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A Versatile Decor Idea You Haven't Thought About: Pokemon Neon Sign

Pokemon is a top-rated franchise, so its merchandise line is extensive. If you're a huge fan looking for decorative supplies, there is a lot to explore, from toy figures to framed Pokemon art.

But what if we can offer you something more unique, energy-efficient, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and shines like no other? That's precisely what we have in mind—a Pokemon neon sign! This could be the decorative piece that will transform your space design.

Find out why it's the best option and seven unique ways to channel your inner Pokemon spirit.

Why Invest in a Pokemon Neon LED Sign

There are four significant reasons LED neon signs make the best decorative choices for every Pokemon fan's room.

  1. They're eye-catching! Not even the darkness of the night can hamper their power, thanks to the bright LED lights that pack a punch. Plus, they're low voltage; you can leave them on 24/7 without worrying about your electricity bills.
  2. They're highly versatile. Use one as a decorative piece for your bedroom, shop, indoors, outdoors, or as a gift for a fellow Pokemon fan.
  3. They're safer, have a longer lifespan, and are more lightweight than traditional neon glass tubes. With the correct placement, you won't have to worry about leaking mercury or people bumping into a LED neon sign.
  4. They require very minimal upkeep. Regular brushes and occasional washing are all they need; no need for expensive cleaning equipment and products.

7 Creative Ways to Use Pokemon Neon Lights for Decorating Your Room

Are you ready to electrify your Pokemon-themed room with some creative neon signs? We've got seven fantastic ideas that will light up your inner Poke-fanatic!

neon pokemon sign, clear acrylic backboard, low voltage, bar - pikachu mascots with neon light decorations

1. Your Favorite Pokemon LED Neon Sign

Let's begin with something simple. Who is your favorite Pokemon? If you fancy a particular character from the show, it is only natural to look for a LED neon sign that showcases their iconic look. 

You can, for example, pick Spheal's signature round shape and cute expression. If you want something more subtle, Pickachu's thunder tail is a good example.

2. Pokemon Evolution Neon Signs

Pokemon is well-known for its evolution chains; fans eagerly await a character's transformation into a more powerful and attractive form. If you have a favorite character evolution, why not get creative with your Pokemon neon light and display its entire transformation sequence?

Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon characters of all time. It's easy to see why—look at its cute and elegant appearance! If you happen to be a Pokemon trainer with a favorite Eevolution, a chain of neon signs showing Eevee's transformations would make a fantastic room decor.

3. What Type of Pokemon Neon Signs

How about decorating your room with Pokemon neon signs based on their type? That would make a strong impression on your interior design. 

For example, choosing Fire Pokemon types will add a lot of orange to your space. Electric types will paint your space yellow. Grass types will offer a more nature-friendly theme, while Flying and Fairy types create a dreamy atmosphere.

4. Catchphrase Pokemon Neon Signs

Perhaps a specific quote has captured your heart from the start. Real Pokemon fans know the show's famous catchphrases like the back of their hand! And what could be a better way than to have these words on a custom neon sign? They will surely motivate you to go on with your day in the best possible way.

Here are some of the most popular catchphrases and quotes to get started.

  • Friends go away, but a part of them will always stay behind with you.
  • Gotta catch them all!
  • The same earth, the same air, the same sky.
  • All's fair in love, war, and Pokemon battles.
  • There is a magic that brought us together. And that magic is hope.

5. Poke Ball Pokemon Neon Signs

Many people are familiar with the regular Pokeball, which is a half-red, half-white ball used to catch Pokemon. Some people regard it as the official symbol of the franchise, but real fans know it's only one of the many types of Pokeballs in the series and games.

Other types of Pokeballs don't appear in every Pokemon game and have prerequisites, such as a certain number of badges or completing a specific mission. Some examples are the Master Ball, Ultra Ball, Love Ball, Fast Ball, and Heal Ball.

6. Cool or Cute LED neon sign

Pokemon characters have two sides: the cute side and the cool side. When choosing a Pokemon neon signage, it's essential to think about which side of the characters you want to showcase. Does your soul speak for a dark and edgy Charizard? Or does the adorable side of Jigglypuff capture your personality better? A LED neon sign can express this well.

7. Pokemon Trainer Neon Sign

As a Pokemon fan, we assume you also have a favorite trainer in the franchise. Ash Ketchum is one of the top choices, but there are also many other noteworthy trainers like Alain, Lance, Leon, etc. Turn them into a vibrant and colorful neon sign for your room decor! Get their signature look or popular catchphrase on this bright decorative piece and get daily inspiration.

The Brightest Way to Keep Your Favorite Pokemon

The Pokemon series will inevitably come to a stop, but your love for it will live in your heart forever. As a dedicated Pokemon fan, it's essential to have a remembrance of the franchise. You can achieve this in many ways, such as collecting merchandise and decorating your space.

And if you're looking for a Pokemon keepsake that can serve as merch and a decorative piece, a neon Pokemon sign is the cutest option. It's also vibrant, colorful, long-lasting, energy-efficient, safe, and versatile. Upgrade your Pokemon-themed space today.

Get a Pokemon Custom Neon Sign from Neonize

Are you searching for a trusted neon signs company that can bring your Pokemon decor ideas to life? Look no further than Neonize! Why should you choose us? 

  • Our LED neon signs are handmade!
  • We make neon signs that are kid-safe, economical, and ecologically friendly. We use PVC, neon LED Flex, and acrylic materials to create them. 
  • Enjoy their vibrant glow without the risk of mercury or neon gas.
  • They're more affordable than most neon sign brands.
  • They are made from Neon Flex technology, which is lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Easy to install and includes a helpful toolkit.
  • It comes with a remote control with dynamic modes to play with.
  • Starting prices are 200 USD (for custom neon signs) and 247 USD.
  • We don't charge for mockups and quotes.
  • We provide an option for wall-mounted or stand-up neon lights.
  • We sell each neon sign in various fonts and colors, so choose to your heart's content!
  • We also produce outdoor neon signs, weatherproof and watertight to withstand different weather conditions.

Explore our neon sign collections today, and find the perfect Pokemon light-up neon display sign for your space.

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