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5 Wedding Neon Sign Ideas That Can Light Up Your Big Day

One of the most significant and unforgettable days in someone's life is most likely their wedding day. 

It’s not surprising that most couples want to plan the entire event down to the tiniest detail. While the marriage ceremony is mainly about the newly wedded sweethearts, you shouldn’t take your guests for granted when planning wedding decor. 

How can you set the mood right, keep your wedding reception venue adequately alight, and entertain your guests? Placing neon wedding signs around your dream venue might just be the answer you are looking for. 

We’ve come to solve your wedding decor crisis with five wedding neon sign ideas that can transform, illuminate, and liven up your matrimonial ceremony. 

Before we get to those tips, we must learn why wedding day decor is essential for the ceremonial occasion.

Cherry On Top: Why You Need Wedding Decor 

It is easy to say that the wedding decoration’s role is purely for aesthetic purposes. That’s a no-brainer: people decorate their weddings to make the event more pleasing to the eyes. But that is not the primary and only reason why wedding decorations are crucial for the event’s success. 

In line with beautifying the venue, we decorate wedding venues to make them more memorable

As mentioned, weddings are one of the most treasured events in someone’s lifetime. It makes sense that couples would want to decorate their ceremony in a way that will make the event stick in their minds for a long while. 

Think of it this way: you can’t simply get down on one knee and propose to someone without making the moment feel right. You must set the mood and find the perfect timing. The same thing goes for weddings, of course.

Weddings are the day for you and your partner, and you want everything to be as perfect as possible. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare the event and its decorations carefully. If done right, wedding day decorations can set the atmosphere and establish the perfect mood for everyone involved.

Besides flower arrangements and guest seating, keep the following things in mind when planning your wedding day:

  • Wedding theme - Every decor will revolve around your overarching theme. The overall design and the rest of the decorations will follow if you have a concrete wedding theme.
  • Colors - We know how colors signify various meanings. So it’s important to choose colors that go with your theme and accurately represent the love you and your partner have for each other.
  • Wedding backdrop - Anyone would want the moment they say their wedding vows to be picture-perfect. A gorgeous backdrop (like a flower arch) can help beautifully immortalize that precious moment.
  • Centerpieces - Flower arrangements on each guest table are the traditional wedding centerpieces. These centerpiece arrangements can tie up your wedding decor and add an elegant touch to your wedding theme.
  • Lighting - People may constantly overlook it, but lighting is crucial for any occasion. Lighting can make other elements look alive, emphasize specific areas, and help set the ambiance for your wedding.
shot of a “let’s get this party started” white neon sign with floral decorations beside it

Neon Signs: The “Light” of the Party

Since we’re on the topic of finding how you can perfectly light your wedding venue, we’re here to introduce you to an unconventional yet effective light source: neon signs.

Besides illuminating the entire event, neon signs and lights are more than decent mood-setters. With the right color, the bright and eye-catching light they emit will give your wedding reception venue an atmospheric and unforgettable glow.

What’s more, you can have a custom neon wedding sign. Couples will typically personalize their neon sign with a design bearing their newly shared surname and place it right above their table. But if you’re going for a more creative and fun route, here are a few suggestions. 

Greet Your Guests with a Bang.

Nothing says “welcome to the party!” quite like neon signs' dazzling and distracting glow. What’s a better way of greeting your friends, family, and other guests than ambient neon lighting? 

You can use a neon light design showing your names or initials combined. If you aren’t looking to customize your neon signage, a simple “Better Together” sign or an infinity symbol-shaped neon light can be fun ways to welcome your guests. 

Romantic and memorable quotes can also be great design ideas for your signage. Better yet, why don’t you have part of your wedding vows as a design for your neon light?

Guide the Way.

Traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions will have fairy lights, light bulbs, or fake candles light up their walkways. Why don’t you upgrade your wedding walkway with the glow of neon tube lights? 

Neon tube lights are perfect for placing on the pathway to light the way and direct guests to their areas, especially if your wedding or reception is held at night. If you think putting neon lights directly on the walkway won’t do much, arched neon signs are another great option.

Lighting your walkways with several arched neon signs can make the entrance and pathway look modern and futuristic. You can also add fairy lights between each arch to emulate a more magical feel.

Snap Some Pictures.

Special occasions and precious moments like a wedding ceremony must be documented and shared with our loved ones through pictures, whether they’re going in a photo album or added to an Instagram feed. 

It’s no surprise that many couples want a photo booth set up in their reception venue. Besides the traditional floral and greenery backdrop, you can place a bright, attention-grabbing neon sign with a wedding hashtag in your photo booth.

Doing so makes the area look well-lit, lively, and definitely Instagrammable. If a neon light hashtag isn’t your cup of tea, placing heart neon signs in the photo booth can also work.

Dance the Night Away.

Wedding events cannot end without the couple’s first dance. The first few dances will undoubtedly be emotional and heartwarming, but once the DJ starts playing your favorite tunes, it’s time to party! Make your reception’s dance floor look lively and energetic with a dash of neon lighting. 

What your neon sign says will be entirely up to you. It can be a few sweet words affirming your love for each other (“All you need is love”) or symbols that represent the devotion and passion in your relationship (linked wedding rings or the red string of fate connecting pinkies). 

Let’s not forget and leave out one of the main stars of the night: the DJ. You can bring attention to the DJ booth by placing neon lights near their area.

Bottoms Up!

Besides having the guests dance the night away on your well-lit dance floor, there wouldn’t be any fun party without the help of a few cocktails, margaritas, or punches. Let everyone know where to get their boogie booze by decorating your wedding bar with neon lights.

You can choose a standard design to direct guests to the booth, such as a neon light shaped like a cocktail glass or a simple bar sign. If you’re feeling creative, try placing puns like a “Drunk In Love” pink neon sign.

shot of a couple kissing in a wedding reception with neon purple and pink lights

Welcome the Newly-Weds with a Custom Neon Sign! 

Weddings are undeniably a defining moment for everyone involved and invited. Wedding decor makes the magic last, allowing family, friends, and guests to cherish the memories. When it comes to lighting, the perfect neon sign and light can make the moment more special.

Curious to know where you can find neon signs for weddings? Try Neonize

From weddings and birthday parties to simple room decor, Neonize’s collection of neon lights and signs can light up and set the perfect ambiance for any space. We use materials such as PVC, LED neon flex, acrylic, and rubber flex tubing for our signs, making them highly durable.

If your ideal design isn’t part of our selection, you can have your neon sign personalized. Send us your design, and we’ll create a custom sign for you! 

Commemorate your first day of a lifetime of romance with a custom neon wedding sign from Neonize!

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