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Chamber’s Secret: Complement a Nordic-Inspired Bedroom with a Neon Sign

Judging by the number of “Nordic style” home décor items on the market, it’s clear that this design is popular right now. You see them in hipster bars and cafes, on Instagram feeds, and in the homes of trendsetters everywhere. 

Clean edges, straightforward designs, and neutral color schemes are hallmarks of Nordic design. While this can appear cold and austere, there are ways to inject some hot spell into the space. Using a neon sign is one alternative! Yes, it can enhance your bedroom in many ways, even if you desire a Scandi style! Want to know how? Read on!

Refurbish a Nordic-Inspired Bedroom with a Neon Sign

Neon signs are all the rage in home decor, and there are endless ways to decorate your bedroom with a Scandinavian style! All you need is creative thinking and a little elbow grease. Here are some tips on achieving this popular room design with a neon sign.

#1: Make Your Neon Sign the Focal Point of the Bedroom

Want these neon lights to be the showstopper of your Scandi-style space? Make them the accent lighting of your room!

This neon lighting can help accentuate certain features in your room or create a certain mood. For example, you can use its LED lights to present art on your bedroom wall or bring attention to a cozy reading nook.

You can also place this neon light above your bed or hang it on a bare wall if you want to make a clutter-free statement. Other people often use neon signs as a nightlight on their bedside tables. Without a doubt, it can convey the minimalist atmosphere you always desire.

#2: Use a Neon Sign to Add Negative Spaces

Neon light signs come in all shapes and sizes, so considering the size and placement of this decor is an overriding factor in achieving a sleek bedroom style. 

Think about how big or small you want your neon sign to be. The larger neon sign may be too much for a small bedroom. On the other hand, a little neon sign may get lost in a giant room.

Remember: Placement is the key! So, review where you want the sign to be hung or placed before making a purchase. One effective tip is envisioning the room’s LED neon sign with furniture and decor. Then, once you have a solid notion of the size and placement of your sign, you can start planning to buy a custom neon sign for your room!

#3: Choose a Calm Color Scheme That Goes Well With a Neon Sign

Emphasize the airy feel of your neon bedroom by thinking about the room’s overall color palette. Stay with neutral hues like white, gray, and black for a more classic Nordic appearance. These color choices for Scandinavian design and a LED neon sign can make your bedroom space come alive! 

And if you want to make your neon light pop, consider adding a few accent pieces in bolder colors. But whatever you do, resist the temptation to go overboard—too many bright colors can be overwhelming and detract from the beauty of your neon lighting.

#4: Declutter First Prior; Add Neon Sign Later!

Decluttering your home is always a good idea, but it’s particularly relevant if trying to achieve a nordic design. This design style is about simplicity, functionality, and clean lines, so removing anything that doesn’t fit that aesthetic will be helpful.

You read it right! Before you can neonize your room, decluttering any pieces that are superfluous or don’t “spark joy” helps! You can create a blank canvas to build up some amazing Scandinavian-inspired pieces, like a neon light sign!

White neon signs perfectly embody the nordic design principle of functionality. You can use them to create your space’s streamlined, contemporary look. And, because they emit a soft, diffused light, they can help to create a relaxing and inviting mood in your bedroom.

#5: Use Your Imagination

A personalized neon sign with simple shapes and words will create a more understated look that fits in with the rest of your Nordic-inspired design. 

This LED neon sign could be as simple as your favorite quote or song lyrics that always get you moving. Alternatively, you could choose a message that motivates or inspires you—something you can look at daily and feel good about. 

And don’t forget to think about the coziness of your room before purchasing any custom neon lights. Avoid anything too colorful or busy; stick to muted tones like white, cream, or pale blue.

#6: Use Other Nordic-Inspired Pieces

Neon lights can greatly impact your room if you use them thoughtfully. To create a cohesive Nordic-inspired space, use other pieces with similar design elements. Look for clean lines, muted colors, and natural materials. 

For example, pair your bedroom neon lights with a white leather headboard, crisp linen sheets, and a wool throw blanket. Or you could hang some simple artwork with geometric shapes on your wall. Adding a few plants to bring some life is also recommended. Now you have a room that is both cozy and chic—perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Live the Modern Life with Neon Signs for Bedroom

Achieving a minimalist life doesn’t have to be complicated. We can neonize it for you! Talk about killing two birds with one stone: reimagining a Nordic-inspired bedroom space while adding a sense of personal glow.

Investing in our beautiful and well-crafted neon signs can also help you illuminate any chamber, such as the living room, dining room, gaming room, and more! These custom neon signs also make a wonderful gift for a discerning friend or relative.
Adding neon signs to your list can make your safe space simple, functional, and relaxing. So stop sitting around, and have a little neon to your life today!

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