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5 Creative Ways to Design Your Bedroom with Blue Neon Lights

Neon bedrooms have been making waves on social media for a while now, and this trend will no doubt be around for quite some time. So if you’re looking for a fun but relaxing way to light up your bedroom, consider using neon lights in different shades of blue!

Neon lights come in all different colors, but blue has a unique look that makes your bedroom look creative yet comfy. Blue is also popular for its calming effect, so it’s the perfect color to help you relax at the end of a long day.

The possibilities for blue shades of neon lights in your bedroom are limitless and exciting. So in this blog post, we’ll give you five different ways to decorate with them so that your bedroom can have an inviting and soothing atmosphere. 

Whether you want to add a subtle touch or go all out with neon decorations, read on for some inspiration! 

Styling Your Bedroom with Blue Neon Lights

Neon blue lights can give your bedroom a pop of color and make it feel more vibrant. However, adding these lights can be challenging because you can style them in many ways to fit your room. So let’s check out five of the trendiest neon blue light decoration styles that are easy to incorporate into your bedroom.

Hang a motivational neon light piece on your bedroom wall.

Hanging a motivational neon blue light piece on your bedroom wall has many benefits. For one, it can brighten your space and provide a splash of color. It’s also a great way of expressing your style and personality. And most importantly, it can be a source of motivation when you wake up in the morning or after a long day.

If you’re feeling stressed or down, looking at a positive message written in blue neon can help to boost your mood. And if you’re trying to achieve a specific goal, seeing it written in bright lights can keep you motivated and on track.

Line the perimeter of your bedroom ceiling with blue neon fairy lights.

Looking for a fun and creative way to brighten up your bedroom? Try hanging some blue neon fairy lights on your ceiling! The soft blue glow from the neon fairy lights not only adds a touch of childlike charm to your space, but it also creates a soothing bedroom ambiance that can help you relax.

And since fairy lights are relatively small and easy to install, you can experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect lighting for your bedroom.

Put neon lights under your bed frame to create a touch of magic.

Putting neon blue lights under your bed frame can change the feel of your bedroom. It can make you feel like you’re sleeping in a serene haven and even add a touch of magic by making it look like your bed is floating in midair. The best part? The calming blue hue from the lights creates a perfect environment for sleep.

So if you’re struggling to get a peaceful slumber, you should definitely try this neon lighting trick. Trust us, and you won’t be disappointed.

Accentuate statement pieces with blue neon room lights.

Who says neon has to be exclusive to roadside motels and black light parties? These days, blue neon bedroom lights are all the rage when accentuating bedroom statement pieces, such as mirrors, nightstands, and bedside tables. They add a touch of flair and personal style to any space and brighten up an otherwise dark room.

Neon lights are a fun and easy way to sprinkle your bedroom with a personal touch. They also come in different shades of blue, so you can find the perfect color to accentuate your statement pieces.

Make your bed a focal point by placing a LED neon sign over it.

If you want to add a unique style to your bedroom, go with a blue neon sign. You can use it as wall decor to accentuate your bed, especially with a white background. Additionally, it can make your bed a focal point because it gives off such an eye-catching and inviting vibe!

You’ll find there’s no wrong way of putting a neon sign in your space. That’s because neon signs come in different designs that can match every style imaginable. So take the time to scan neon sign shops to find just the style you’re looking for. And if you can’t find the right one, you can ask for a custom neon sign.

Things to Consider Before Getting Neon Blue Lights for Room Decor

Once you’ve decided to decorate your bedroom with neon lights, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect ones to suit your taste. It’s especially challenging because so many kinds of neon light pieces are there to choose from. That’s why we’ve made a list of factors you should keep in mind when picking neon light pieces for your room.

1. Picture the overall bedroom style you’re aiming for.

If your bedroom is a cozy and inviting space, then a soft shade of blue light would be a great choice. But if you want your room to have an edgy and urban feel, then a brighter shade of neon blue would be ideal. Furthermore, you have many style options available, including neon wall signs, string lights, lamps, and sculptures.

2. Consider the size of your bed.

A smaller neon light piece would look best if you have a small bed. Similarly, you could go for a bigger neon light piece if your bed is bigger. Remember that the size of the neon light should be proportional to the bed itself.

3. Be mindful of the existing colors in your bedroom.

If your room is mostly white or neutral-toned, then a blue neon light would really pop. But if your room has other bold colors, then you might want to choose a shade of blue that’s not too bright so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

4. Finally, don’t forget to think about your budget. 

Considering your budget is crucial because neon lights come in a wide range of prices. So before you shop all you want, it’s important to allot a budget that fits your lifestyle.

Ready to Add a Touch of Magic to Your Room?

Blue shades of neon lights are one of the most popular decor pieces to add a soothing yet fun ambiance to any room. So if you’re looking for a way to feel more serenity in your space, these lights are perfect. They create an instant sense of calmness as they give off a relaxing glow that helps you unwind after a long day.

Whether you’re looking to relax, get motivated, or just have fun, neon blue lights are a great way to enhance your space. Check out our collection of neon signs at, and you might just find the one that will add a perfect touch of magic to your bedroom. 

Can’t find one that catches your interest? Don’t worry; you can also order a custom neon sign!

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