A coffee and coffee neon sign.

Black or With Cream? Enjoy a Warm Cup With a Coffee Neon Sign

Coffee is more than a beverage: it is a tradition, an economy, an art, a science, and an enthusiasm. Throughout history, the rich fragrance and subtle tastes of this magical drink have been essential elements of a delightful ritual that millions worldwide enjoy each day.

Everyone knows what a roasted coffee bean looks like, but you might also want to hang a coffee neon sign to really show what you mean. Here’s a little information about coffee.

The Thing About Coffee

Coffee trees are trimmed short to conserve power and help the harvest, but they can grow to heights of up to 30 feet. The coffee cherries grow on the branches, and they are in a constant cycle. It's not very uncommon to see flowers and ripe fruits all together in one tree. 

After the first bloom, it will take approximately a whole year before a cherry reaches maturity. All coffee plants can live up to a hundred years. However, they are most fruitful between the 7th and 20th years of their existence. Appropriate care could perhaps preserve and even increase their performance over time, depending on the type of tree. A coffee tree produces an average of ten pounds of coffee cherries per year, equating to two pounds of green beans.

Almost all produced coffee is from the so-called "Coffee Belt" areas. The ideal environment for a coffee tree to grow has mild temperature levels, rich soil, recurring rain, and shaded sun.

Types of Coffee Bean

Coffee plants come in a wide variety of species, which include:

Bean Variety

The two well-known types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica, which yields a mild, flavorful coffee, is the most well-known. However, it is expensive to grow because it is extremely sensitive to the environment, and has specific requirements for sunlight, shade, humidity, and temperatures.

On the other hand, Robusta is more cost-effective because of its excellent resistance to diseases and the ability to survive in a broad range of temperatures and harsh climates.

Types of Coffee Drinks

There are various types of coffee beverages worth trying, regardless of whether or not you are a coffee lover or a coffee enthusiast. Below are some of the famous types of coffee drunk all over the world.

  • Black: Black coffee, known for having a very strong taste, consists of ground coffee beans steeped using hot water and served warm. Since sweeteners such as creamer and sugar are not included in this drink, the taste is very pure and natural. 
  • Latte: The latte, which is also the most famous coffee drink, consists of an espresso shot and steamed milk with a little bit of foam on top. You can have it plain or with the combination of a flavor shot such as vanilla or pumpkin spice.
  • Cappuccino: Cappuccino is a latte that is more foamy. It's usually served with a light sprinkle of either cocoa or cinnamon powder on top. Other variations use cream instead of milk or include a flavor shot.
  • Americano: The Americano is almost similar to black coffee. The only difference is that Americano contains an espresso shot and hot water, while black coffee doesn’t. If you're attempting to make a cup of Americano, you must pour the espresso shot first, then the hot water on top.
  • Espresso: An espresso shot can be prepared as is, but it is typically used as a base for most coffee beverages, such as lattes and macchiatos.
  • Macchiato: Uses espresso as a base with a tiny portion of foam. 
  • Mocha: You will undoubtedly love the mocha if you're a chocolate lover. Mocha is a chocolate espresso beverage that contains both steamed milk and foam.

Coffee shops are sanctuaries for social interaction. It's where coffee connoisseurs go to get their favorite strong cup of joe on their way to the office. It's also where they gather and socialize with loved ones and other people after a long day. Coffee shops provide me-time for some coffee enthusiasts. It's within the confines of a coffee house that they can pause, look around, and simply enjoy the sensation of being present in the moment.

The Coffee Neon Sign

According to national surveys conducted worldwide, many coffee shop owners should make their signs more noticeable and appealing which helps in increasing their sales. You can use custom neon signs to brighten your coffee shop's trademark or to display a one-of-a-kind quote. There are no limits to the design features that can make a café stand out from the crowd.

It is not only your coffee that keeps people coming back for more. For some, the right environmental factors enhance their drinking experience, adding extra enjoyment to their cup of coffee. Most people appreciate a cafe's welcoming atmosphere, including cheerful employees, a relaxed crowd, artistic decorations, luminous lighting, and the pleasant aroma of coffee.

A Few Tips to Remember

A personalized neon coffee bar sign can infuse positive vibes into the ambiance of a coffee shop. When selecting a color, choose one that complements the concept of your coffee shop. Here are a few decorating suggestions:

  • Choose gentler hues such as white for a modern aesthetic that is simple yet elegant.
  • Surround your neon sign with such a bouquet of lush greenery to fit a rustic style.
  • You can also use bright colors to make your store a fresh and vibrant place.

With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can go as simple or as wild as you want. Below are some of the great design ideas we have at Neonize that you can choose from.

But first, Coffee neon sign.

But First, Coffee Neon Light

Make your customers happy by displaying a neon diner sign that talks the language of coffee. This But First, Coffee neon sign is a great piece of decor to have in your coffee shop because it speaks to coffee drinkers on a very personal level.

Coffee neon sign.

Coffee Neon Light

A cup of coffee before beginning a new day will help people get in the right mindset for efficiency. Because certain people are groggy or sleepy in the early hours, displaying a coffee neon sign will pique their interest. For a café in the heart of a business district, neon coffee signs are excellent designs.

Coffee Cup Neon Light

Consider the steam billowing from a cup of latte. As you start your day, the coffee cup is the first thing you see. The neon Coffee Cup sign has the power to affect you, and is enough to perk you up because then you can taste your beloved cup's flavor and aroma just by glancing at it.

All these different Neonize coffee neon signs for sale are easy to install and come with a free screw kit. They’re safety packed and have a reliable warranty so you won't have to worry where to have them fixed in case of a problem. They are also easy to plug in your wall outlet.

Final Thoughts

If you want to attract good customers to your cafe, it's time to get a sign that fits the zeal of your espresso. The proper coffee shop neon sign can attract customers to the oasis of rest and relaxation. With an eye-catching café neon sign, you can lure people who may be having a difficult day.
Get a coffee neon sign and encourage quality relaxing time now.

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