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Always be Lucky with a St. Patrick’s Day Neon Light

March 17 is the time to remember St. Patrick. Traditionally, Irish households attend mass in the morning and rejoice in the afternoon on St. Patrick's Day. The celebration also coincides with the Christian season of Lent. Lenten restrictions on eating meat were often lifted, and individuals danced, drank, and feasted on an Irish bacon and cabbage meal.

Dig deeper into this article and find out the significance of St. Patrick's Day and the different ways you can celebrate it.

Knowing St. Patrick

St. Patrick lived in the fifth century; he's Ireland's national disciple and patron saint. He was abducted and taken to Ireland as a slave when he was 16. He eventually fled but decided to return to Ireland, where he is commended with introducing Christianity to the Irish.

The myths surrounding St. Patrick's life have become increasingly pervasive in Irish culture. Perhaps the most well-known legacy of St. Patrick is the use of the shamrock, a native Irish clover plant he used when he explained the Holy Trinity.

Presently, people of all kinds celebrate St. Patrick's Day, particularly in America, Canada, and Australia. Although Americans in the north hold the biggest productions, St. Patrick's Day is honored worldwide, including in Japan, Singapore, and Russia. Irish soda bread, ground beef and cabbage, and champ are all popular as St. Patrick's Day recipes. Also, when celebrating St. Patrick's Day, many people wear green.

Green has become affiliated with Ireland since the country's climate maintains the natural shade of green from the vegetation that surrounds it. Today, the Irish flag is green, white, and orange. According to the Irish government, the color green on the national flag represents Ireland's Gaelic political and legal order, or the Catholic side.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has many parties teeming with Irish food and drinks colored green food coloring. It's where the kids can have sweets while adults enjoy a glass of beer. Numerous pubs and restaurants serve Irish food, such as:

  • Brown bread from Ireland
  • Corned beef with cabbage
  • Pie with beef and Guinness
  • Cake with Irish cream and chocolate mousse
  • Champion Irish potato, also known as pounds, cally, or pandy
  • Irish soup with potatoes

As a Holy Day of Obligation, many Christians in Ireland attend mass as well. Families dress up in their Sunday’s best, with shamrocks pinned to the chest, and head to church together.

Aside from masses and feasts, there are numerous St. Patrick’s Day parades that are televised. Many families gather around the TV to watch these parades. Other ways of honoring St. Patrick involve pilgrimages to St. Patrick's Purgatory, traditionally associated with repentance and spiritual healing.

Simple Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Even though you're not of Irish ancestry, you can still participate in celebrations of St. Patrick's Day. Your celebration does not have to be extravagant or excessively authentic to be fun and interesting. You can throw a big party where only green foods are served, listen to Irish folk songs, or play Irish-themed games.

You can also celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a more low-key way. Here are some ideas:

Consume Green Foods and Beverages

Eating green foods and beverages is a great way to honor St. Patrick's Day. You can start your day with breakfast foods that are green in color. You can include spinach, green baked beans, kale, and even green eggs. You can keep on going with the green theme all throughout the day.

Make a Seasonal Color Pot

Seasonal color pots contain different flowering plants with vivid colors. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, you can create a seasonal color pot with violet and red flowers surrounded by green leaves. It’s not just unique, it’s also eco-friendly. You can also include glitter and other shimmering treats, making your seasonal color pot a leprechaun trap.

Play Irish-Themed Games

Allocate a game night or day to the holiday. Start celebrating by participating in fun party games like Celebrity, but only with important personalities of Irish descent. Another fun game is answering ten questions with an Irish theme. You can also hide gold pieces, items, or coins around your house for your children to find in a scavenger hunt.

Drinking games are common if you're going to celebrate with other adults, and all you have to do to stay on the theme is to drink green beer or Irish whiskey.

Wear Green Clothing

Even if you don't wear green from head to toe for the holiday, green socks, a green bandana, or even a green ponytail will suffice. You can also dress your children in green so that the whole family can participate in the occasion.

Watch Irish Films

Get into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day by curling up on the sofa and watching Irish films. There are plenty of Irish films available in all genres, so you can watch anything you want on that particular day. The horror film Leprechaun is a highly-recommended movie to watch during this event.

Create St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Crafts

Make St. Patrick's Day crafts with your children to include them in the holiday fun. Crafting is an enjoyable way of celebrating at home without planning a massive event or preparing a large amount of food. You can end up making your own shamrock beanies, a leprechaun house, tiny pots of gold, or style up your house with hand-crafted St. Patrick's Day posters.

Build a Leprechaun Trap

Making a leprechaun trap is one of the most imaginative ways to enjoy St. Patrick's Day with children. A leprechaun trap is usually a stylish, decorative basket with snacks and treasures underneath that are intended to entice a leprechaun inside and capture them.

Hanging a St. Patrick's Day Neon Light

One unique idea is to display attractive decorations such as St. Patrick's Day neon signs on the wall, on your window, or even at the front door. You can choose from various designs of St. Patrick's Day neon signs available at Neonize.

With the Neonize St. Patrick's Day collection, you can choose designs like shamrocks, a hat, and a mug of beer. All are illuminated by green neon lights.

Neonize St. Patrick's Day collection.

These neon lights are beautiful, and they are the only things you need for interior and exterior decoration. You don’t have to worry about securing the displays in place as they are extra sturdy. Even when you wake up the next morning after a long night of beer drinking, these St. Patrick's Day LED neon signs will still be on the wall.

Don't Forget About St. Patrick

Have you been feeling lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? If not, maybe a St. Patrick's Day neon light will bring some good luck your way. Hang it in a place where you can see it every day and let the green glow remind you of all the good fortune you can attract. St. Patrick is truly an icon worth celebrating. Now, you have various ways to celebrate this fabulous Irish holiday.

Buy your neon sign now, and have a happy and lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

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