tubes for technical and aesthetic reasons. Thus, asides from choosing LED lights, your neon signs must be shatter-resistant and have low heat emanating. This feature can avoid accidents involving broken glasses or eye irritation. 

Easy Installation

You can say goodbye to your installer and stop looking for screws in your toolbox. A high-quality neon sign should come with a free screw kit. And no matter which country you are in, you can easily plug in your neon sign without an adapter.


Whether you choose cloud neon signs or custom neon, they should be easy to carry and portable as wall decor. So you don't need to hire movers to place your neon light on the other side of the room. Instead, you can easily do it yourself. 


When checking out neon sign sites, go for shops that offer custom neon signs with different color options to spruce up your baby's room according to your style and theme. You should also be able to choose what size and whether you like to submit a sketch of a personalized cloud. 

Full Control

Get a neon sign with a remote control so you can switch your neon lights on and off from afar. Plus, you will be able to adjust its brightness for your baby's sensitive eyes. Of course, neon lights are already low-light, but neon signs, like on Neonize, have ten brightness settings to achieve that soft illumination you've wanted for your little one. 

Sleeping Like A Baby with Cloud Neon Signs

Sleep Like A Baby With Neonize! 

When buying neon signs for your baby, find one that fits your needs. If you're only looking for something to provide a bit of light in the dark, there are plenty of affordable options. However, if you want something with more safety features or design customization, Neonize cloud signs are the best of the best.
A cloud neon sign is a great option for a nightlight because it is safe and stimulating for your baby to help them get a good night's sleep and comes with an added personality to your child's space. So shop for our cloud neon signs from Neonize—the safest and most relaxing nightlight for your baby!

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