Three Reasons Why You Should Get a Mandalorian Neon Light

The 1970s saw a boom in the science fiction movie selection. There was something in the atmosphere of the decade that just made people curious about the unknown. Maybe it was the effect of the space race, but noticeable science fiction films were created during those years. 

One epic saga that began in the 1970s is Star Wars. Everyone knows the story of the brave Rebel Alliance fighting against the oppressive and evil Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker’s story and the crusade of the powerful Jedi started in those years.

After several decades, Star Wars is still enjoying fame like no other science fiction saga—partly because the people who grew up with it have families now and are excited to reminisce about the films of their childhood and share them with their children as well. But of course, the timeless themes of revolution, mystical powers, and good versus evil are huge factors why the series is still popular to this day. 

In fact, aside from the original films, many spinoff movies and series were also created well into the 2000s. One of the latest installments in the world of Star Wars is The Mandalorian. With millions of avid fans of the franchise, plus new ones from the latest episodes and spinoffs, this cute Mandalorian neon light came to exist, becoming an instant best-seller.

Star Wars merchandise

A Mandalorian neon sign is a great way to show your love for Star Wars. 

There is countless Star Wars merchandise for sale out there, whether in online or physical stores. It’s no wonder since it’s still a hit after more than four decades. But for the picky fans, it’s hard to come by a unique merch that you can brag about in your friend groups.

As a recent addition to the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian items might be hard to find, especially since its release was limited only to subscribers of Disney+. However, would you even call yourself a fan if you don’t have any new merchandise from the latest installment? So what better way to scream your devotion to the series than neon light decor. 

The Mandalorian can attribute its fame to one key character in the series—“Baby Yoda” or Grogu. Fans were captivated by the cute image of the character, the same species as Luke Skywalker’s master Yoda. However, Baby Yoda wasn’t the only lead in the series. 

The series actually revolves around the Mandalorian race from the fictional Mandalore. The events in the series belong in the timeline right after Return of the Jedi, in a galaxy recovering from the devastation made by the Galactic Empire.

It’s pretty far-off from the original plot and feels more like a side-story. However, it’s a great introduction for the younger generation to foray into the amazing world of Star Wars. 

These lights are perfect if you want to create an atmosphere that is out of this world.

If you own a comic book store or something similar that sells pop culture merchandise, having this Mandalorian LED neon sign in your shop is sure to get your customers’ attention. Aside from that, it also serves as a great ambient light if you want to entice more customers to visit your store. 

Themed cafes are also trending right now. If you want to start your own Star Wars-themed cafe or already have one, LED Neon signs are a must-have for your walls. Unlike other lights, neon signs like these emit a glow instead of a glare. The subtle glow is perfect for your customers to take Instagram-worthy photos in your shop. 

Even if you don’t own a business, you can still get this neon sign. It’s going to complement your bedroom walls perfectly. You can even use this as your night light and imagine Baby Yoda watching over you as you sleep.

They make excellent gifts for friends, family members, or even yourself! 

This neon light is a wonderful addition to your Christmas shopping list. It’s a great item to give to your loved ones or even to reward yourself with. The best thing about it is, you can choose what color you want. You can make Baby Yoda blue, pink, purple, or green. Because it has versatile color choices, it can fit in the regular color scheme of your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out what customized LED Neon signs are available for you here at Neonize. 

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