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The Best Neon Wall Signs Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

Are you an enthusiastic TV buff looking to add creativity to your couch-dwelling time? Take a look at one of the hottest trends in interior decoration today: neon wall signs inspired by your favorite TV shows.

So if you grew up watching classic sitcoms or are nostalgic for the 80s, these dynamic neon wall art designs are the witty statement pieces you didn’t know you needed! We’ll show you how to choose neon signs for your space that perfectly capture those unique moments and scenes. 

Get ready! This blog post will take you down memory lane, from unforgettable characters and plot twists to sensational one-liners. 

Central Perk Cafe - FRIENDS set - neon wall signs

Custom Neon Signs For Your Wall: TV Show Edition

Imagine an elegantly designed backlight showcasing your favorite TV series—no home should be without one! Have a special night in, grab some popcorn, and use your nostalgic LED neon signs to light up the room as you tune into the latest episode.

These wall art pieces can illuminate a dull corner or space. You’ll be amazed at how much more exciting things can get when you add the glitz and glamour of your beloved TV show neon signs to your leisure time.

Here are some of the distinctive custom neon signs that will never go out of style and bring you endless visual pleasure:

#1: FRIENDS Neon Sign

A bright beacon of fond memories, the FRIENDS Neon Sign charges your interior with the familiar warmth and laughter of one of the most beloved modern sitcoms since its debut in 1994. 

Whether you connect with Rachel's fashionista lifestyle, Phoebe's offbeat humor, Monica's perfectionism, Chandler's sarcasm, Joey's laidback attitude, or Ross' nerdy brilliance, there is something for everyone to love about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Turn on this terrific home decor light while watching and relive the sense of comfort and companionship.

#2: The Big Bang Theory Neon Sign

Any hardcore Big Bang Theory TV series fan must add this LED neon sign to their collection. Crafted from high-quality glass tubing, it captures the presence of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Raj, Amy, Bernadette, and Howard in all their nerdy glory.

To this day, millions of fans tune in to catch up with these eccentric characters that have captivated our hearts for over twelve seasons! This show is binge-worthy for those looking to make their lives more entertaining while adding a little science into the mix.

#3: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Neon Sign

Follow the comedic cases, mischievous pranks, and unlikely friendships at Brooklyn's 99th precinct with Andy Samberg as detective Jake Peralta. 

Joined by equally talented officers—Rosa, Terry, Boyle, Amy, Gina, and their no-nonsense captain Raymond Holt, this group of ragtag detectives take on hilarious investigations while struggling to get along in true sitcom fashion.

Nothing booms louder than Jefferson howling Brooklyn Nine-Nine in classic neon fashion! Now, you can experience all the hilarity at home or in your office when you put up this excellent neon sign featuring the iconic logo of everyone's favorite show.

#4: Breaking Bad Neon Sign

The Breaking Bad neon sign features prominently in the show, beckoning viewers to venture into the show's world of crime and danger. Standing on a flatbed truck for many appearances on the show, it is an evocative reminder of the power of Walter White and his meth empire. 

This famous memorabilia is worth admiring and may bring extra brightness to your day. Its electric glow symbolizes two opposing forces: breaking the rules while maintaining a certain order level, often overlapping in the series. 

Its vibrant presence conveys how despite how unsettled things can become within these worlds, there can still sometimes be moments of beauty.

#5: Bojack Horseman Neon Sign

Bojack Horseman is a must-see for those who want a riveting show! This dark comedy follows the life of a troubled horseman turned former sitcom star as he faces complex challenges related to addiction, mental health issues, and more.

Each season’s episodic structure is incredibly well-thought-out, with each episode providing its unique story arc while advancing an overarching narrative. That’s why this neon wall sign will remind you of Bojack’s overall message of hope in a harsh world.

#6: Sherlock Neon Sign

From one mystery to the next, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson traverse London piecing together clues and solving crimes while simultaneously uncovering hidden secrets. People widely acclaim this TV series for its odd yet brilliant depictions of familiar and fresh characters that each bring something unique to the series.

With this neon sign for wall decor, you can bring a vibe of intense mystery, clever banter, and a hit of romance that creates an immersive viewing experience. Add this to your wall design collection and allow yourself to be inspired by Sherlock himself. 

#7: Game of Thrones Neon Sign

In this fantasy epic, an intense battle for the Iron Throne wages among various characters as varying as House Stark and House Lannister

With intricate plot twists, dynamic character development, and plenty of high-stakes battles, Game of Thrones is full of thrills that keep audiences coming back for more.

Who said you couldn't bring Westeros to your bedroom? With a fantastic Game of Thrones neon sign, you can recreate the atmosphere of the HBO series right in the comfort of your space.

Designed with attention to detail and a sleek, modern look, they are an ideal way to brighten up any room in your house and feel the mythical phenomenon.

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Design the lounge of your dreams with our show-stopping customized neon art inspired by some of television's biggest hits. Illuminate any room and bring your favorite shows to life! 

Installing these neon lights is simple, so get ready for the epic decoration ideas just around the corner. Come down today and check out our neon collection!

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