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Plan A Perfect Movie Nights: Set the Mood With TV Shows Neon Light Signs

It’s a lazy Saturday—that time of the week again where you have no work, no commitments, just enjoying the day, relaxing on a soft sofa with your comfortable clothes. The snacks are ready—it’s movie day! Aside from setting up the usual paraphernalia, turn the room lights down low to make way for the vibrant glow of TV shows neon light signs in your personal theatre. 

Here’s Why Neon Light Signs Are An Excellent Addition to Your Entertainment Area

Whether you are having your “me time” or chilling with your friends, you’d all have a great time if the room you are staying in is not just well-lit with regular lights but with a dynamic touch brought by the radiance coming from neon LED lights. Check out more of the benefits of neon light signs and some ideas to help you choose the perfect home theatre design. Let’s begin!

Sets the mood

A well-lit room with either white or yellow bulbs is good, but if you have the choice to mimic how a movie theater is lit, why not give it a shot? Instead of an “EXIT” neon signage, make the light cool using good tv shows neon signs. Pick a color of either red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple, or you can have multi-colors or gradients, depending on your design choice. 

A conversation starter

Unlike in a regular movie theatre, the show doesn’t have to start immediately at a specific time, especially if you are still waiting for the whole gang to come in. So, while you prepare everything like some snacks and drinks, let your friends have a recap of the previous Money Heist episodes or dread how the story turned out for their favorite Game Of Thrones characters. All these great conversations could stem from your LED neon sign decoration. It cultivates a warm and friendly vibe between friends, even when there are latecomers. While waiting, the group enjoys the beauty of the neon light signs and reminisces the most unforgettable moments from their favorite films and shows. 

Immortalizes your favorite show

For a cinephile, nothing is more heartbreaking than your favorite show ending or trilogy movies finally coming to a close. There’s a pang in your heart and pain in your throat from holding your tears. But, while there's a voice in you hoping there would be another season or another movie that follows, you can immortalize your favorite show, character, or movie through neon signs. 

There is no need for you to have a movie night to remember those scenes again—every time you light the signs up, the most unforgettable scenes and life-changing lines come crashing. Yet, we know you’d still turn the screen on to rewatch them. 

TV Shows Neon Light Signs Design Ideas

What better way to express yourself than decorating your own room and entertainment space? Now that you know the goodness these signs bring, you must be thinking about getting one or two for your room! Here are some cinephile-approved design ideas you can consider. 

Symbols from your favorite shows

Let’s play a game of symbols: Mockingjay is to Hunger Games. The Dali mask is to Money Heist. How about a dire wolf, a stag, or a lion? Of course, these are the house sigils on Game Of Thrones! Fill your room with emblems that bring a smile to your face and great memories not only about the show but the binge-watching moments spent with your favorite people. Money Heist, Hunger Games, Game Of Thrones, and plenty more designs are available in our best tv shows LED neon sign collection!

Unforgettable quotes

Add a personal touch to your room and decorate it with quotes that struck your heart and became your life’s battle cry. Looking for inspiration? Here are some ideas:

  • Winter is coming. - Game Of Thrones
  • May the odds be ever in your favor. - Hunger Games
  • It’s gonna be LEGEN…wait for it...DARY! - How I Met Your Mother
  • Love can’t be timed. It has to be lived. - Money Heist
  • Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost. - Lord Of The Rings
  • Wingardium leviosa! - Harry Potter
  • May The Force be With You - Star Wars

Wake up every day, feeling a boost of energy from the motivational glow of these neon lights.  

Title of the show or character names

If you are into minimalist decorations, do not sweat and pick among signs featuring the title or logo of your favorite movies and TV shows. If there are characters that got you deep like Daenerys Targaryen, El Professor, Barney, Ted, Lily, Robin, Marshall, or even Sherlock Holmes—turn them into lovely neon signs. To make it even better, pick a color that radiates the character's vibe with yellow for Ted or red as fire or Daenerys. 

Get Your Neon Signs at Neonize It!

The design ideas never end for TV show neon signs you can use to set the mood and make your movie nights cinema-perfect. If you don’t find any of your favorite shows on our present catalog, pitch in your customized neon LED lights design here at Neonize It! 

Our collection of TV show signs and more themes are as endless as the creative ideas you have in your mind. To light your room, you can pick our ready-made designs or upload an image or text of the design you want to have. We’ll handle the creation and customization for you! 

Movie night or normal days, neon signs are perfect for bringing in good vibes to jump-start or end your day on a positive note!

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