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Show Love Wins in Your Bar with a Neon Rainbow Sign

Are you a bar owner? If so, you know how difficult it can be to attract and retain customers. People are now more mindful of the businesses they support. In particular, they tend to be loyal to bars and restaurants that take a firm stand on social issues, including LGBTQ equality.

If you want to be a business that people trust, consider showing the public that you welcome all types of love through your bar decor. And one easy way to make your bar more inclusive is hanging up a rainbow LED neon sign.

Before we dive into the reasons having Pride decor in your space is a green flag, let us first explore the history of the rainbow flag and the wonderful world of the LGBTQ community. 

The History of the Rainbow Flag

The rainbow flag of the LGBTQ rights movement is a common sight during Pride Month. How did the rainbow come to represent LGBTQ equality, though?

Gilbert Baker, a gay man and drag queen, created the first rainbow flag in 1978. Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay public figures in the United States, was the one who encouraged Baker to design a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ community.

Baker took inspiration from the rainbow to create a flag with eight colors, each carrying a symbolic meaning. 

  • Hot pink for sex
  • Red for life
  • Orange for healing
  • Yellow for sunlight
  • Green for nature
  • Turquoise for art
  • Indigo for harmony
  • Violet for spirit

Production concerns necessitated the removal of the pink and turquoise stripes and the substitution of indigo for basic blue. The current six-striped flag the LGBTQ community has adopted since 1994 now bears the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

The Different Kinds of Pride Flags

Lesbian Flag

Lesbians are often represented by this rainbow flag, which features pink, white, and red, however some people believe it exclusively represents "lipstick" or "femme" lesbians. This is most likely a holdover from the initial publication.

The most recent lesbian flag however features orange and lavender, along with the aforementioned colors to be more inclusive towards the WLW (women love women) community. 

Bisexual Flag

The flag, which was designed in 1998 by bisexuality activist Michael Page, features a layer of fuchsia at the top to symbolize women, a layer of royal blue at the bottom to symbolize men, and a stripe of lavender or purple down the middle to indicate love to both sexes.

Transgender Flag

In 2000, the flag made its debut at a Pride Parade in Phoenix. The baby blue is for the boys, while the pink stands for the girls. Those who are intersex, in the process of transitioning, or who identify as having a neutral gender or no gender are represented by the color white.

Pansexual Flag

The colors pink, yellow, and blue make up the three horizontal stripes of the pansexual pride flag. Most definitions suggest that pink stands for those who identify as female, blue for those who identify as male, and yellow for those who don't identify with either gender.

The Essence of Having a Rainbow Neon Light in Your Space

Bars are a space for many LGBTQ people to express themselves, so you don’t need to be a gay bar to show you are an ally. Just putting up decor like a rainbow LED neon sign can go a long way!

A neon rainbow sign is a welcoming symbol for everyone, whether you own a gay bar or not. A rainbow sign signals your commitment to equality, inclusivity, and love, creating a sense of trust that helps retain patrons. Love wins no matter what—that's what the sign is all about. A rainbow neon sign shows everyone that hatred and bigotry has no place in your bar.  

Get the Neon Rainbow Aesthetic from Neonize

Love is love, and if you're truly open to everyone, it should be visible. Customers want to see that you're an inclusive business, and we can help you do that with our collection of rainbow signs. 

We at Neonize offer a selection of signs in any neon color you like, including rainbows, to complement different kinds of spaces! They plug into an outlet and run on an electric current, so there's no need to worry about batteries running out. And if you want to place them outdoors, you can be sure they’ll stand against the rain because they’re waterproof.

Apart from our rainbow neon signs, you can opt for the Love Wins neon sign wall decor. We have more ready-made Pride-themed LED neon signs in our collection, but we can also create high-quality personalized LED neon light signs. So if that’s something you’re interested in, we could make it happen.

LED signs can still be a good investment even if they aren’t for your bar. You can also purchase custom neon signs for home decoration. You can even get one for an event like a birthday party. Wherever you’ll use it, the big, bright neon light sign will catch people's attention and capture everyone’s hearts in no time. 

You can send in your personalized design, and we’ll have it hot and ready in five minutes! And did we mention there’s an optional warranty, too? We understand the importance of building trust with customers, so get it along with your neon rainbow sign! 

Check out our collections to find the perfect inclusive LED light wall decor for your bar! 

More LGBTQIA+ Friendly Decor Ideas

The LGBTQ community is a vibrant, loving, and unique group of people who deserve recognition for all the strides they've made to make this world a better place. You can consider doing the suggested decor ideas to show inclusivity down below: 

Statement Posters

Statement posters are a great way to push your agenda without looking awkward. It's an excellent way to advertise your business by getting your name out there and letting people know they can feel comfortable at your establishment. They're not just limited to gay bars; they can be used in any type of business that wants to show its support for the LGBTQ community (and all other groups).

Pronoun Name Tags 

For your bar staff or other employees, you can opt to have name tags containing their pronouns. We know how much this vivid community values pronouns and their gender expression. Get one for your bar staff to provide further inclusivity. 

Inclusive Bathroom Signage

The topic of bathrooms can be a difficult conversation for some, especially to those that don’t fall in the binary. So, to aid this, it’s ideal to have an inclusive bathroom signage. 

Have you ever seen those bathrooms that welcomes all genders? There’s no indication if it’s males or females. You only need to be a human being to use that space. 

You can recreate that same sentiment with an inclusive bathroom signage. 

Create a Safe Space for Love with a Neon Rainbow Sign

Your bar doesn’t need to be a gay bar to show that you accept all types of love. So go ahead and hang a neon rainbow sign to show inclusivity, and remember: you have the whole LGBT community’s support!

We know it can be hard to take a stand, and it’s valid to feel worried about offending someone or losing business because of your beliefs. But consider this: having an inclusive bar will make your place feel safer not only for the LGBTQ but also for all communities in the margin and their allies. When other places do not welcome them, they will feel safe knowing they can go to yours and be treated with respect.

With a simple click, you may access a wide variety of neon signs that are appropriate for any type of use in your business, including welcoming the LGBT community. Quick, check them out now!

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